Codename - STEAM (3DS) Complete solution

Codename - Steam (3DS) (European release) walkthrough

Welcome to our complete solution to Codename - Steam. Here you will gain valuable tips and instruction to successfully beat the aliens to flight. The solution is designed to assist and supply you with information. There are no ideal solutions described as the battles are very individual and also a lot is determined by luck.

In the solution you also find all the locations of gears that you need to unlock new steam boiler. Thus you can find the appropriate places better.

Good luck on the battlefield!

Note: We just fill up our steam tank and hope for a successful next mission. Once we have left behind a sector, we carry our mission report by here. ;-)

Table of Contents:


Mission 1
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3

Mission 2
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3

Mission 3
Sector 1
Sector 2

Mission 4
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 4-X

Mission 5
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3

Mission 6
Sector 1

Mission 7
Sector 1
Sector 2

Mission 8
Sector 1
Sector 2

Mission 9
Mission 10
Mission 11
Mission 12
Mission 13
Mission 14
Mission 15
Mission 16


In the prologue the basic commands and actions are used during the fighting. First of all, you should definitely hide behind objects so that enemy don’t see you. Once you have sighted the enemy (red arrow is illustrated), so they grab you in the next round at a high probability. In addition, you should always read the STEAM Help monitors, as they not only provide valuable tips, but also charge your steam tank.

In the second section you learn to deal with your weapon - press L fires going on her, if you possess the required steam units. The first type of enemy which you meet is the Reisser - this is designed for close combat and can only attack you if he is in front of you. Combined with the low HP is an easy opponent. Another important lesson is that pink glowing body parts represent the weak points of the enemy - you meet them there, they suffer critical damage. Mark you also that you do not need any enemies to defeat. If you now run from Help Monitor Help to monitor, you should reach the target easily.

In the third section you will learn one of the most important lessons: the guard position. Save steam units to carry out an attack during your opponent's train at eye contact, which may immobilize the enemy. This results in interesting tactical possibilities. In addition, you have the next train more steam available, if you don’t use up everything in the current. Guard position can apply but also opponents, which you demonstrate the next type of enemy: the Hetzer. He is on ranged and has more HP than the Reisser.

Once you reach the goal of ending the prologue. In the prologue, there is incidentally no gears.

Mission 1-1

You have a new agent in your team: John. With his grenade launcher Ursa he shares not only more damage than, for example, Henry Adler gun, but can also destroy large and stable obstacles and get multiple enemies at once. If possible, you should destroy the golden boxes to obtain many medals; in the STEAM-boxes there are, however, cure or steam tank. But be careful! John can land with grenade launchers no specific results and so as not to meet the weaknesses of the opponent. In addition, you can thus perform Guard counterattack.

To get the first gear (red), runs with John left up the stairs. Blast at the end off the obstacles and collect the gear.

Your two agents in particular now always closely together, because I still have no curative weapons. Feel free to spend at the storage points a few medals to heal your agent.

The gear (blue) you will find at the bottom between the two steam boxes.

The last gear (yellow) can be found in front of the goal in the lower left corner. Before the goal also keep a wax Hetzer position when you approach him he counters you out.

Mission 1-2

Change to Henry to directly collect the first gear (blue) that is located on the right side to the left of the stairs. Run up the stairs and gives you an overview of the field. So, you see, where to hide your opponents - from there you can also attack very well.

If you read the Help Monitor above, you jump behind (if the coast is clear) down. Run the save point upward past and you will find an area with several medals and the gear (red).

The battlefield has this time a lot of obstacles, so you can pretty well get behind the enemy to attack its weak point. With a critical hit the opponent (Hetzer) are mostly dealt with immediately. Pay attention, however, that a few agitators have hidden up and are on guard-lock out. It should also be in your interest, to achieve the goal quickly.

The last gear (yellow) is located in front of the goal on the right side. Also near the target (left and right) are two Hetzer have positioned which are on guard-lock of. With John you will walk straight into the guard-lock, because the grenade launcher does not have sufficient coverage for a safe hit. Here you should work with Henry Adler rifle.

Mission 1-3

This sector can be quite annoying if you want to get all the gears and is going wrong.

From the survey, as should the with Henry shoot the red gas drums where standing next to two Reisser to hunt them in the air. The same applies to the barrels to the left before the golden chest. Thus you do not only generate a major way, but blows away another Reisser.

