Pillars of Eternity - Valewood / Gilded Vale guide

Valewood - Quest overview

Visions and Whispers (Main Quest) - This quest cannot be completed in Valewood. You have to take care for now merely "Gilded Vale".

Gilded Vale (main quest) - Move your group to the exit at the southern edge of the map (A2), enable the marker map and select on the world map as a destination Gilded Vale.

Late for Dinner - The Dwarf cooking Tenfrith is considered by some bandits in their bearing on the eastern edge of the map (1) detained. Defeat the bandits and speak with Tenfrith. He promises you a reward when you reach the inn "Black Dog" in Gilded Vale - there you can complete the quest later.

Vengeance from the Grave - In the southwest, the hunter Nonton has pitched his tent (4). He tells you that he was hunting with his buddy Perly deer and the two were doing surprised by a bear. Nonton had escaped, however, Perly been slain. The event took place in a cave in the north-west (3). Make your way to the cave and kill the bear. Then you can talk to Perlys mind and learn the true story of his death: Nonton has treacherously murdered him! Once you have made Nonton in Gilded Vale to the speech, the quest is completed.


You start high up in front of the north-eastern edge of the area (A1). If you only through failure to have a character weariness Malus, then briefly engaged. Then head towards the southeast, facilitate the body to camping supplies and leather armor and collect the blood moss. Continue along the only road into the center of the map, where you will meet an outlaw. Beat him, collect sword, small shield, leather armor, helmet and open four copper pieces and then continue to the east. There is the rest of the gang and hold in a warehouse (1) you trapped the kind-hearted dwarf cooking Tenfrith. If you want the side quest "Late for Dinner" complete, then you have to free him. With the band there is no dialogue option - as soon as you approach, it attacks. Two bandits and outlaws you must defeat – once you've done that, the result is a conversation with Tenfrith in which he thanks you for your help and invites you to the inn "Black Dog" in Golden Valley. There, you expect something in return. The dwarf gets ever on the way there and you can at rest the bodies of criminals (two daggers, hatchet "intellect 1" small shield, three leather armor, Dietrich, eight silver Lusce, eleven copper Skeyt, hunting bow "intellect +2 ", cowl, cape, four silver penny) and the containers in the warehouse (two vegetables, stiletto, rice, meat, poultry, seven copper pieces, two fruit) scan.

Leave the camp again and go south, through the archway of the fragile ruins. Here you will find two young wolves and a wolf, depending drop a wolf skin. Store before the fight best safe side back down and use in battle the narrow archway. If you're playing a character that is focused on ranged combat, then placed him in the doorway so that attack him only the two young wolves and the adult wolf will not reach it. For making neat melee damage and may Characters with low health points quickly bring about the route. If you keep the wolf at bay with this strategy, then you can easily defeat him with ranged attacks, and then take care of the weaker pups. If you've beaten the wolves you go a little further to the east and activate the stretch of wall (5). It can climb, if your character has an athletic-value of at least 4 or rope with grappling hooks carries with it. Should not apply both, so you can buy later at the blacksmith in Gilded Vale and then return to the rope wall with grappling hooks. Once at the top you will find on the east side blood moss and on the west side of the body, wearing a leather armor, Fulvano’s gloves (Dexterity +5), camping supplies and a scribbled letter with you. The letter is apparently the owner of the gloves, Fulvano addressed, but does not solve any of Quest.

In the ruins there is nothing more to discover - so leave them and go a little further to the west where Nonton has set up camp (4). Talk to him and he tells you that he was hunting with his friend Perly deer, whereupon the two were surprised by a bear. He claims that Perly died there and he is just barely escaped with his life. The place where Perly died, according Nonton is in the northwest in a cave. That you may be enriched by an eloquent Quest: "Vengeance from the Grave". Collect the river reeds left of Nontons a camp - then the area in principle already on the map marker (A2) exit and travel across the world map by Gilded Vale. Those who want to advance to scan the entire area and leave anything out, make hand and go over the bridge to the north. There you encounter initially on a fallen vegetable carts (Camping equipment, arc "Intellect +2" Scroll of times of nature, ten copper Skeyt) and a little further up on a young wolf, and the settlers crafting item arrow. If you are then arrived at the top of the waterfall, go east and fight against the three Xaurip. You can treat them three Xaurip spears, three medium shields, an agate, and four Xaurip tongues decrease. In the camp you also find a corpse wearing a quarterstaff "determination +3", a lined hood, SVEF and 19 copper pieces with you.

