Ziggurat (PC) beginner's guide and tips


The aim of Ziggurat is to cope with the different levels of the same name "Ziggurat" and live to leave it again, so you will be added to the Brotherhood.

But who believes that one Ziggurat times just the way to play through, is mistaken. Even on the easiest difficulty level the game is more difficult and demanding. Who knows Solomon’s Keep for iPhone knows what is meant, since the games are very similar.

In Ziggurat, it depends on the proper use of the available weapons. In order to use these use mana. Of this, however, you have three different types: green, blue and orange. Each weapon requires another Mana and no longer can use the weapon logically. You can populate it only by collecting opponents dropped from crystals in each color. Your wand whom you have from the beginning used another Mana, which automatically fills up again with time.

Level-Up and Skills

Every defeated opponent in Ziggurat drops next mana crystals also EP-balls. These yellow objects you must, however, collect yourself to get the experience. The experience bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the middle. Once achieved fully a new level which also your record are filled, while the LP maximum is increased. For this you can choose with each Level-up between two skills. These offer various bonuses to LP or mana regeneration, among other things allow it.

The skills can be also improved furthermore. That you recognize the fact a number is on the top right skills card. Thus, you have then the choice is yours, you improve an existing capability or bring you a new ... your decision.


In Ziggurat There are 12 characters, of which you have only 11 to unlock as the first (Argo) already available and is the main character of the game.

As you unlock the other characters, you can read if you "New Game" select. Mostly you need a certain amount of enemies to defeat, some even a certain kind of opponent.

Why would you do that, well, each character has different strengths and weaknesses and plays thereby quite unlike the main character who ever has no special features.

Luck - your friend and helper

Just because in Ziggurat almost everything is randomly generated does not mean that your progress is also chosen randomly ... well maybe a little.

But it also takes a lot of luck involved as well you come forward. And with luck, I mean, what skills you can choose for a Lvl-up. These are namely fight the guards and especially against the last.

So the choice between maximum life increase and any other ability then take the worry about your max. To increase life, the more life you have, the longer you hold in battle by ... logically it ?!

Furthermore battle cry and vigilance are also a good choice for an upcoming fight