Infinite Crisis (PC) beginner's guide

Infinite Crisis is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and takes the first time to the heroes and villains of the DC Universe. You control your character chosen in the bird's-eye view, as well as nine other players, by Arena. Your goal is to eliminate the headquarters of the opposing team. Skill and teamwork is required, otherwise the standard is a crushing defeat.


Currently, there are 34 different champions that you can buy. However, the list should be extended by updates. Every champion plays differently, has different strengths and different weaknesses. If you're playing a champion more, this ranks rises. This can get their Champion-related rewards!

For more info about the Champions and their classes


- Crisis Coins - Is a currency that can be purchased with real money, but also by the existence of challenges or daily rewards.

- Merit - Merit represents the in game currency You can get them by winning matches or the existence of challenges, as well as through daily rewards.!

With Merit (or optionally Coins) you can buy Champions in to play everlastingly. You can also purchase new skins or stolen superpowers.


- Each map consists of two halves. From the half of a map it is reproduced almost mirrored. This has the advantage that it does not matter which side you start, because as the paths (and thus temporal distances) remain the same.

- There are a certain number of its own towers and the same number of enemy towers on each card.

- Depending on the card (or Match Option) there is one, two or three main ways. On each of these main ways you can find such towers. Between or off the main routes, there are also strong and weak mobs (creatures) that can attack you in order to establish you and level up (but this is usually is the task of a young moth).

- Also, you can find areas on the sides of the main ways in which you can hide you from enemy players.


In most matches you step together with 4 other players against 5 enemy players on cards with two or three main ways. The goal is to eliminate the headquarters of the enemy. But there are also 1v1 2v2 matches and possible in which there is only one main road.

The way to the north is called "Top". The road in the middle is titled "Mid" and the road to the south is called "Bot". These three concepts will get to hear her repeatedly in Moba games because your fellow players often want to know before the match start, which way you want to stop her.

An exception is the so-called Jungle. A Jungle leaves the main roads largely ignored and the main part takes care of the mobs in between. Should it be dangerous to one of these paths for your fellow players, he can intervene to prevent worse!

Artifacts (equipment)

As in other MOBA's earned your money by Champion goes off enemy minions or defeated player. You provide the background to be protected core, ie at the very beginning of the card, can use your Champion by the earned money with new artifacts. Each Champion here has different equipment, which can be purchased and upgraded. Is your character on power loss specialized, there are no items that increase his Attack Damage.

To have not always teleport back, it is also possible to buy something in the vicinity of a private tower!

Equipment very important to your enemies more easily make the Gar can. But you decide what you want to buy from the available objects. Would you rather increase your resistances, increase your attack damage or increase your life points? It is up to you!


Own towers are not a threat to you. Only when you have passed the half of the card, you encounter enemy towers. These defense systems fired priority always Minions, unless you use within the reach of a tower a special attack or attacks a player. A tower is aimed at comparatively much damage, why you once you fall under attack, should look into the distance, instantly!

Destroy a tower, it proceeds to the next. Is a major route "freed" from any towers you can dedicate yourselves to the headquarters. Is the headquarters destroyed, the opposing team has lost.


Minions run in waves every few seconds out of your and the enemy headquarters. To access primarily to enemy minions, unless there are enemy players within range. So they will also target these units.

Minions are important! They provide the necessary distraction to the towers. In addition, you gain money and experience, if you turn off a Minion. Should you a Minion "last hit" (the lethal damage to land), you gain bonus money.


At certain points, mostly on the edge of a main road, you can find her narrow areas, where you can hide you. Should you stand in it, you can see neither enemy minions, even opposing players. These areas are often used to strike from ambush, which is why you should not refrain from walking alone it lightly and especially, you should not be completely sure that it stays no enemy champion.

The fight

Every champion has different abilities that specialize not only on the attack. Some champions are appropriate is to heal your teammates or to provide them with a shield. Others can give yourself more tanks for certain time or set by their ability a tooth in order to avoid for example empyreumatic situations!

Should you be involved in a losing battle, it is important that you make yourselves on the way back to your main base, since you can be cured here. Often a more defensive behavior is more appropriate.

If you reach into your own tower, it will be harder for your opponents to attack you. Conduct yourselves as carefully as possible, because if an opponent defeated you, he gets more gold and more gold he soon better equipment. The next meeting is therefore even more difficult to cope with.