Finally, you can go back to the west and devote yourselves the cave (3), the alleged Nontons Perly friend was killed by a bear. To enter the cave and defeat the enemy therein is essential for completing the quest "Vengeance from the Grave". At this point, however, a warning: If you're playing on Hard "medium" or "heavy", then you can expect in the cave definitely a full-grown bear, the extremely high melee damage caused and can withstand a lot. At the highest level of difficulty it is still a young bear, in addition to a page where "light", however, you are fighting only against a relatively weak young bear. Before entering the cave, you should save in any case - if you are currently still too weak to defeat the bear, but the degree of difficulty do not want to change, you can watch the cave also omit get you in Gilded Vale your first mate and then come back , Are the Bears first beaten, then you two can cave corals and find a chest in a spear on the cave walls. If you then interacts with the body triggers a cutscene that allows you to communicate with Perlys spirit. Touch the mind and learn how Perly died in truth: not the bear killed him, but his friend, Nonton. You can now Nonton at his home in Gilded Vale to task and so complete the quest. In Valewood there is nothing more for you to do - go to the map marker to the south and travels to Gilded Vale.

Gilded Vale Quest overview

Visions and Whispers (main quest) - Speak with Pasca at the inn "Black Dog" (2) and locked for the night. A cutscene is triggered in which your main character is aware of a dwarf who was hanged on the tree in the village center. Go to the tree of the hanged man (1) and interact with the soul of dwarf Caldara de Berranzi. You learn that there is a Beseelerin that can tell you more about the visions of your character and its condition. With the end of the call also ends the quest.

Gilded Vale (main quest) - Go into the village center to the tree of the hanged man (1) and talk to Urgeat. Once you have completed the interview, the Quest Gilded Vale is done.

The Old Watcher (Main Quest) - The Quest is a direct result of the interaction with the soul of Beseelerin on the tree of the hanged man (1). You can only stop it in Caed Nua. To get there you can take (A3) and travel fork on the world map after Magrans or Eastern card output take (A4) and travel to their esters forest either the southern card output. The crossing of the two areas that you have to take care before you continue to Caed Nua.

The Smith's Shipment - Speak with the Tuatanu blacksmith in his forge (6). He asks you to look for a delivery out. You cannot do more at the moment. The quest can be continued.

Against the Grain - The quest begins as soon as you witness the dispute between the farmer and his colleagues Sweynur and the miller Trumbel before its mill (5) have become. Sweynur and farmers demanding lower prices for cereals and suggest that Trumbel has a stash - Trumbel will not reduce prices because the wheat that bring him the peasants had rotted to a large extent. To complete the quest you have to solve the conflict between the parties and convince a party to refrain from their demands. If you want to help Trumbel, you must speak with Sweynur and his colleagues in the "Black Dog" (2). If you want to help Sweynur, you have to speak with Trumbel in the mill.

Grieving Mother - Searches Caliscas Aufra sister in her house (3) and speak with her. She explains to you why they Calisca has called to his Gilded Vale - Aufra expecting a child and is afraid that it will be a hollow birth, so the child comes into the world without a soul. She had hoped that Calisca for them by the midwife Ranga studied in Anslogs compass, as they supposedly knows a way to avoid hollow births. Since her sister is dead, she asks you to help her and look for Ranga. To complete this quest, you must first reach Anslogs compass. If you leave Gilded Vale on the south exit (A3) to Magrans crotch and from there also venturing across the southern map output, then you can click on the world map as a destination Anslogs choose compass.

Fragments of a Scattered Faith - Once you have completed the quest "Visions and whispers," you can get Eder at the foot of the tree of the hanged man (1) win as a group member. If you absorb it into your group, start his quest. Eder will travel with you after Caed Nua and also talk to the guard Maerwald.

Late for Dinner - Speak to Pasca and Tenfrith in "Black Dog" (2) to lead the quest to end.

Vengeance From The Grave - Enter to pack the house of Perlys woman Ingroed (4) and she notes that Ingroed and Nonton are just about to leave Gilded Vale. You may be able with the knowledge that you have acquired in the Bear Cave, confront, or let them get away with it. Whatever you decide, the quest is in connection to an end.


