Mighty Marvel Heroes - iOS / Android review

DeNA and Marvel join forces to bring yet another free-to-play video game for iOS and Android devices, in the form of cooperative brawler starring the publisher most charismatic heroes so popular comics; Is it worth investing time and money in Marvel Mighty Heroes? The answer is in our review below.

Marvel wins presence in the sector of games for smartphones and tablets rapidly; there are many titles that recent times have staged launch in both the AppStore and Google Play, either to accompany the premiere shift or as an independent title based on the popular heroes of American comics publisher. And quite disparate in quality results, I must say. As one of the latest examples and best taste left in the superhero genre have to be Marvel Superheroes Battle of a title fight free-to-play well balanced, fun and a great-looking. Now, thanks to collaboration with DeNA – creators of the successful Final Fantasy: Record Keeper - brings Mighty Marvel Heroes to iOS and Android devices, a cooperative brawler freemium cut up to four players where we can face dozens of most famous characters from the Marvel factory.

Heroes to power
The Mighty Heroes Marvel premise is simple; we are able to form our own team of three superheroes and participate in lively fighting alongside three other squadrons of three heroes each - either with three other friends via online or cooperating with artificial game intelligence - in fairly simple size arenas and quite content. The grace of the clashes is that each player can switch between the three components of superheroes, adding some variety to a very limited and negligible in battle gameplay options. And the title is limited to happen sand in sand, leveling up our characters, unlocking skills and making new heroes; actually playing the proposal is not that far from the standards of the genre brawler in smartphones and tablets, but the chances are so low in the new Marvel DeNA and that will end up giving up after a few games.

On the other hand, one of its attractions is reckoned to have a license as powerful as the present one, allowing us to have up to a hundred superheroes of the Marvel factory; from Spider-Man and Venom to Captain America and Hulk, through Gamora, Daredevil, Iron Man, Thor, Star-Lord, the Green Goblin, Loki or Kingpin, among many others. Yes, it seems that the components of the X-Men have fallen by the wayside, subtracting some appeal to a roster of characters that meets no more. And the free-to-play format does not allow us to enjoy most characters unless we spend countless hours of repetitive development or spend per box through a system of micro-payments rather intrusive and unkind to the player.

The touch interface is simple and straightforward, yes, although there are some setbacks in the form of lag, which will affect the actions we intend to carry out and its implementation. So, whenever we want to move somewhere, make an attack or dodge the blows of our opponents, we have to deal with little time between our order and movement of your character. Moreover, it implements a type control point-and-click through which mark the destinations on the screen, identify our target to attack or we will move sideways with a quick movement of our finger on our heroic avatar. This interface is completed with the character selection icons on the left side of the screen, leaving special attack icons on the opposite side; with each special technique should wait a few seconds for him back at our disposal, like Shockwave Hulk or a more powerful blast of arrows to Hawkeye, among others.

While the battles are quite fast and will complete in just a minute, the progress of the game is marked by the need to comply with a number of missions, which will lead us to repeat the same level again and again until one or more specific feats. In addition, elements of freemium cut is significantly more annoying than other similar titles, forcing us to play more hours than necessary if we want to spend a penny to fill bars and ring counters. On the other hand, the almost total absence of an argument does not favor the player stays interested in the game beyond unlock new characters every 24 hours -again, paid or we received repeated and participate in all probability-fighting bland character together other players, that if the connection is good; the need to stay connected or yes adds another obstacle to its development.

Marvel Mighty Heroes adds free-to-play little to the huge range of games or nothing to contribute to a genre, in this case, over-exploited with all kinds of titles that seem designed to bring more benefits to the editor that bring something to the player. So, DeNA aims to build such a popular and widespread licensed as Marvel to present an uninspired, repetitive, simple as could be and a freemium business policy intrusive and not friendly user brawler. His staging also helps between the eyes, with an outdated graphics and, of course, with an aesthetic super-deformed that it is at least curious and manages to distance itself from other titles in the most serious and respectful franchise with comics or movies. Especially the continuous grammatical errors localized to Castilian mention texts. Marvel fans can try their luck and see for themselves if Mighty Marvel Heroes does get their attention, but most likely end up giving up after a few minutes.