Before you go further forward, the area where you are, you should just back up and eliminate all enemies - because most of them are Reisser, that should be no problem.

To reach the goal, you should now choose not miss the central path - there lurk the Hetzer and waiting for you. But there is a left and right forest path. Highly recommended is the right way. Nevertheless, you should first go to the left (where you have blown away the golden box), because there you will find the gear (red).

Then you walk back to the starting place and go to the right forest path. Keep your team together. Behind the Monitor Help you find the gear (blue).

Run the forest path to the end until you reach the isolated area. Link are a lot of obstacles that separate you and the goal. Drum John and Henry with full steam tank there together and blow away the obstacles. Behind is a Hetzer and the gear (yellow). You can do it so that you hit the obstacles and the Hetzer with a shot. Now you can do the remaining opponents or safely migrate to the finish.

Mission 2-1

From this mission you can rely on sub-weapons and so your team customizes something henceforth. Henry got a first aid Colt, so you finally have something to heal. John has a steam gun and can now also run the Guard counterattack.

In this sector, you will meet new opponents Type: carbuncle. They are so far not dangerous when they are done after a hit. If they are hit, they will explode and disperse acid within what standing near Battle participants hurts. So you can use it as a super "bombs" to meet other opponents. The carbuncles are made on direct contact - when they come to one of your characters, they explode to make a lot of damage.

In this sector there are only carbuncles and Reisser. So you should really have no problem and can also split your characters when they maneuvered her through the maze. But always saves at least three units steam, to protect you from potential carbuncle contact.

The gear (blue) can be found on the central square in front of the fountain in the lower right corner.

To reach the gear (red), you go from the central square of the upper path to the right along. There is a large box that bars the route to green space - blows away the box with John. Behind the gear.

The last gear (yellow) is the left of the target. It is located behind a tree on the grass.

If you are in the vicinity of the target, you hit Milton. It finds its future also on the airship and can see in documents of interest to him.

Mission 2-2

In this sector, a new player joins you, Leo. He has a lot of HP and is thanks to the Lion thrower able to achieve higher levels. To collect all of the gears here, will need compelling her lion.

Also new is the enemy Irrwish. In addition to normal ranged attacks, they can fire grenades and have many HP. Fortunately, her weak point is the front of the head, which is why they can be nonetheless defeat well. So aiming with your gun always upside of Irrwish.

At the beginning you should jump on the Reisser with lion left. From here you can jump to the column with the gear (blue).

With Henry you can shoot up the chandelier, to kill the two Reisser below. If you are clever, you can still advance with Johns mortars hurl the Irrwish on the stairs there, so this is also caught by the chandelier.

If you take the stairs to the upper floor, you can share your your group. Go with Leo right length and with the other two left (left is more going on). Right place you can jump a chasm on the lion and arrived at a checkpoint along with gear (red).

The last gear (yellow) is located to the right of the goal on a column - here you come back with lion lions throwing.

Mission 2-3

This section runs a little differently. The mission does not end when you come to the finish, but when the queen reached the goal. It follows the leader of the team, but does not move immediately, but follows only after the opposing train. That makes things a little complicated. Of course, the mission will fail if the HP are the queen to zero. It would be advisable to choose Henry as squad leader, because with his first aid Colt he can heal the Queen.

You are open to two-way, the front and the right. The way forward is relatively safe, which is why you should conduct then the queen - there is also the gear (red).

From the right, however, some opponents come - is there need by but to get the gear (blue) to the floor in the next room. Before you on break, you should wait one round, so that some opponents gather under the chandeliers in the hallway - exploits that. Generally there are many chandeliers that should use it. If you send John to the right, you can after collecting the gear back to the hallway and there destroy the STEAM crates to join the rest of the team.

You'd better play it safe and keep your agents to the queen rum. Lion can stay behind her and when John has joined it, he can also be a side going. Stay together compactly, because after a few laps, coming from your starting position of always new Hetzer after.

The last gear (yellow) located to the left of the target marker.

Mission 3-1

In this sector you will meet a new opponent, the eyes Trunk. If he has targeted you, you will bombarded by the enemy train and suffers mightily damage. It should be a top priority, to hide you during your train in front of them. Unfortunately, you can not kill them. If you set it off, they continue to move only one field.

