The Evil Within (PS4) monsters / boss guide

The Sadist (The Butcher) - Boss

He is a particularly "pretty" opponents, his face is covered for the most part with mask provided with spines. However, like any opponent disfigured simply evil and a very large and bulky.

He meets you in the game and often varies armed with a deadly butcher knife or even "deadly" with a chainsaw!

At the first encounter in the game, he can not be killed because he is unarmed. You just have him to escape. You can kill him only if he has the chainsaw! (For example, in chapter 3 and 6).

Ruvik - Boss and Main Antagonist

Ruvik is the main antagonist of Sebastian, he is apparently the root of "evil" or the horrors that befall Sebastian!

His physical appearance is that of an "ongoing carcass" that is bad disfigured and burned!

All supernatural phenomena and events seem to go on his account, so it makes it seem. Ruvik has almost supernatural abilities, he can walk through walls and make things disappear or transform the reality in the eyes of Sebastian into a living hell.

He is invulnerable and he can kill with one touch! Bullet fly easily through him, but whenever he appears to have enough time to escape him.

- He is content to create the horror world where Sebastian is tortured.

Dr. Valerio

Dr. Valerio is not a boss and only slightly harder to kill him like normal Damned (zombies).

- He is armed with a sickle-shaped knife, but he is very large and cumbersome.

- He is part of the story is told in Chapter 4.

Laura - Boss

Laura is an almost spider-like creature with multiple arms or legs, and claws, this can not be at differentiate accurately. It has a woman's face and otherwise she has nothing more to be human!

She was born from the memory of Laura, who died so tragically, Sebastian has never got over.

Laura is another cruel creation of Ruvik.

In any case, she is much less sweet than her name!

- With her sharp claws she is a deadly enemy. - However, she is slow and you can escape her relatively easy.

- Ball make it not so much, but it is difficult to fire. Here is her weak point!

- For the first time you met Laura in Chapter 4 , there you have the essence simply escape. Only in Chapter 5 you have the chance to kill her!

The cemetery twins Ten and Nine

These two "giants" lurking in the cemetery of Chapter 6 (the labyrinth) . Sorry, you have to attack both opponents simultaneously.

They are very large and unfortunately not slow, but in the narrow streets of the maze you can escape them again and again, size is not always an advantage.

- No. 9 is the guy with mask - he always runs towards you and you tried to cycle.
- No. 10 is armed with a mace and tries to catch you with it.

The Cemetery Guard Dog

This creature cobbled together from several other dogs and body parts.

We meet him in Chapters 6 and he is hard to kill, and it is unnecessary to do so! History gives you other action option.

The Guardian - Boss

The Guardian is an extremely large man, armed with a hammer and an extended arm has more than a lump of flesh, an arm - equipped with a sting.

He also wears a safe on his head.

- His weak point is the head. If this is taken as he dies, exploding arrows, and the sniper rifle are active!

- You meet him first in Chapter 7.


In Chapter 10, you can see the first time "trauma".


Amalgan-Alpha is the final boss of Chapter 10th


In Chapter 11, a Fishy creature is on the loose in the water.


This creature pursues you in Chapter 12, during ride by bus.


In Chapter 14, you are fighting against this creature.


The final boss of the game.

The Damned - Restless

Restless appear again and again ( for example, in Chapter 5 ). They are very dangerous because they are invisible and can be identified only by noise when running, for example through puddles. You can wear a straitjacket and have no face, just tentacles and a mouth. They will try to grab you and strangle this to then eat up your face!

The Damned - Type-Normal

Cursed are actually zombies! There are different types of you, some cursed missing half of the head or put an iron rod in it ..... or the face is hidden by a mask.

There are both male and female Damned and of course in every size and weight class! The horror world of "Evil Within" is full of cursed!

But there are different armaments:

- With axes and stabbing weapons
- Curse with Molotov cocktails.
- Curse with sticks of dynamite
- Chainsaws and arrow-machine guns.