Your first stop in Gilded Vale is inevitably the tree which is approximately in the city center and is hung with countless corpses (1), since the only way from your starting point to get there is. When you reach the tree is automatically triggered a cut scene that initiates the conversation with Urgeat, a subordinate of Prince Raedric. Urgeat surprised you directly to the question of whether you have ever witnessed a hollow-born child. It does not matter what you answer it, or on the other questions of Urgeat - none of this affects the game. But you can a lot about Gilded Vale, find out the Prince Raedric and the tree of the hanged. If you want to end the call, there is another cut scene closes on - three bells sounded in the distance. Urgeat clears you to the fact that this means that just a Raedric died. Since Prince Raedrics woman for some time expecting a child, Urgeat suspected that the child had been born and was either a dead or a hollow birth. He points out to you that everything changes - even when it comes to your stay in Gilded Vale and the offering of Prince Raedric to settler. What exactly is he so thinks he can tell you only if he knows more about the background of the three bells. You can talk to him later. Now go southwest to the inn "Black Dog" (2). Before you can enter the inn, you will witness a fight between some drunken citizens and an elf mage. You can either you stay out of the fight, you get involved and fight together with the magician drunkards, or with the dialog option "I do not think it would be a good idea to attack him ..." bring about a peaceful solution. This is followed by a discussion with the magician, who introduces himself as Aloth. You can learn more about Aloth past and the military - in the end the dialog opens but offer to recruit Aloth for your group or alone to travel further.

Take the entrance to the ground floor of the inn and going - arrived in it - to the counter to talk to Pasca. The owner of the "black dog" recognizes you as the savior of their chef Tenfrith again, if you have "Too late for dinner" solved the quest and gives you discount on food and rest areas. In fact, you can now free in the common room of the "black dog" rest. Also, you can at Pasca new material created companion for your group recruit. Go back to the kitchen and talk to Tenfrith - he thanks you again for the rescue in Talholz and gives you a pie. In addition, your reputation increases in Gilded Vale. Snaps now at Pasca - your character has a vision that is related to its changes since Bîaŵac. He sees sometimes a dwarf who was hanged on the tree of the hanged in Gilded Vale. To her you need next in order to complete the quest "Visions and whisper" can. Under Keep yourselves before but again with Pasca, this time over the name of the inn and how they came to the inn. She tells you of the previous owner, who has left his black dog here and is no longer returned. Go into the dining room of the "black dog" and from there on the stairs in the northwest to the upper floor. Open all chests and containers and then put yourself to the output of the first floor in the southeast. Immediately before starting sits the black dog who gives his name to the guest house. When you interact with him, you have the chance to take him as a companion pet with you. You can then equip it in your inventory as an object. But the dog is merely an accessory and does not participate in combat.

Leave the inn and go back to the tree of the hanged man (1). There, the soul of the dwarf lights up, which has seen your main character in his vision. Examine the soul and a dialogue with the dwarf unfolds. You will find out that she was the Caldara de Berranzi before she was killed. She explains that your main character is a so-called guardian, the soul who no longer live, but were not passed, can see and interact with them. More can not tell you - but you know someone who knows more: the old guard in Maerwald Caed Nua. That you may have your next destination and the new main quest "The old guard". You can learn more erstwhile about her life and the craft of Caldara. Once you complete the dialog ends the quest "Visions and Whispers". At the foot of the tree of the hanged man is Eder, with whom you can talk next. The Eothasianer is particularly popular since the holy war, nor particularly safe in Gilded Vale. He offers you to join the group and leave together with you Gilded Vale, when you told him about it that you look for the Guardian Maerwald. If you're planning to enter the temple of Eothas (A2) before exiting from Gilded Vale, you should both Eder, as well as record Aloth in your group - both come for lau with a high initial level to you. You will need it urgent to have against the enemy in the temple of Eothas a chance. Should imbibe her Eder, starts his companion quest "fragments of a shattered faith." Speak now again with Urgeat - it should now have news for you. You can learn from Urgeat that the son of Prince Raedric is not born healthy and has Raedric given the order to admit new settlers. In Gilded Vale is for you so no place - you will be asked to leave the village. Who is not interested in the temple of Eothas and the other side quests in Val d'Or, which can move on now. Whether their output in the south (A3) take after Magrans fork or exit to the east (A4) to ester forest - you can continue on to the Schwarzauen over both areas and from there you come then to Caed Nua, where her with the main quest can proceed.

