The Evil Within (PS4) The Consequence (DLC) walkthrough


Now the second DLC is to The Evil Within appeared. In The Consequence, you take the role of July Kidman again. As you pass through the horror trip and reach the credit without too much trouble, you can see in our walkthrough. If you want to collect all 19 collectibles then check out our Collectibles guide!

Chapter 3: Illusions

Police station

Chapter 4: A ghost is born

Leslie and Ruvik
The slaughterhouse

Chapter 3 - Settlement
The second DLC chapter of The Evil Within starts and Kidman embarks on the search for Leslie. Just so she has a chance to fulfill its mandate and to escape from the terrible dream. Also you will meet at the beginning of an old acquaintance. The fight against the headlights Monster goes into the final round.

Chapter 3 - Police Station
Looking for Leslie stumbles July ever deeper into the dream. After many hardships you come with Kidman at the police station. There, you learn more about the time prior to their use at the local police. How your order is divided into the big picture?

Chapter 3 - Krimson
After a long time in the dark, it will be much brighter. To get to the Beacon, Kidman has hit through the ruins of Krimson. But in the ruined buildings lurk many dangers. Glad you can also set to defend soon.

Chapter 4 - Leslie and Ruvik
Finally Leslie is on the heels and gets him even closer enough to touch. To protect him from Ruvik, you have to destroy paintings with his own image. A tricky task with all the enemies in the area.

Chapter 4 - The slaughterhouse
Soon is out hunting for Leslie and the Beacon a hunt for Kidman colleagues. You come Sebastian's movements through the main game's tricks and hints around the dream and STEM condense.

Chapter 4 - Awakening
Now standing at the grand finale. As in the main game you get to the Beacon and thus to STEM, which keeps you in a dream. But before you can do something, Kidman's client have a say. Now it is in the great struggle against Mobius.