If you do not want necessarily find all the gears, this sector can be checked quickly. Run with Lion (best you choose him as group leader) to the auxiliary monitor in front of you and invite your steam tank. Then you run to the right in the alley (Caution: Hetzer) and finds an abyss behind a golden box. Jump onto the golden box and then on to the gear (yellow). Now do the front Irrwish. In the next round you can risk it with two lions jump to reach the goal.

Do you want to get all the gears, starts with Leo left (as a group select third parties). Run up the track up and then continue to the cannon. With the you can do at the touch of a shot opponents. Then you can jump to the lower level to gear (red).

The gear (blue) you will find, if you examine the range of the first Help screen on the left (under the scaffold, where the gun is).

Mission 3-2

In this sector the agent Lilly joins your team. It is mainly responsible for the healing of the team. Now that you have two agents that can heal, you can offer your team sometimes split in two groups, in each group should be one of healing techniques.

The aim in this sector is to defeat the Frost Pucker. The easiest way to succeed you when you sneak behind you in order to then fire at its weakness. If you are in his line of sight (even if your background is in). He will bombard you at the end of your turn

Starts best with Henry and Leo to position 2 and 3. As a result, the two are at the top - Lilly and John are below.

On the upper level you will find the right behind the icy road gear (blue). The two Hetzer before you can you do well. One shows you his right buttock and the other Can you sneak up from behind.

On the rear left side you will find an exit and see a floating platform with a Irrwish. Completed this and jumps with Leo over to fetch the gear (red).

In the next round you can risk it with Leo to get behind the Frost Pucker. Jump down in front of the auxiliary monitor. From there you will jump in front of the Frost Pucker and then to the left, to get to the vapor canister. Now you can watch position behind the Frost Pucker and the other vapor canister, and the gear (yellow) collect if necessary.

Shoot now in the vulnerability (also used your special attack). Are there any signs that Leo did not survive the next round, then heals -If Lion steam actual empty the whole team at a save point (you can Henry at the top position and save).

Mission 4-1

In this sector, you'll find the new type of enemy Blind Schleicher. You have a lot of HP, but move at random, if you make any noise because they are blind.

Without the gears collect the sector is managed in no time. Move it this example with Henry on the right side of the sector (where a memory point is). Is there easily along (done the few opponents you meet) and sees an end to the red gas canister to the way to the goal.

Do you want to get all the gears, let Henry in front of the goal and waits for the round. With the rest of the team you should fight by you through the center or left. At the end of the left path you will find the gear (yellow). In the beginning you can with Leo over the abyss in the middle jump to get to the gear (blue).

At the end, on the Shoot the enemies with guns in the middle of a Bison armored. You should hurry up and you quickly come to the tank. Then get in and do the cannon with a shot. In addition to the Bison armored also is a survey where the gear (red) - jump back with Leo.

In this sector there are also some carbuncles - use from sent to do multiple enemies in its radius.

Mission 4-2

In this sector you are allowed Tom welcome in your team. His joke cannon pushes away opponents and may stun them. If your enemies are stunned, they suffer enormous damage in other hits. Trying to take advantage of and always act first with Tom.

The same is also true for you: Are your agent stunned apply Red Alert! Here you meet directly the opponents Nessler. They fly in the air and are easily overlooked because they are very small. Your only job is to stun you, so that the remaining enemy can attack you. Due to this you should always have close to each other the entire group. Try those annoying Vieher soon possible to do.

With Leo, it seems tempting to pick the gear (yellow) right at the beginning. Does that prefer the end because waiting behind the wall a Nessler to stun you and an Irrwish to attack you with a Guard counterattack.

If you walk counter-clockwise, you will find the gear (red) in the second gear and civilians (blue) behind the building, where the third is civilian.

Mission 4-X

In giant robot ABE president you have to defeat the world-eater. Once the fight starts, storm to get rid of him and beats on the steam fist at him until he falls over - now you should see his vulnerability.

Next, you turn on your special attack to pulverize most HP the world-eaters. Other HP pulls her in gently with the ABE-Gatling. With a little luck you survive the battle without even take a scratch.

Mission 5-1

In this sector Irrwishe, Blind Schleicher and carbuncles are waiting for you. Jumps with Leo right to the collection (where the gear (blue)) is. A little further you will find bridges, from where you can watch a good overview over the area.

Remember, as always with the Blind sneak that Guard counter is more harmful than helpful. As the Guard counter runs automatically, you have gone astray, if you use up the steam or in that round, the weapon changes and waived guard-counter.

