Bloodborne - Alfred, Djura (NPC) Location, Quest Lines


To find Alfred you must put yourselves to the Cathedral District. You will find in the building where the entrance to Old-Yharnam is in the form of a tomb. He will be located on the upper floor.

Alfred is also a hunter and therefore friendly to you. Your first task is to trust him and to agree the cooperation.

This you can Alfred for the fight against blood-hungry beast summon. In addition, you gain fire paper and a new gesture.

The second object of this quest line will be available to you only if you have the optional boss martyrs Logarius defeated. You need the crown of illusions that will find her in the Boss area. Put them (always your boss still in area) and a cutscene will play. Enter the room, which you have seen in the sequence.

The letter, which was in the secret room, now Alfred has to be shown. Alfred is located in the Cathedral district, near the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. As a reward you get a badge and a further gesture.

Now Alfred is in the throne room of Cainhurst. All you need to talk to him and another gesture is available to you.

To complete the quest line you have to visit the place where you met Alfred for the first time, namely in the Cathedral district, in the building with the grave-opening. You will not find Alfred, but his pool of blood and a Rune.

In order for this quest chain has to been completed.


Djura is a very interesting NPC. With him to interact is almost mysterious and hidden. He may or may not be friendly.

Since there is only one way to vote Djura friendly to interact with him, only just this is described. Otherwise Djura is always hostile and tried to kill you.

At your first meeting with Djura he will warn you to leave Alt-Yharnam. To tune Djura friendly, you have to come from behind him without his notice. He is admired and therefore don’t attack you.

To sneak in Djura from behind, you have to reach the area of the village Invisible Yahar'gul. This comes in two ways:

1. Defeating the blood-hungry beast in Old Yharnam. From now spawn so-called "Snatcher". One of them can be found in the Cathedral district, on the way to the Optional Boss of the area. Let you kill of the "Snatcher" and he kidnaps you into the village.

2. Defeating Rome, the mindless spider. This you have access to the unseen village in the normal way.

The important thing is you have to fight the Boss Dark Beast Paarl. This you can open a door that has an alternative entrance to Old-Yharnam.

You want now enter Alt-Yharnam by these alternative door. It is important that after their dark beast Paarl defeated you, Djuras "mood" towards you is reset. So he is not / no longer hostile.

Follow the path in Old Yharnam until you find a ladder (to the left on a tower). Follow this guide and you will achieve Djura. Djura is Once at the top be surprised that you came past him without him noticing anything. He will tell you some of the beasts in Old Yharnam.

When asked what is going to do it now, you choose that you will spare the beasts. Djura you will be thankful and also reward.


Gilbert is the first NPC, you meet the free tour in Yharnam. You'll find him directly to the lamp in the center of Yharnam, the left window.

At first you will only tell something of the world and the hunt Gilbert. Also mentioned is the church and the hunter can get other tips from Gilbert also smaller.

You can of Gilbert but also get a very useful weapon that you can be very helpful later against some opponents and bosses. To do this, you need your second boss do - Father Gascoigne.

Have you done this, returns to Gilbert and speak it. He will reward you with the flamethrower. This weapon uses normal mercury balls, but no stamina, allowing you attacks during and after dodging.

For a long time you can no longer interact with Gilbert. As you might have noticed, this is apparently very sick.

Have you connected Rome, defeated the mindless spider finds her mutant Gilbert near his window. The disease has won, you should now redeem of his agony Gilbert. Have you killed him, you get a dog track Rune.

The quest series is now complete.

Suspect beggar

The suspect beggar is - you guessed it - very suspicious. This NPC will be towards you friendly. You can find the beggar at the mill in the Forbidden forests. Enter through the window and follow the path on the left.

You have three ways to accomplish this quest.

- You tell him from the cathedral.
- You tell him about the clinic.
- You attack him and kill him.

Important: From the last phase of the moon (red moon) is the suspect no longer appears beggars.

If you suspect the beggars not suspicious enough, you can send him to the cathedral, where the other NPCs should be driving.

It should be noted: The suspect beggars will kill each other NPC in the cathedral. The more bosses you kill, the more NPCs die at the hands of the beast that masquerades as the beggar.

Each time, after the beggar killed, can you talk to him and he will give you a small reward - 2 or 3 beast blood tablets.

In addition, you gain items from the killed NPCs who would have got her also if you had automatically shed blood.

Told her the suspect beggars from the hospital, he is killed there, like any other NPC also. You will find there an opponent who will not attack you. Apparently the beggar was transformed into precisely this creature.

