Nosgoth (PC) beginner's guide

F2P or P2W?

New to Nosgoth ? Then this guide will hopefully help you. However, before we start guide we want to briefly explain the Nosgoth. But in any case Nosgoth is one of the fairest free to play titles that. Skins and animations can be acquired only through real money. How exactly you should invest your gold in Nosgoth, learn them in this guide.

The beginner classes

After you have finished the tutorial, it's time for your first real match. As a beginner, you have the advantage that you can play with other beginners to character level 10. At the beginning you will each have 2 classes per page and every 5 levels can buy an extra one. I will now briefly introduce the first 4 basic classes and give a few tips.



The hunter is best suited to medium distance, so that the crossbow bolts not too much damage to lose (The further the distance, the weaker the shots are). The hunter can fire a relatively long time, but requires a longer reload time. This you can optionally use to you dissociate again by the vampires as with all people. Reloading is also possible during a sprint. Your first skill that Bola (An opponent can not attack or use short-term skills) needed some time to fire and it's hard to hit targets at a distance so. Use the Bola therefore best if you are attacked directly, a teammate can save so or if an opponent straight attaches to attack. That would be a Tyrant who approaches you with rush and you can thus take the wind out of the sails. Your second skill can be understandably good use against accumulations of vampires or, if a vampire tries to escape over houses. A volley that can be sent afterwards often mean death.


The Alchemist is very strong against groups with his grenade launcher and can also vampires attack on roofs without seeing them. However, each shell has been loaded individual and this takes a lot of time. The ability to "burn" should be used when vampires approaching or similar to the Bola to protect themselves. A well-thrown flash bang can put an entire vampire team momentarily out of action. For the damage, the second ability is responsible for the "wall of fire". It causes severe damage on contact and somewhat less in an "after burn time". Beginners in vampires can be tempted to go off through the flames to you. Therefore, it is often useful to myself again backwards through the flames. This might hurt you, but the vampires a lot more. Otherwise, the flame front is good to use in buildings or seal off to inputs.



The Reaver is a nimble vampire and serves as a good DPS, which should attack only when other classes have already staged a fight. At the beginning of a fight you should use "light-off". After that (or shortly before) the shadow bomb should be used, which scattered the people and those emphasizing that are in the fog. If you have Pounce behind or held by other people from the mangle you fight until you have only a few life points. "Dodge" ability you can then make good out of the dust and also distract Geger that shoot at you. While it differs from all auto attacks, but you should be wary of skills and exploding bombs Alchemist. If the team wins or people move on, you can at a corpse so then heal. (Must go fast) Alternatively, you can also try to execute a person while "Dodge" is active.


The Tyrant is sometimes one of the best classes to start a fight. With "Assault" we run purely in people and throw them around. Subsequently skin is best then directly "premium" out and caused so usually also still damage to opponents 2-3. Then we can perhaps still awake hit it or you can use "ignore pain" directly. Since it is taken as Beginner most under fire should be gotten many a projectile. People often need some time to notice in the hustle and bustle of the fight that you cannot get these Tyrants practically dead. However, you should still have at least 300 lives, as a team, this still can deduct. "Pain ignore" is the perfect ability to front of the whole shooting team to take a dessert to themselves.

In The Fight

In Nosgoth begins a page with humans and is against the vampire side to fight back. While people are limited to the ground and houses, vampires can practically climb anywhere or even fly. However, they will both operate on the ground about the same speed. After 15 minutes or 30 Kills a fraction is changed. Who has brought more kills at the end wins.

If you look at his stats and see that you have made yourself almost no kills, that's not necessarily a bad game for you. I advise you to look at the damage done, since you have not been inspected Nosgoth scored kills all but simply bashing it and then someone gets bloodsuckers.

Of course, every fight is different, however, as in almost every game is also available in Nosgoth a few basic rules.

For people:

1. Stay together

2. Stay together

3. Keeping together people need a functioning teamwork. If a Reaver starts one, you're defenseless. But another player can shoot down the Reaver by oneself. In addition, the damage increases and better to focus on one or two vampires and can turn them off faster. Vampires have many skills that can be interrupted or circumvented with a good concert or teamwork.

4. Choose your class as the beginning it may not be as dramatic but later it becomes more important. At 4 Sentinels (flying vampires) can 4 alchemists with their melee guns not align very much a hunter there is. A sudden change of class can turn the tide of times. If you deal in houses or fights against Tyrants or Reaver, makes a lot more sense Alchemist course again.

