Pillars of Eternity - Find all Pets

The guide to find many faithful companions to take with you!

In Pillars of Eternity are small Companion Animals, the Pets, which will become the faithful companions of our adventure, and thanks to our guide and discover where to find them all!

Before you start you need to know some things about animals:


The enemies can not attack these creatures that can not be killed in any way. The animals have no effect on the game world, it has the world on them. To activate a pet, simply place it on a dedicated inventory slots and the animal chosen will appear immediately in game. Similarly, it will fade if you remove from the inventory. In addition, you can change the pets at your leisure and have also more than one in tow!


Pets can get by visiting the shops, talking with some NPC or finding them around the game, except for someone who can be unlocked only with promotional initiatives. Here is a complete list to find all pets to take with you in Pillars of Eternity:


Small Wurm Obsidian: This small black dragon is a reward of Kickstarter that players receive automatically when creating their characters. To receive it you had to have funded the development of the game by making a donation on Kickstarter.
Small White Wurm: Look at the second level of Od Nua, north-east, in a hatchery Wurm. If you look closely you will find an egg to interact with and get the animal.


Orange Tabby: Near the Pumpkin Kwarg, in the first district of Twin Elms.
Calico: Visit the Tree Salt and talking with the owner, Maea, to adopt this kitten.
Black: You will find this kitten undead with Osrya, located Raedric's Hold.
Mix: A Valtas Manor, immediately after completing the quest Valtas.


Beagle: This stray belongs to Derrin. You will receive it from him after completing his mission.
Small Black Lab: At Gilded Vale Inn, go upstairs and talk to the innkeeper to get it.
Small Yellow Lab: In Woodend Plains, look for the pilgrims of Eothasian.
Terrier: This dog hangs with Gordy to Copperlane.


Pig Reach Dryford and talk Rumbald, the pig farmer.
Pig Space: The only way to get this is to preorder Interstellar Pig Pillars of Eternity.
Small Spider: Look for it in your stronghold to get it.
Small Mushroom: This little creature mushroom locks with Iswld to Golden Grove.
Animat Small: Meet Cliaban Rilag within an Optional Room.
Insect Small: Talk Alarhi, the merchant Glanfathan.