5 Nights at Freddy's animatronics guide Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, Foxy

In Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF), you will have to defend yourself against 4 Animatronics. Especially, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy. I want to explain your behavior and how you defend against them.


Bonnie the hare moves around only in the western part of the pizzeria. In the beginning he is not a big risk. If he tries to attack, you can see him with the light in the left door. He will only attack from the left side.

Did you see him with the light, you have a few seconds to close the door. When you do this, he enters the office. If he is in the office, neither the left nor the left door light will work. He kills you if the next time the camera raises and lowers.


Chica the chicken behaves like Bonnie, with only a few differences:

Unlike Bonnie she moves around only in the eastern part of the pizzeria. It is located in the kitchen, you hear there clinking noises. Chica is only attack from the right and is discovered and averted as Bonnie. She is in the office, the right light and the right door stop working. Her attack occurs when you the next time the camera raises and lowers.


Freddy Fazbear is only activated at night 3. His movement pattern is always the same:

1. Show days (camera 1A)

2. Dining Area (camera 1B)

3. Restrooms (Camera 7)

4. Kitchen (camera 6)

5. East Hall (camera 4A)

6. East Hall Corner (camera 4B)

If you watched Freddy, he will move much slower. He changes the room, you hear a deep laugh. You recognize him in the cameras at his shining eyes. In the kitchen you hear playing his music.

Freddy reached the East Hall Corner, he gets serious. He enters the office, when you lift the camera and the right door is open. Close and open so the camera until you hear his laughter. From then on he will start again in the show days.


Foxy the pirate is a special animatronic. He is the reason why you don’t just sit and wait for the end of the night you can. He starts in the Pirate Cove (camera 1C). You will often have to return to Pirate Cove to see if he is still there. Watch Regular restricts a Foxy. But sooner or later he is going to attack. He looks out from behind the curtains, you should set you slowly towards him. He sits in front of the camera, he will attack soon.

Once he gone, close the camera immediately and avoid a look at 2A. Close the left door. To shorten the time now, look at the camera 2A and watched as he ran down the hall. Do this before you close the door, you have only a few fractions of a second to catch this before attacking. He knocks on the door and thereby deducts 5% energy, before returning to the Pirate Cove and the game starts over. Now you can re-open the door.