Who wants to do everything before that, what is there to do in Gilded Vale, go to the house in the northwest of the village (3) and enters it. In it you will meet Aufra, the sister of your tutorial companion Calisca. Tells her what happened to the caravan and her sister and her learn that Aufra Calisca, to join him after Gilded Vale, so they look for in Anslogs compass by the midwife Ranga. Aufra is in fact pregnant and soon brings her child into the world. She is afraid that it will be a hollow Born and the prince Raedric her and the child therefore banished from Gilded Vale. Ranga supposedly knows how to avoid hollow births. Since Calisca is dead Aufra asks you to search for Ranga. In return they promise you a few coins as payment. If you appeal to you, you'll get the quest "The supplication of a mother". Continue east past if ye deal on the tree of the hanged man into the house of Ingroed (4), the wife of the hunter Perly, with whose soul you have interacted in the bear cave in Talholz, with the quest "revenge from the grave" have. Ingroed and Perlys murderer Nonton are just about to pack up to leave Val d'Or. Faced both with what you have seen by Perlys soul. Nonton will disavow his act first. If he continues to drill her but admitted that he killed Perly and present it together with Ingroed as a monster. You now have the choice: If you take the money that you pay the two, to get away, so you get 50 pieces of copper and the couple escapes unharmed. If you threaten to report both the magistrate, then they attack you - after defeating them you can, among other things a faint ring of defense and 20 copper coins decrease. The same scenario unfolds, if you decide to Nonton and Ingroed attack. Reject the money and ask them to you go out of sight, no advantages except the obligatory experience points and the completion of the quest. The most abundant variant represents the full forgiveness - if you say the couple that it will keep its gold and begin his new life, you get not only a faint ring of defense, but also a better reputation. Whatever you do, do not forget to take the seven silver Lusce from the bedside afterwards.

Leave Ingroed’s house and enter the house of a piece in the southeast (6) - The Smithy. Among Speak to the blacksmith Tuatanu over the missed delivery to get the quest "The blacksmith Delivery" and already a discount on all goods. If you succeed in the quest Tuatanu also expanded its range. If necessary, you can buy from him yet equipment, or including a scale armor, a helmet with small horns, and hammer steal from the vessels in the forging & chisel. When you're done, go from the forge and into the northeastern part Goldtals. Take up the stairs and you will reach a locked mill (5), three farmers applied before. Your voice Sweynur supplies in a cutscene a war of words with the mill owner Trumbel who has holed up in the building - it's about grain prices. Wait for the cut scene - when Sweynur and his colleagues leave the scene and go to the "Black Dog", you can enter the mill and talk to Trumbel. From the mill owners learn their more details about the dispute: Sweynur and the farmers complain that Trumbel paid too little money for the wheat they bring him and asked for the milled grain too much. If you nachhakt, you will find out that the majority of wheat, which bring him the farmer is rotten and that Trumbel a part of the good grain for the people to retain, which in his opinion desperately need (such as pregnant Aufra). He asks you to resolve the conflict with the farmers, so their "order of the grain width" get the quest. Go to the "Black Dog" and put yourself there in the dining room. At a table in the lower left corner sitting Sweynur and its people. The do not want to talk to you first; unless you give a round. Speak with Pasca and paid for either round with six copper pieces or persuaded the owner of the inn to give it to you for free (requires determination of at least 12). Once you have the Met, you can return to Sweynur and listen to you his part of the story. You then have the choice: either you persuaded Sweynur and the farmers to take their demands distance or you bring Trumbel to reduce the price of grain.

If you Sweynur and his colleagues want to convince, then you can resolve it with a value of at least 16 or diplomatic conversation persuaded to let Trumbel alone. Alternatively, you can also attack and defeat the farmers. However, they carry no special equipment with you, for a fight would be worthwhile. What decision will meet you too, looking after Trumbel on in his mill and told him about the resolution of the conflict. So the quest and your call ends improved. Beyond the range you can still reap either 20 copper pieces reward, demanding more and so increase the payment to 40 copper pieces or completely waive the payment. The other way is to confront Trumbel with Sweynurs allegations and bring to reduce the price of grain, and the grain farmers to sell at the same price for which it received other. The diplomatic route but requires a high-value determination here. If you use your power to convince Trumbel to your reputation deteriorated. But increases again as soon as you Sweynur reported on the outcome and you will also receive ten copper pieces. When you're done with the quest, awaiting the final quest in this field, while the first major dungeon in the game for you: the Temple of Eothas! You will find him south of the tree of the hanged man, where a staircase leads within a ruin in the depth (A2).