Pokémon Rumble World Get more free / buy Poke diamonds - guide

In Pokémon Rumble World you draw as little rascal in the big world of monsters and collect all kinds of conspecifics one - and theoretically free. The free-to-play game is as fair as you would expect from a Nintendo, but in some places you have to pay as almost inevitable to buy in-game currency Poke diamonds. Therefore, two questions arise: How to get free of these things and how to buy them?

In this guide you will learn two things. First, we clarify how you get into Pokemon Rumble World as quickly as possible and to get many Poke diamonds. But if you want to avoid stress and want to spend money, we show you how you can buy them in the game.

Passwords for Pokemon Diamond

Why do I need Poke diamonds?

The little gems acting as monetary and predominantly use to buy more balloons, which travel to their new areas and can catch Pokémon. Also, you can spend them on optical gimmicks, but rather what we advise. You should also die once, you have to pay Poke diamonds to continue the game. Moreover, you can by a small diamond donation skip the waiting time of a balloon and thus make it immediately ready for use again.

Pokemon Rumble World: get more free Poke diamonds.

There are several ways to get new diamonds. Especially during the first one or two hours of play you covered Pokémon Rumble World formally with the Edelsteien and invoke the feeling they would practically grow on trees. Therefore, will not wasteful and think exactly what you loose make your stones! Do not cover you with vile cosmetic upgrades, but instead invest your first diamond gradually into more balloons. In order for you to not only a travel to many different regions and thereby catch more Pokémon, but also have a wider selection of balloons. The more you have, the higher the probability that a fully charged and thus ready to start, so you do not have to wait an extra.

Basically, there are three different ways to arrive at Poke diamonds:

1. Visitors
Both via StreetPass and SpotPass can get visit to other players. With any luck, they have a few clunkers in the bag she left you. Therefore, let no opportunity and always make sure to have turned on your wireless function when you walk around with the 3DS around the city. In addition, you can even receive an online daily visitors, what you should do regularly in order to increase the chances of getting free diamonds.

2. Fulfill Missions
The King presents you daily a new task to address them get their gems. You will receive both diamonds for the mere completion of a mission as well as various secondary tasks, which may vary depending on the order. Since their quests you can play as many times as you have any problems the opportunity to venture several attempts to meet one by one all the side missions. About the orders of the king you will collect the most free diamonds.

3. Buy Poke diamonds
If all else fails or you simply no longer want to wait for a certain action, you can buy for real money in the eShop PokeDiamanten.

Pokemon Rumble World: buy Poke diamonds

To buy the precious Clunkers, you must first enter the store and then the tab "buy Poke diamonds" option. Click then on "Yes" and your Nintendo 3DS will automatically connect to the internet. Therefore, once the mandatory Note: of course you must have a Nintendo Network ID and have an active Internet connection to be able to buy diamonds can.

Would this is done, you will find the pretty pebbles in a clear menu to choose from, fanned by the following rates:

50 Stones - 0.69 €
100 Stones - 1.29 €
200 Stones - 2,39 €
500 Stones - 5,49 €
1000 Stones - 9.99 €
1,750 stones - 15.99 €

Sometimes there are special offers that are not included here.

Have you decided on an offer, you will be automatically redirected to the eShop, where the purchase is handled in the usual way there. To arrange this, of course, you should have credit card. Alternatively, you can use Nintendo eShop Card, which is relatively easy to find at retail and is in the value of 15 €, 25 € and 35 €.