Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC) announced, due out next year

Eidos and Square Enix have big plans for the return of Deus Ex. So much so that they had prepared a campaign of those who are now called "viral" that would last three days in order to announce the new release. A Russian website that spoke prematurely spoil the surprise, revealing the mystery that lay behind the message Cannot Kill Progress - "Unable to stop progress" - Deus Ex: Divided Mankind, the next installment of this saga, which will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.

For those who don’t know, Deus Ex is an action series that introduces greater or lesser extent other - role components, infiltration, gunfire which debuted in 2000 with its first principal and namesake chapter, and since then has expanded three games, the last main chapter Deus Ex: Human Revolution , launched in 2011, and Deus Ex: The Fall released in 2013 for mobile devices, although it remains a fairly complete title to the platforms on which it develops.

Divided Mankind

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind takes place in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution. Adam Jensen, our protagonist, will join an internal team of Interpol, called Task Force 29, which is dedicated to hunt down a new breed of terrorists exploit increased skills. After the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution , society is not comfortable with this technology and use certain fronts are giving it, so our goal is to ensure that misuse of it is not.

Yes, Jensen is not completely sure of the intentions of Task Force 29, which collaborates with other covert organization called Juggernaut Collective. This is not only important to the narrative level, but also playable level, because we can choose who to trust and accept the assignment of one or the other during the adventure, thus defining the tasks that will make. The missions cannot satisfy both sides, so depending on who we decant, we will see an end or another.

Eidos obviously does not want to reveal much of the story yet, so we will tell little known details. On the one hand we know that the story wants to be a story of redemption for Jensen, and will focus on building the facts go Deus Ex original, but leaving the door open to the interpretation of the player. We also know that the different possible endings don’t want to say what canon, but they will try to bring something to the history of the universe.

Playable Details

Deus Ex: Divided Mankind is defined as a game for a player no mention - not a Multiplayer- hypothetical working on that seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution , but encouraging freedom. Thus, we confront each mission betting on any style of game, including bosses. Eidos says that according to the survey data users with stealth enjoyed over the previous release, so have decided to work on improving the shootings, which, well, it's a way of interpreting the information. In this regard, we can now also modify different aspects of our main weapon at any time, similar to that seen in some deliveries so Crysis.

Our enhanced skills are very different, and we have some examples: Tesla allows us to shoot darts from our knuckles to knock out opponents; Run Silent obviously silence our steps even during the race; CASIE allows us to analyze the mental state of individuals to dialogue with them taking advantage; PEPS gun or a weapon that can knock out or kill enemies. The increased skills need energy to be used, but Eidos has already said he does not want to put too many limits on what we cannot squander, but we will not have to use them sparingly. In total, there will be double these skills.

We also have examples of freedom there will be to execute a mission. Imagine that we have to steal information from a subject in police custody. The options will deal with the police, with the risk, women bribe the subject so that she would reveal information that could know or not, or even hacking our way to an area where the character in question would keep the data we need.

There will be a greater diversity of scenarios - as well as more interaction with these-and yet we know that the main town is called "Golem City" and will be based on the actual Kowloon Chinese city. We also know that another mission takes us to Prague, more specifically to the railway Utulek, where the "transhuman" - those with improved - skills live in a ghetto. Overall it is a very dark and oppressive, claustrophobic atmosphere.

More variety of enemy (and now enemy, we already know how with this industry is that no females), more exoskeletons, robot arms, and another technology promises. Its artificial intelligence will also be more aggressive, seeking to create a constant challenge we play like we play, because, as we said earlier, we can bet on the fight or infiltration at any time. Similarly, the side missions will be more relevant, and make some of them will allow you to unlock other events later, or discover more about the history of the saga.

It is too early to say anything about it, but the truth is that it seems that Square Enix and Eidos are putting all eggs in one basket for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided into the next generation through the front door. Taking good base of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the returns of Adam Jensen aims to be just what their fans expected. We hope soon able to see it in action, but will not come until next year to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.