Pillars of Eternity (PC) Companions Locations

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On your journey through the landscapes of Pillars of Eternity you come across all sorts of characters. Some of them you are allowed to include in your group and let them fight for you. If you have missed one or the other companions, you'll find out here.


Breed: Wood Elf
Class: Magician

Location: Aloth is located near the guest house in gold thread and there is embroiled in a brawl


Breed: Human / pasture people
Class: Fighter

Location: Also it can be found in Golden Valley. But only if you have had the dream of Zwerign Caladra de Berranzi and talked to her, you can Eder, which is located right next to the "corpse tree", encourage them to join you


Breed: North dwarf
Class: Ranger

Location: If ind s Waldend levels at a crossroads about the middle of the map


Class: Druid
Breed: Human / Orleaner

Location: It is located in the Storm Gorge Wall specifically in the south, in front of the canyon and a small path that seems to lead down the gorge

Grieving Mother

Class: Medium
Breed: Human / pasture people

Location: It keeps located southeast of the town Dyrfurt, where they seem to pick vegetables. Before she can talk directly, you connect with her soul to find out more about her


Breed Similar Avian God
Class    Paladin

Location: Pallegina can be found in Ondrá’s gift, just in front of, marked on the map.


Breed Island Aumana
Class    Singer

Location: Kana can be found in Caed Nua, fortress. He stands next to the western gate and is to be seen there hardly


Breed Human / pasture people
Class    Priest

Location: Durance is located approximately in the center of the map in Magrans crotch, right next to a statue!