Kill him yourselves, you will receive the Beast rune. This you can do, however, only if you have the Forbidden Forest already behind you and you have found the secret entrance to the hospital.

The last and most exciting solution: Kill the NPC.

Accesses her the suspect beggar, he will after a short time reveal his true form. In reality, the beggar is a fairly large and powerful beast that hunt other NPCs.

Kill her the beast, you will receive also the Beast rune and 6811 blood echoes.

Tip: The suspect beggar is particularly vulnerable to poison. You should now have a few poisoned knife, if not, what are near the NPC. Even with 3-4 knives you should can relatively easily defeat the NPC.

Lonely old woman

The lonely old woman can be found in the center of Yharnam, close to the first point of Eileen. In order to reach the house of the lady you have from the lamp in the center of Yharnam all the time running straight ahead, until you reach the dog cages. Go over the bridge and on the left you will find the right house.

Send her the lady in the hospital, she dies and Iosefka reward you with the usual items, the numbing fog and insight.

Decide ye, the old woman to send in the Cathedral, they will survive. However, it is you still get on your nerves and you condemn for everything.

Did Rome, defeated her mindless spider, the old woman should be nicer to you. You can now talk to her and she offers you a sedative to. Have you accepted three of these agents, they will leave the cathedral to find new ones.

Happens again, the woman is again seeking disappear and not return this time. Your body can be found on the left output of the cathedral.

The quest series is now complete.

Suspicious man

The suspicious man is a neighbor of Arianna.

Have you talked to Arianna through the cathedral as a safe place, you will be able to talk to the suspicious man who lives across the street from Arianna's house.

The trick to this quest is that the man you - who would have thought - do not trust. So he will always do the opposite of what has been said. Do you want him so send in the cathedral, tells him to go to the hospital. And vice versa.

The only benefit to the NPC is his advice that he gives you over and over again. Also to note here: The advice is wrong, and exactly the opposite of the advice is for you the benefits.

Kill her husband, you will receive 118 Blood echoes and three blood cocktails.

The Quest series is finished.

Sister Adella

Adella is a nun who has been kidnapped and now is the invisible village in prison. Let yourself be carried away by a "Snatcher", to get there.

To talk to her, you have to wear something that symbolizes Healing Church, for example, the black churches set or the set of Gascoigne.

Carry a piece of armor these sets, You may contact Adella. They will tell you their story and ask for a safe place. Adella told her nothing, she will die and her body can be found later in the game.

Near the corpse you will find the "Oedon Writhe" -Rune.

Send her the nun in Iosefka's clinic, these will be killed here or transformed.

As a reward you will receive from Iosefka insight and two numbing fog.

Kill her Moreover, the creature that was made Adella, you get also the "Oeading Writhe" -Rune.

You can also send us into the cathedral Adella. Once found in the cathedral, Adella will teach you a new gesture and offer their blood, which promises you a lot of healing in combat.

Caution: You gotta decide if Adellas blood or blood Arianna want to answer. Decides ye for Adella, kill Arianna.

It may happen that Adella later in the game (last phase of the moon) by turns and want to fight you will - this will only happen if you have accepted Arianna's blood.

Thus, the quest chain has been completed.


Arianna is a prostitute who finds her in the Cathedral District. Make your way to do so by the light through the big iron gate that was opened with the emblem and on the large square you take the exit on the left-bottom.

Your thus embark in an alley, the alley to the left follows her, finds her Arianna in the house on the left side of the road.

To interact with it you need at least three bosses have been defeated.

Arianna will ask for a safe place, like so many other NPCs in Yharnam.

Decide ye for the clinic, they will be killed and you will receive from Iosefka two numbing fog and insight.

Kill their addition the creature that is now created in the hospital, you will receive Arianna's shoes.

Send her Arianna contrast, in the cathedral, it brings you as much a new gesture in offering you their blood on that promise you strong healing in combat.

Warning. Do you accept Arianna's blood, Adella is the nun killing Should you nevertheless want to use Arianna's blood, so ensure that you get no more than two units of blood and that you receive during battles against Rome, the mindless spider not Arianna blood in the inventory have.

Kill her Micolash, host of the nightmare, you can find Arianna now elsewhere. Namely in the field grave Oedons where you have Gascoigne defeated. She gives birth to a monster, this applies to kill it.

Have you completed the "child", you gain "a third of a cord." Three of these objects (from 4 to a maximum of place) are needed to unlock an alternate ending.

Thus, the quest chain has been completed.