MotoGP 15 (PS4) Impressions - demo

This weekend Grand Prix plays in Austin, United States, and certainly motorcycle enthusiasts, being eager to see the coverage on TV, and you wanted to nab a good motorcycle game to play the championship with great realism and fidelity.

This year MotoGP 15 coming out for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC, developed by Milestone third consecutive year, eager to convince you once and for all lovers of two wheels, to those previously attempt usually they have left a sour taste. With a very slight progression between each edition improvement this year either expect a revolution, although new game modes, data fully updated to the current season, and small improvements in animations and physical, who want to improve a playable basis which was already good, but imperfect.

It will have all circuits 18-, 200- and equipment some riders -122- of the 2015 season in the three categories MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, plus great detail, a way in which we can relive some of the highlights of the 2014 season, either to replicate what happened in reality or to try to change history. Something that we always like much in sports games, and here seems to be quite worked, even with videos of real image that will put us in a position.

But as always the "chicha" will be in Career much improved this year, in which we have to create a rider choosing a name, face and certain physical-features, start as low as reserve rider, and gradually go a career, choosing if we want to be part of one of the official teams, or create our own team. Depending on how well we do receive different offers from sponsors, and competing obtain coins, the GP credits, with which we can unlock all kinds of equipment and accessories for the bike, rider and team.

20 motorcycle models, 40 different patterns decorations with official colors, over 100 accessories such as boots, gloves and overalls colors for the pilot, the ability to customize their helmets, and up to three different caravans, where we will live with members of our equipment. This virtual currency, GP credits, get playing in any game mode, both offline and online, and will be an interesting reward for every minute that we dedicate to the game.

Some of the new modes of play will Exceeds time in which we assign a motorcycle and a specific circuit and have to overcome a while, who previously managed drivers from different classes and tutorial, in which a narrator we will explain the main concepts to master a bike, something that will not come too bad. Play the World Championship in any of the three categories, Time Attack, online modes for up to 12 players, split-screen local multiplayer, the way I have discussed above in which we have to relive the best moments of last season, it seems MotoGP 15 will be well stocked with game modes for all tastes.

In terms of riding, we are again with a game that wants to please both lovers demanding as those looking too complex arcade or game simulation, so there will be plenty of gameplay modes and settings predefined difficulty, to experience it suits everyone. We ensure that artificial intelligence opponents will be much better, both for good and for bad, and will not hesitate to shut us to avoid overtaking, but also have faults, and will braking and even fall, making them more human.

We tried a demo version of the game on PlayStation 4 that we liked a lot, although it was still very green, and graphically remains an intergenerational game for the second consecutive year. The textures, recreation circuits, lighting, nothing harnesses the power of the new consoles too, although it has been greatly improved animation of the riders on the bike, thanks to new motion capture sessions. It's the most compelling visuals, how the rider on the motorcycle, very realistic moves, not when we fall, with unconvincing physical.

We were able to run a very exciting race from start to finish, something not very common to get when you've just started a new motorcycle game. You could tell it was not demanding activated mode simulation, but also allowed us to go about doing terrible things and hitting the other riders. A very good point between arcade and simulation, if it is difficult to come enabled by default, seems a wise move. Although we repeat, there will be plenty of options to create you a riding experience to your taste, from something simple to extremely demanding simulation.

Eager to burn wheel

Those who already have enjoyed previous editions of MotoGP developed by Milestone already know more or less what you are going to find, although we note that in this third consecutive year, the game will have more ways and possibilities than ever, one Motorcycle titles most comprehensive recent years. We'll see if they get polish all the playable part and if technically, at least in the new consoles, offering something visually get up to these, after debuting last year just in PS4, with a technically very discreet game. This year in addition to the new console from Sony, will come first to Xbox One, and also Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, in mid-June on all platforms.