The following cheat codes can easily be entered in the chat window. To access the chats you have to press the Return key and also enter the codes. I have tested with the money cheat if the trophies will be disabled. This was not the case.

/ Pwn - Takes you directly to Level 41 and switches the most important skills freely. In addition, the money is set to 999.999.

/ God - Immortality (Must be entered again at every map change / ie after every loading screen)

/ Money xxx - get your input to the amount of money

/ Heal - Fills the shields and hull back to the maximum, and more importantly the ammunition

/ Exp xxx - Gives you the amount of experience points entered

/ Killall - Destroys all ships in the current system, except the own (also destroys the gun turrets)

/ Help - Lists (Open After entering the chat again, and then on mouseover scroll up) all the important commands in the chat window

on 4/14/15


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