Pillars of Eternity - Ruins of Cilant Lis - Quest overview

The ruins of Cilant Lis (Main Quest) walkthrough - The quest is complete when you output the ruins (A1) have happened. The starting accomplished either by you destroy the wall in the southeast of the map (4) and follow the corridor behind the rotunda to the north or cross the event carpet in the center of the map (7) and the bridge behind it.

Gilded Vale (Main Quest) - This quest cannot be completed in Cilant Lis. You have to take care of "The Ruins of Cilant Lis" for the moment only to.


You start in the southwest of the map (1). Heodan still in your group, he takes a short conversation with Calisca, in which the two are in agreement that the group has just experienced a Bîaŵac. Then with Calisca or the Bîaŵac and the attacker speak before you explore the ruins. Take the first turning off to the left, then reach her after a short time a small camp (2). In the containers there you will find a small sign, a torch, camping supplies, hammer and chisel and a Mace. Return to the fork and follow the path to the southeast to its end - you will meet a Xaurip. In The Dialogue with him can you either retreat or fight. If you choose to fight, you bring victory information about this opponent in the bestiary and you can continue to follow the path to the northeast. There, you come out but even if you go back and put yourself an archway into the center of the map with the case Carpet (7). There is also an approach that leads you to the east. The fight against Xaurip is not a must. Whatever you decide, just northeast of the Xaurip's a body (3), which should examine her. She wears a jewel and a tattered diary with her. From the only legible diary entry you will find out that it is the jewel that can be used in a relief in Cilant Lis and leads to a hidden treasure.

Now go back to the center of the map and from there to the northwest. You reach a room with a wall paintings and six columns (5). More of that anon. First go through the space further to the north-west until you reach a room with a wall relief (6) and two smaller black sludge. Fight the slurry, and catch you doing before their poisonous spit in eight photographers who shoot as ranged attack on your group. Each of the sludge brings a poison plasma. Once you've defeated you can loot the corpse bottom left of the room and then you turn to the wall relief. Of course, there is the relief that found diary is mentioned earlier in the - rinse it off with your water hose and then uses the jewel. It opens on the northeast side of the room a wall, behind which another lesser black mud and the hidden treasure are (weak mantle of protection, Amethyst, Adra). Return now to the room with the pillars and the mural (5). If you carry a torch with you, then you can basket on the pillars of fire (works as a fire-god Similar without torch). And some of the traps in the center of the map (7) will be disabled and you can safely pass. Alternatively Heodan or a character with a mechanical life of at least 2 also search the traps in San Diego mode and defuse - but this is much more time-consuming than the method with the torch.

You can now cross the event carpet and further put yourselves to the northeast. Beyond the bridge in the northeast wait two spear-spider lings and the following roundabout to the output (8) two spear-spider lings, and a spear-starved spider (spider leg fall leaves a spear). Once you've defeated them, you can in the upper part of the room spinning nest a rapier and a bloodstone found. Law also adjacent to a room with a corpse (helmet) and an urn (jasper and agate).

Theoretically, you could, this area now under construction on the outcome of the spear spiders (A1) exit. For those who like to fully explore the area or prefer to take a different path than the carpet on the case, here is a second option is described with which the output of the ruins can be achieved. Move your group from the corpse with the diary (3) to the east - you come across a Skuldr puppy, an urn and a wall (4), which can be activated. Characters with a power of at least 16 can push the wall and unlock the room beyond. There you have Calisca in the group and they meet this criterion. Alternatively, the wall with a hammer and chisel, that you have found in the camp in the West (2), bring down - but why waste the items? Beyond the Wall is a room with two Skuldr puppies. Defeat them and cross the passage to the north - then reach the room with the exit.

Cilant Lis: Outside - Quest overview

Visions and Whispers (Main Quest) - This quest cannot be completed in Cilant Lis. You have, for the moment only the area above the map output (A1) leave and send your group after Talholz.

Gilded Vale (Main Quest) - This quest cannot be completed in Cilant Lis. You have, for the moment only the area above the map output (A2) leave and send your group after Talholz.


After you leave the ruins of Cilant Lis, you'll find yourself at the ground surface (1) again. A cutscene begins to die at the end Calisca and Heodan. After you have collected the gear you tutorial guide, you must continue your way to Gilded Vale. Several Crafting items are distributed on the little map that can be collected. Also, you can remove each one vessel, the stone figures in the ritual space (2). There is nothing more to do here. About the maps' output in the southeast (A2) it enters the World Map menu - from there you can continue to do is get to Talholz.