MLB 15: The Show PS VITA review

Unlike other sports like football and basketball, where every year at least two companies competing to make the best simulator, Sony has managed to stay alone in the field of baseball. With its MLB saga: The Show, every year brings its PlayStations a new delivery against which no one dares to compete, even on other platforms, so if you want to enjoy the virtual version of the sport, you need a Sony console.

Perhaps this tranquility to know that there is no competition in sight make San Diego Sony Studio - the studio responsible for the saga relax and do not carry beyond each delivery, providing enough developments with respect to its predecessor. Before focusing on the game itself, we don’t fail to mention that Sony is closing servers MLB 14: The Show next June, so this new episode will be the only way to play online in a couple of months.

The spectacle of sport

MLB 15: The Show is a baseball simulator officially licensed MLB - Major League Baseball, the main competition of the sport in the United States. As its subtitle "The Show" is very focused on "the show", and offers a TV approach, although not forgetting a solidad gameplay behind, lots of options and lots of content.

Most modes are inherited from last year version, with some readjustment to another, and its main innovation in this area through the Diamond Dynasty mode, which is clearly inspired by FIFA Ultimate Team to enter letters and not always well received micropayments (optional, of course). Obviously it's an addition that provides enough depth, and even introduces factors that are not to everyone's taste, we are confident that many users will find here a new reason to throw many more hours MLB 15: The Show building your dream team.

The downside of Diamond Dynasty is that, despite having said potential on paper, the implementation still has some room for improvement, such as online infrastructure which is not everything it should-fluid or a menu system that We were craving a little confusing. We assume that eventually get used to them, but the first contact has not been as kind to the user that one can expect.

As mentioned above, other modes of play has not changed much, with some polishing experience and others that remain virtually identical, if we offer new excuses to play and we always find the necessary options for the ideal match. We have from the classic game display to the way in which we can create our character and bring it to the highest-we can even import that of MLB 14: The Show, not to start from zero, through the training mode and other known as the saga.

The gameplay, solid and all

Something good thing about MLB 15: The Show is that you can enjoy the baseball experience regardless of your ability to control options. Obviously, requires skill, but has many configurations so that the buttons are not a problem. Apart from its mode to "newbie’s" where is simplified to the maximum formula, we have more traditional options (with push buttons, power bar, etc.) and another focused on using the right stick is particularly "realistic" for the batting.

We already on the field, throwing and batting limit, something that will be enough in the easiest way, but soon we start up the difficulty or progressing in tournaments will need to know the strategy well and avoid mistakes. We will see some great duels between pitchers and hitters, getting successfully convey the excitement of this sport. Anyone who has played before MLB: The Show surely knows of what we talk, as we have already repeated occasionally, nothing much has changed in this release.

Audiovisual aspects

As you can see in the pictures, MLB 15: The Show has a very good visuals with great moments, especially when it comes to recreate that atmosphere of sports broadcasting. The lighting does much of the work, which is based on solid modeling and detailed for players and the blur to give credibility to the sequences where it occurs. We must also give recognition to the public, very interactive, and not only moves in one way or another depending on how the game goes, but also sees it jumps for the ball when it goes into the stands, and so on.

The greatest but you can put the visual, again, the lack of progress with respect to last year's version. There are some faces that give more the trick, but others are quite dehumanized, and break that good graphic work. Anyway, hope all set improves visual face to the next installment.

The sound aspect bay also good standard, with commentators, music and effects that continue to make the television effect. The soundtrack complies with accompanying music knows, though we is rather short.

Few innovations, good feeling

MLB 15: The Show is still a great baseball simulator, but it is undeniable that needs to smarten up and evolve truth, to offer its followers a good excuse to jump between deliveries (rather take online from above). Its main novelties pass through the Diamond Dynasty mode which committed similar to FIFA Ultimate Team concept - real brands, something that surely appreciate the fans, but other than that, we noticed a few changes.

This is not necessarily bad, as the game is still a great exponent of the genre, fun and can absorb ourselves for hours, but unless you ask why Sony San Diego that do not rely on the lack of competition and see further evolution between episodes. If you have MLB 14: The Show, the leap is optional, but if you like this sport, MLB 15: The Show will not be disappointed.