Pokémon Rumble World (3DS) tips

Pokemon drop rate

There are normal type Pokemon, Pokemon and Boss are two ways to know how to get the Pokemon (passwords excluded):

The first opportunity is that the Pokemon must shine / sparkle. If the target Pokemon has the sparkle you can defeat him without worry and get him. But it's pure luck that sparkle Pokemon.

The second is the KO tactics.

If you have a Wild Pokemon attacks, it can happen that he no longer fights for a short time and revolve around star. Just at this time, you have to attack him and you get the Pokemon.

When the Boss Pokémon, it is a bit more complicated. There is a certain point where you can put him to KO condition. After the boss uses several attacks, he always makes a break when he closes his eyes and rests. However, with eyes open, you can not damage him also throws you off with injury and starts again with its normal / faster attacks.

In these pauses state may be fortunate enough to also enable him to KO condition. And as with normal Pokemon, KO status defeat him and you get the Pokemon .

(The KO tactic also works with Legendary Pokemon)

But you can increase the probability KO with the profile name-ability "Kosh warehouses".

Pokemon abilities

The skill system of this game is compared to the other Pokemon series somewhat different.

The following explains what kinds of skills for there.


No characteristics.

The name of Pokemon’s color is black.

The rings at the drop of Pokemons are blue.

Profile Name:

Enter name depending on the particular skills.

The name of Pokemon’s color is red.

The rings at the drop of Pokemons are yellow.

The strength of ability can be obtained in three different stages.

Improving the ability is not possible.

Example: Continuous Casters - Casters + duration - duration caster ++

To see what the profile name of advantage / disadvantage brings, you just open the description

With the Y button.


Own name, depending on several profile name.

The name of Pokemon’s color is blue.

The rings at the drop of Pokemons are red.

Example: Grade has the skills KO bat and duration caster.

You can take the Y Button to the profile name, the class has to see, but not the advantages / disadvantages.

Here is a brief overview of the classes:

Grade - 2 profile name

Giga class - 3 profile name

Hyper Class - 4 profile name

Ultra class miracle Class - 5 profile name

World Class - 6 Profile Name

Most likely there are more class types.