Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Thunderflash / Wildfire tips

The Final Match

The last match is really hard. However, there are tricks, as you can simply create it.

1st Half: Take a player who is good at breaking through the defense and can shoot well. With him set the fighting spirit and run easily through, no player should stop you. Before the gate switch to the fighting spirit Armor-up with the strongest shot.

Not enough strength, your level is probably too small.

2nd Half: Run always with your player, this process place it as close as possible to the opponents on the break and repeated as often as necessary.

It can still be simplified by activates, his fighting spirit and if his Kp goes empty, restore them with items. So it should be pretty easy to win against the last team.

Shot with over 5000

For all the problems of success with the weft strengths are:

- Can unleash Arion fighting spirit and mixi max

- Use tactics master stroke

- For each of your players fit (including the goalkeeper)

- Make use of Arion armor and "hold it" with the eons-shot

Result: Shot with 5200 power on lv 50

Special Training Venues

Since the question of the locations for special training is often asked.

Training Species and Locations:

- Happiness: In Camelot, in the grotto
- Dribbling: Okinawa at the elementary school
- Shot Power: Inazuma (past) at the tower
- Defense: Owari Province (Sengoku period) when robbers hiding
- Technology: China (The Three Kingdoms), in Zhuges garden
- Tempo: Kyoto (Bakumatsu), in the city center
- Endurance: Land of the Dinosaurs (Cretaceous) in the Great Steppe South
- Assumption: France, Vaucoleurs in the base ,, '' Jeanne d'Arc

A Match Against Old Friend

Once you have played the last game against Team Ragna, you Will you have to Saint Way and Stadium Talk to him, then a short dialogue comes and After that you can start the match, Attention Team Level: 55.

Raimon Legend

This is a piece of advice for the game against Raimon legend. You can still play the story against him. You have to go to the Saints Way stadium and address the same stone. They are "only" 55 level but not really and no Special technique use against him, unless you get lucky and land a critical hit, which still does not always bring something. So you have to work with fighting spirit armor and Miximax, the best combination of both. Although it also guarantees no success but it is more likely. I recommend a team of at least level 70 before ye rise against them, so you have a better chance. It can, of course, very lucky even before that work but it is unlikely. I hope I could help you! :)