5. Outside or Inside A similar example as above: If the opponent has 2 or more flying vampires yes you can just hide in a house where this ability benefits less. The other way you can put on open spaces, so you see earlier approaching Tyrants and off kann.In most games, people go to certain positions and in homes because the opponents have chosen their classes so.

6. Running away is difficult: if you have low health, you should obviously try to get some distance and then shoot again until, or to heal. But if a vampire turn depends on a and suggests, you can not shake him by sprinting and running straight but you will always collect damages. You can just stop then it further and tried to kill the bastard or you walk around objects (carts, stands) around and tried to shake him off. The role (spacebar) helps a lot.

For Vampire:

1. Coordinated action: Teamwork is not quite as important for the vampires, as for the people but also offers many advantages. The Tyrant is running in, Reaver pounce using pure. All people dead!

2. Injuries: Many vampires can bring skills back to safety, but are badly injured. No reason to give the opponent a kill! Vampire heals a little itself (depending on the size of the damage you have suffered). In addition, you can stay a little in the background and then grab a corpse. Experienced players like to wear corpses for their wounded comrades on these and thus provide a healing rich dessert ..

3. Class choice: Similar to the people must be careful to take the right classes.

4. Charge Attacks: It is often forgotten that the normal attack are rechargeable. If you know that since equal a man comes around the corner, you should not run around the corner and shout: "Here I am!" But charge an attack and thus directly cause much more damage.

Level up

In Nosgoth there are separate profile (players') level and class level. Both need each the same amount of XP for each level.

All 5 Profile stages you get an artifact, which can activate an additional class. Until level 10 so you can unlock 2 new classes, then levels are slightly larger and more time is needed for the next Level (but still quite fair held). What class you unlock, each itself is left. Nosgoth is very balanced and each class has its advantages and disadvantages. However, I would recommend that you always evenly classes to buy. So for a person, and then for vampires, etc. Especially liked Played classes are Summoner and the Vanguard. Also, the Sentinel offers through its ability to fly an interesting new way of playing.

For each class level 5 you get a "rise chest" and at level 25 you get a skin for the respective class. The rise chests contain any weapon or ability for the class and is often green or blue in color. These are special abilities but confers a bonus (eg 5% more health) also has a disadvantage (eg larger cooling time, 10% slower climbing). It often happens that you have skills twice. Then you have to consider for yourself how bad is the downside for the class and how well the advantage.

Gold Management

- Gold after the game (More or less, depending on how well you yourself was or whether the team won)

-Drops After the game. Often, objects are awarded to players randomly. These are purely coincidental and are independent of how well you yourself had. Especially popular are so-called mystical area stands. This must be created and trained, and only then show their skills. Usually there are 2 positive and negative effects and a visual effect.

- Daily Drop: Every day you get already by logging into the game a bit. If we make it three days in a row, climb to level 2 and after 3 more days (on the seventh day) you get a particularly valuable object. At level 1, there are 150-300 gold and 20% XP boost or money, usually with 24 hours continuous. At level 2, there are 300-600 gold, 7 days a booster. On the last day it can rain very much gold, 7 days a booster will be awarded with 50% or skins. The skins are designated as confidential and will not show up in the shop.

Money Earning (With real money)

At the beginning, it is first of all make sense to pick up gold. One should ideally login every day just to get his reward. By the class rewards there is a high chance to get the items that you want to have, maybe even in an improved form. So I would advise against it, under level 5 to buy something for a class that best applies even below level 10. Basically: No ability is better than the other, they only change the gameplay. Nevertheless, there are popular objects to exchange such. As the shadow of the bomb against the Reavers Giftbome or purchase the Compound arc or arc during a storm scout. First, however, with each class can be a skill in the tutorial unlock for 7 days, so you can judge before, whether they like it or not.

If you buy a class, you get a standard set and can then decide what is a. The Tyrant is often played on the standard capabilities.

24 hours booster should be used when you plan a few laps in a row to play or to activate it so that one the next day still has time.

Very important are the passive skills perks. These can occasionally drops by for a or 7 days but can not find a buy otherwise permanent. If one possesses no Perks for a class, you have to rely on the other day. The Most classes require its own best perk. The Alchemist should be able to reload faster and the Prophet has a very strong weapon recoil. Often, several perks fit on a class and you should orient itself because what more is needed.

Own mane runes Stine (Real Currency), so it makes the most sense to pick up a package or unlock new classes. Otherwise, I recommend other execution animations. Although these are purely visual, but so far no different unlockable.

Skins and banners are negligible. Both are purely visual and banners can be seen only in a lobby. Skins turn you get by the maximum level of a class or by daily login.

I hope this little guide could give beginners some useful tips and I wish you a good and bloody period in Nosgoth!:)