Spirits of Xanadu (PC) walkthrough

Arriving at the Xanadu

This Spirits of Xanadu walkthrough relates only to the release of the main mission and includes any further information about the story

The game begins where you are on a space shuttle that goes to the Xanadu. Open the case and can extract with the flashlight, the Audio log and the briefing.

After you have arrived, you leave your ferry and go right to the table. There you will find a laser gun. Take it and go through the door. Before you waiting for a defective robot turn it off and proceeds to "Engine Room" around the room to drive afloat again.

Drive Space Launch

Once you have arrived in the engine compartment, you will need to set in motion again the drive space.

Leave the elevator and turn right up the gun turret. Now you are faced with a switcher now go to the left and first push the pure fuel cell by its f "Push fuel cell" suppressed.

Go down the hall and remove the screw that blocks the gears. ( f "Remove screwdriver). Set on a wall, a box with a switch. Operate with all switches f "Flip lever" and continue in the remove of the other screwdriver.

Do you have any screwdriver away, plug all the energy cells and turn on the four switches, you can start the drive. The large control panel are four sliders, these activated as usual with f and to see how the drive starts.

Leave the engine room with the elevator and go to the "Engineering" area around the light on and start the systems.

Light Switch

We recommend you turn on the light, because then you will not need to grind out the flashlight. Kill the robot in the hallway and enter the "Engineering" area. Kill the patrolling robots as usual.

Then go to the right in the office of the "Engineering Officers". Go to the desk and opene the drawer. There is a small yellow fuse. Take it with f "Take Fuse" and then put yourself in relation to the "Auxiliary Power" space. Go to the fuse box on the wall, and place the fuse. Now you have turned on the light throughout the space ship. Now turn on all systems.

System Power Switch

After you have turned on the light, you turn around and go to the generator to restore the energy system.

You have too little power gain the warning "Shortage", you choose too much power "Overload" appears in the display.

First select "Reset", then select "On". Each with f

To select the amount of energy you have to mouse over the numbers and go with it f . Press What quantities needed can be found here:

Unit Performance Number sequence
Communications 11 kv 3, 8
Med Bay 17 kv 1, 3, 13
Survey 39 kv 5, 34
Diagnostics 42 kv 8, 34
Rennet 9 kv 1, 3, 5
Utilities 4 kv 1, 3
Navigation 13 kv 13

If you have made the power on, head over to the "storage" room on your right. There you will find the first navigation disk. Take these with f.

Hard Drives

In order to use the navigation, you need total of three disks they are distributed on the Xanadu.

Once you have the system power is restored, put yourself right into the situation room ("Storage"). There you will find the first hard drive.

Take the hard drive as usual with f in your inventory and find the other two.

Make your way out of the "Engineering" area and turn right. Follow the corridor and do the robot and the cyborg. At the end of the hall is a room.

Go left to the office and do the turret. The second hard disk can be found in Cornell John's office. Take the hard drive in your inventory and go to the room you came from.

Go now to the grade of "Crew's Quarters" and enter the elevator. Once at the bottom waiting a cyborg, two robots and drones in four large lounge on you. Kill the opponent and go into the bedroom of John Cornell, take the third hard drive in your inventory and go to the bridge to turn on the autopilot.

Here you have to fight through the "Research" area. There are a total of five robots and three cyborgs. Eliminate the enemy and go to the bridge. Because the bridge is heavily guarded, we recommend you through your duct from "Conferece Room" go to the bridge.

Vacate bridge and return home to prepare Update

Remain in the air shaft, open the grid and take the six drones, and the robot. After you've cleared the bridge, you go to the terminal and set the Navi hard drives f a.

Now go to the main computer and turn on the autopilot ("Turn on autopilot") and the orbital clamp ("Turn orbital clamps off"). Now go to the right side of the console and type in the destination coordinates. The coordinates can be found on the first document, which is in the suitcase on your space capsule.

They are: 0356.3480.1147.3636

Choose for each number individually with the mouse and press then the left mouse button to select the digit.

If you make a mistake, you have to "Clear" button and start typing again.

After you have typed correctly, you can begin the journey home. Choose the option "GO" on the control panel. The estimated arrival in about 4 months.

Now go to Med-Bay and prepare the Hyper sleep.

Hyper sleeping and guy

If you put the spacecraft on course and the Xanadu have started, you now embark on the "Med-Bay". So leave the bridge and head grade of pass and then left at the conference room.

In the "Med-Bay", it turns out there the two turrets and go to bed left. There can extract the canister and bring it to the intact bed. Open Right the tray and, with f "Install coolant canister" the canister into the machine. Then apply it puts you to bed, begin the hyper sleep and look at the guy.

You have successfully completed the mission and brought the Xanadu back to Earth.