Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Cheats

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin has arrived and with it new challenges, weapons and enemies to face and test our cunning and skill in combat. Also expanded the list of achievements that can be unlocked in Xbox One. Here we show you how to get them.

Old memories: Recover your body and continues as an undead.

Last Giant defeated Defeat the last giant.

Bright Oath: Discover the brightest oath.

Protector Oath: Discover the oath of the guards.

Bloody oath: Discover the oath of bloodthirsty.

Submissive Oath: Discover the oath of submissive.

Gnawed Oath: Discover the oath of rodents.

Loud oath Discover loud oath.

Oath of old: Discover an ancient oath.

Oath of the competent: Discover the oath of the competent.

Abysmal Oath: Discover the abysmal oath.

This is Dark Souls: Die first.

Ring King: Get the king's ring.

Ancient Dragon: Get the Heart ash cloud.

Bonfire Sinners: Turns the primeval bonfire at Loma sinners.

Bonfire of the Tower of iron: Turns the primeval fire in the Iron Tower.

Bonfire of the Gorge: Turns the primeval fire in the black Gorge.

Bonfire Bright Stone: Turns the primeval fire in Ensenada Stone Tseldora bright.

Knight defeated Mirror: Defeat the Knight of Mirror.

Vendrick up: Defeat Vendrick.

Ultimate weapon: Strengthens a gun to the limit.

Master of gestures: Learn all the gestures.

Master of Magic: Learn all spells.

Master of miracles: Learn all miracles.

Master of Pyromancy: Learn all piromancias.

Master of Hexes: Learn all spells.

Change of clothes: Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear.

Meeting of exiles: Increases Majula population.

Luiz broadsword Moon: Inherits team Benhart Juice.

Strong Guardian: Inherits the team captain Drummond.

Lucatiel: Inherits team Lucatiel of Mirrah.

Herrero lifetime: Inherits equipment Firm Hands McDuff.

Miser loquacious: Inherits equipment stairs master Gilligan.

Reflections on the soul inherits the team's head Vengarl.

Heir to the throne: Watch the end.

Altruistic Donor: Makes the utmost devotion to an oath.