Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain - tips on Defeating Enemies

In the new Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft expansion - Blackrock Mountain, you must enter the home of terrible Ragnaros, the Fire Lord. But before winning it, and hands on new cards, you must defeat several of his minions. Get tips decks that are easy to create (low cost) and allow easily defeat the enemies of the two original wings of the game. The proposed decks here require some letters of the first expansion, "The Curse of Naxxramas."

- Relentless Wolverine and Dark Iron Arena

The Wolverine Relentless is the first enemy of the new expansion. His heroic power can put on the field a lackey of each player. For this fight, you will need a mix of spells and powerful minions, but rather, to "provoke". Our easiest option is the Paladin Uther. With his spells of "Equality", "Humility" and "Peacemaker Aldor", you will get neutralize most of the enemies in the field.

During the fight against Wolverine Undeterred, the starting hand, remove any lackey high mana cost and leave only small spells and minions. The only lackey that should not be removed from the starting hand is the "Peacemaker Aldor". With the deck above, this fight is very easy and you will have no difficulty.

In the Dark Iron Arena, the Supreme Judge will only invoke the legendary game cards. Control field with a good use of your heroic power, which is almost identical to the Supreme Judge. This fight largely depends on whether the judge will invoke the "Wanderer of Cho Legends". For this card can make your spells to be used against you. Overall it's also an easy match.

- Emperor Thaurissan

The first boss to give work will be the Emperor Thaurissan. His heroic power is overwhelming, causing 30 damage if use. However, it can only be activated after his wife is dead. For this battle, you'll need a deck with no lackey to "provoke".

The deck above will easily account of Thaurissan in normal mode. Try soon get the letter "Blessing of Wisdom" and use it in Moira, the Thaurissan woman. She has only one attack and each time she attack your Paladin, you will earn a letter. In addition, the deck above is full of healing options, and "buffers" to attack his minions. You can modify any guy, but be careful not to let Moira die. If it becomes low on health, use "Clairvoyant" to restore her life.

- Garr

To defeat the elemental lava Garr has to be careful with their lackeys of lava, whose last breath combined can cause 49 damage. Each turn, Garr uses his heroic power that causes one point of damage to all minions. To beat him easily, you should use the Priest class. The highlight of the deck below is the letter "healing circle" which combined with the "clerical Northern Village" can fill your hand.

If you are having trouble keeping the lackeys of live Garr, preventing its maximum damage, you can use the "Dissipation Mass", nullifying the effect of these minions. But beware, Garr can evoke more minions as these. To win, just put in the field of warriors that increase attack take I cause damage as Berserkers, "Tauren Warrior" and newly acquired, "Scowling Warrior", which creates a copy of it whenever you take damage.

- Baron Geddon

The Baron Geddon is one of the servants of Ragnaros and is a very tough opponent. But with the following deck, beat it will be very easy. The deck of the secret lies in the ability to increase the firepower of their lackeys, such as "Necromancy" and "Create the Light."

If any important letter from you has been affected by the spell that destroys the footman on the next turn, use the "Master Brewers" for his lackey return unharmed to his hand. The trick is especially suitable for the "Create the Light", which can receive increments "Divine Spirit," "Enforcer of the Temple" and "Word of the Shield Power."

- Ragnaros

The battle against Ragnaros will not be as easy as the previous ones. First you will face the Seneschal Executus, the evocative of Ragnaros. You need to control the table and at the same time avoid leaving Seneschal under 20 life, as it has many "Lava Molten Giants" and if it is left with only 10 of life, he will send everyone to the battlefield.

We use the Shaman class, which is great for table control and to dramatically increase the strength of his minions to "Bloodlust" letter. But the key here is to use the "Totem Flames" wisely. Evoque lackeys who call other lackeys, to populate the table quickly and be able to use the maximum power of this Totem.

Try to get a "Hex" in the first leg, to try to neutralize the "Elemental Fire". When destroy Seneschal, save a letter "Bloodlust" to use also against Ragnaros, which will come soon after. Remember that this combat, enemies are with a handful of "Lava Molten Giants" and you need to use the "Bloodlust" to finish the game quickly.