Pillars of Eternity: Anslog's Compass - quest guide

Pillars of Eternity Anslog’s Compass - Quest overview

Grieving Mother, in Golden Valley, has asked you pregnant Aufra to look for the midwife Ranga, because she supposedly can avoid hollow births. You can find Ranga in her camp on a sand spit in the south of the map (2). Before she can help you, you must turn Ranga but do yourself a favor - she wants you to eliminate the Xaurips in northeastern Anslog’s Compass (4). Once you defeated and returned to Ranga, you will get a further object from her. In order to produce the potion for Aufra that Aumaua -midwife requires the spores of Sporelings in the sea cave (3). If you also have worried, you can return to Ranga and can give you the potion for Aufra. However, Ranga open unto you, that the potion has only a placebo effect because it is powerless against infirmities of the soul. Back in Val d'Or you can decide if you give Aufra the potion and you should be truthful about it, or not.


Go a little to the south to the Tidenseen (1) and entertain you with Tily and Egdrang. The two are fishermen and have tried their luck in Anslogs compass, but were attacked by walking corpses. They are on their way back home - hard to believe that it ended the call, they are already attacked again, this time by Xaurip. Defeat the Xaurip, but does not expect any reward from the fishermen - both thank briefly and then disappear. Go further south, settled on the way a Xaurip champion and three Xaurip and place in an agate sand and a page from Fulvanos travel. March on until you reach a sandy tongue - at the end of which you will meet the midwife Aumaua-Ranga and their Xaurip companion Tana. If you accept the quest "Grieving Mother" of Aufra in Golden Valley, then you should talk about hollow births with Ranga. Ranga does not give the impression that she really wants to help Aufra - payment that has given you Aufra, she refuses. Instead, she requires of you that you eliminated the Xaurip in the northeast (4), as her companion Tana once belonged to her tribe, but was banished. Since then try the Xaurip Tana kill. You can talking to learn more about Ranga's past or buy her potions, camping supplies and food. Once you're done, you should go back to the Tidenseen and this time move your group from there to the east. Kill the Xaurip all who meet you and introduce yourself then Xaurip a priest (can Xaurip battlestaff fall), two Xaurip masters, a Xaurip Skirmishers and three Xaurip in camp in the northeast. Collect everything you find in the camp and then proceed to south before you return to Ranga. You come across a dead body, which carries a good Arbalest and Fulvano’s letter with you.

Further south, the sun stone (5) you have to mess with you eight Gulen, before you can find travel in the sand an amethyst and a page from Fulvano. Repent, goes back to Ranga and tells her the fact that the Xaurip are eliminated. She thanks you and gives you a potion of the weak regeneration, a potion of little perseverance and a potion of the small recovery. But Aufras drink they give you not - that she needs the spores of Sporlingen from the sea cave. So go to the north, just go to the sea cave (3) and kills three Sporelings and two wet spores before you can loot the spores. In the cave there are also cave coral, a corpse, the grain and seven copper Skeyt contributes to a war bow in a chest and a hidden container (good wand, tricorn, two vials of oil and three silver Lusce), which you only. Return one last time to Ranga back and get some of her mixture for Aufra. Ranga you are also provided with some instructions for Aufra, then admit but to demand that can not be prevented with the mixture hollow births. The potion only strengthens Aufras body - against infirmities of the soul Ranga is powerless. You can now return travel to Val d'Or and complete the quest at Aufra. It's up to you whether you give Aufra the potion and you should be truthful about it (call in Golden Valley improved, ten pieces of copper and weak cloak of protection), or whether you let in the belief that the mixture really prevents hollow births (reputation in Golden Valley improved, ten pieces of copper).