Fix / Reduce FPS Drops in PC games

Performance is a key to successfully complete any game. However, over time, tend to lose the computer for a variety of performance factors influencing the rate FPS (frames per second) applications. The lower the rate, the worse the performance. Then check out some tips to reduce the fall of FPS and help you play your favorite games without crashing.

Update Drivers

Keep your video drivers, network and updated sound. Sometimes, an outdated driver makes the game does not rotate to the desired settings, impairing their performance. Look so always check the news updates that manufacturers release to play the latest games.

Do separation OS and games on your hard drive

This tip does not make such a big difference in the end, but it's good for that record gameplay. When recording the files to a separate location where the game is, loss of frames is much smaller.

Change the game settings

Sometimes just changing the video quality settings already makes a hell of difference in game performance on your machine. Just go in the game display settings by accessing your menu, and change the texture quality, for example. This causes the game to run lighter, allowing for better performance.

Defragment your HD

Defragment the hard drive is always a good idea. Over time, the installed files end up fragmenting the disk, causing the performance of your machine to fall dramatically, especially for multimedia applications. Thus, look for make defragmentation of your hard drive periodically. Is there a tool own Windows that performs this work for you and can also schedule your weekly fragmentation.

If you have an SSD drive, or instead of HD, do not defragmentation. Before, use the TRIM command to optimize it.

Using a Performance Optimization software

A good tip is to download a cleaning program for your computer, such as Advanced SystemCare or CCleaner , in order to get rid of junk files that accumulate only space for nothing. This maintenance of the operating system makes its much faster machine.

After performing the cleaning, the use of optimization programs is recommended, such as the Razer Game Booster or TimeUp , which provides the user with the maximum power of your machine. When activated, the software automatically shuts down all programs being run in the background and consuming the system and use your memory.