Mortal Kombat X (PC) Krypt - Collectibles and Secrets

The Krypt

The crypt is a graveyard, provided with some caves or call them dungeons (or vaults), where her various items, combat moves and secrets can unlock.

- For this you need "Koins" this you can get from each of your struggles.
- Position-changing chests have random rewards

You can explore only in the first-person perspective to the field, that ye have a completely different feel, with a somewhat limited control option, so you can forward; right; run left and backwards.

Items and secrets (rewards):

Items or secrets are in grave stones that are found in large numbers in the cemetery. But there are also other "containers", like corpses hanging from the ceiling and lots of chests.
Each "Rewards container" also has a certain Koin Prize (wide price range).

- As the price, but also differ rewards.

Table of Contents

- The Crypt - Items; Collectibles / secrets / rewards / special chests
- Dangers of the crypt
- The shadows of cobwebs - Example
- Fighter outfits - Locations
- Stages - Locations

Rewards types:

- There are Koins in different amounts.
- Abilities - for example "skip fight" a.
- Of particular interest are naturally "Fatality moves" the fighter and also "special moves" and Brutalitiy - "finisher" - and there is also a "universal Fatalities," not only fixed for a specific combatants, such as "a simple "Fatality.
- There are even fan art, so that "hardcore fans" get their money.
- In addition, three additional "Stages" can unlock ".

The compass and special chests:

- The bottom left of your screen is a compass -> this shows you when and where a "special chest" appears, it appears your position and the coordinates of the chest. Such chests appear everywhere, see Clock -"respawn countdown".


- You can on the site and in the tombs, and find "Dungeons", various items. Most are weapons of fallen fighters or limbs (eg, a severed hand), as well as more simple items such as ropes or gems.

These collectibles can explore their closed or inaccessible areas. With further rewards.

The crypt Map:

- The Krypt is very spread out and find it next to entrances in unteridische regions on the surface collectibles.

Dangers of the Krypt

- Even in the crypt it is not immune from attack, here run different beings around the jump you without warning.

For Example:

- Wolves - anywhere in the territory of the crypt.
In the shadow of cobwebs you access to wild spiders.

- The attack remains without serious consequences, even if its too slow fend for him. This you can do Namely, but you have to push her a few seconds to the corresponding button on the controller (displayed).

- If you fast enough since, you get a reward in the form of a "Koin" - amount.

The shadows of cobwebs

We have examples picked out a dungeon to bring you closer to the systematics of the "dungeon looting". In the cave there are some collectibles that make you accessible to other areas.

Here is a selection:

- Raiden's bar (open transition 1)
- Reptiles claw
- Kahn's sword (opens a cave)
- Kenshi's Katana
- Kung Lao Hat (opens transition 2 - other level)

- Once you have entered the shadow spider cave, you'll find on the way some items, such as Raiden's staff. This paves the way to you in the northern area of ​​the map (transition 1; see map).

- Do not run too fast through the corridors, there are also areas that are not so easy to find and are probably locked. - Who knows what rewards can be here.

- Jedere transition to another level is characterized by a Mortal Kombat dragon symbol, here you also get the hint displayed which object you have to search.

- In the northern area, there are also two swords, with Kahn's sword can open her the entrance to a cave, this in turn contains Kenshi Katana (see No. 4; map).

- But you can also meet little Herauforderungen as the lever puzzle (see map), it opens a cave with other rewards.

- Solution 4/1/3/2 (The numbers represent the displayed spiders symbols).

- So you can proceed only in the further exploration of the crypt.

- Remember this exactly where you was blocked by law, which requires the subject to get stuck, these items can also be found in other areas of the crypt.


In what way their outfits for your characters is, you can read here!

Most outfits can also be enabled by the existence of the traditional tower!

- D'Vorah (Kytinn Queen) in bone cave for 1,240 Koins
- Erron Black (outcast) in Icy graves for 1,220 Koins
- Ferra / Torr (master and servant) in shadow spider cave for 1,320 Koins
- Jacqui Briggs (endurance) in the garden of despair for 1,900 Koins
- Johnny Cage (tournament) Shao Kahn's in tomb for 1,470 Koins
- Kano (tournament) in soul gear for 2,300 Koins
- Kenshi (tournament) in Dark pass for 1,670 Koins
- Kitana (tournament) in Icy graves for 980 Koins
- Kotal Kahn (Osh-Tekk warriors) in the grotto bloodlust for 2,100 Koins
- Liu Kang (tournament) in Dark pass for 940 Koins
- Mileena (tournament) in cemetery for 540 Koins
- Scorpion (tournament) in stone spiders parties for 210 Koins
- Raiden (tournament) in soul gear for 2,350 Koins
- Raiden (Dark Raiden) in Dark pass for 10 Koins
- Reptile (tournament) in the cave of doom for 470 Koins


Here you will find the unlockable stages:

- Outworld Marketplace in shadow spider nest for 1,150 Koins
- Dead Woods in cemetery for 1,120 Koins
- Kuatan Palace in Shao Khan's tomb for 1,240 Koins

Unlock Various Costumes

- Kahnum Mileena - Win 15 battles in "endless tower"
- Dark Empress Kitana - 3 times and finish with gold at the hourly living tower
Sub-Zero revenant - Test your strength finish (all 10 levels)
Jax Farmer / Mileena classically / Kitana Classic / Johnny Cage Ninja Mime - Mortal Kombat X app requires
Any tournament (second) Costumes can be bought in the crypt with enabled or by playing the classic tower.


In the crypt in Mortal Kombat can find some items to a new open areas.

Here, the objects and their coordinates:

- Scorpions spear (-13, 19) soul gear
- Sub-Zero's ice ball (-21, 20) Frost path
Raiden rod (5, 11) shadow spider cave
Kung Lao Hat (-7, 12) Bone Cave
The gemstone (18, 10) Scorpion Pit
Reptiles claw (6, 30) Widow Pass
Kotal Kahn's sword (22, 34) Kotals Karverne
Kenshi's Katana (5, 40) Shadow Spider Woman
Liu Kang's Fireball (0, 6) Shao Kahn's tomb
Ermacs Medallion (-5, 18) Dark Pass
Jax rocket launchers (0, 12) Kahn's fortress
Under Empire Kamidogu (-11, 13) Dead Shrine *

* Obtainable by a bet with at least 10,000 coins