Up at the end of the second bridge you will find the gear (red).

The last gear (yellow) is nearing the target marker.

Also in front of the goal waiting several blind Schleicher why the direct route can potentially cause problems. Links of the big bridge you find a golden chest. If you destroy this with Johns grenade launcher (or over jumps with Lion), you come to a small side bridge. Run to the end and jump from there with Leo goal.

Mission 5-2

In this sector, you connect Quipquap. His explosive penguins have a broad reach, but are vulnerable to obstacles as they move across the floor.

You should command to the left and blow open the door next to the save point your team. There is not only the gear (blue), but also a ram tank, that you should definitely use.

There dive again increased eye on drunkenness. But ye must protect not necessarily before their eyes. In the beginning there are eg large pipes that run over you (recognizable by the shadow). If you under there is, you are also safe from the bombs.

With Lion, you should not go at the beginning of the rest, but jump right over the abyss. This path is relatively quiet and you should easily lead to frost Pucker, which blocks the target. You do not need him to defeat, but can jump over with Leo on the side of the Frost Pucker.

The gear (yellow) is right next to the Frost Pucker and the gear (red) is located across from him on the grass surface.

Mission 5-3

This sector can be pretty tricky. You are this time in a building complex with many damn Irrwishen and shall do the leaders. The leader is located in the bottom floor of the building.

If your wedding runs the stairs at the beginning and the gear (blue) looks, there is a left and right way. You come in both ways in the basement, however, the left tends easier. Right but there is a room with the gear (red). If you want to get that splits the group or only runs back to the right and then. Related note, below always fulfill new Irrwishe in the basement.

The gear (yellow) can be found after you have passed through the left lane and you jumped down. There should be a staircase - Run up there and collect the gear.

The problem arises because the Irrwishe protect their weak spot on his head for the first time. This is only free if you (usually) meet the Irrwishe with explosive weapons (eg mortars) or twice with normal bullets. John and Quipquap would do well in a team - can get instead lion. Also annoying: The opponents are fixed on Guard counterattack. Because one wrong step can already be the end. Here it makes sense to stun the enemy advance. Give one of your agents to stun mortar as a second weapon.

Do not delay your entire team at storage points recharge and saves you the best for a special attack on the leader.

Mission 6-1

In this mission, you connects scarecrow. With his pumpkin you can start the next round stun all enemies within. Unlike, for example, on the stun mortar are not taken its own agents. But you can also in the same round the pumpkin shoot - then opponents are stunned in the same round.

Another new feature is the type of enemy primitive mouth. They rise out of the earth and attack you. You can acknowledge the luminous places where they are. With the pumpkin carabiner you can get the lure.

The aim is to switch off the monarch. Once you have it in mind, the rest is best done in a round, since more aliens back to. In addition, the monarch gives birth autonomously new Aliens.

Your whole group is located at best before the save point before the monarch, where you heal the whole group. Now you collect at the entrance of the church, a gear (yellow) and gear (red) and gear (blue) left and rear right in the cemetery one. Recently her firing everything you have on the monarch and also uses the special attacks.

Mission 7-1

In this mission you will necessarily have to share your team. It would not be wrong in the two groups depending on an agent to have with healing attacks.

If you want to get all the gears, need you Leo and John in this mission. You have to blast the door behind them - there is the gear (yellow). To get there, you must speak with lion jump over the counter.

Once you cut your team, you will get the gear (red) see on the right path and the gear (blue) on the left.

If you have set yourself on the two switches, the grid go down up to the destination. The aim is, however, guarded two berserkers and other Irrwishen - also comes gain when the switches are activated. Positioned best two characters optomal down before the grid and wait for a round, so that the steam tank full. Then activate the switch and all your special attacks. It, if you previously eg stunned the enemies with the stun mortar, so that they take even more damage is best. If you run out of steam, the agent on the right switch can run the save point and fill up the team. If you want to give up the medals, you do not have enemies, of course, defeat, but can all numb and walk to the destination simply.

Mission 7-2

This sector is located on the premises of a library. So you have quite a lot of protection options, but be very immobile and need your agents partly like a snake through the aisles to maneuver. The narrow corridors could also take care of problems with the Blind sneak.

At the beginning of her checks the last row on the left to find the gear (blue). The gear (red) can be found next to the second STEAM auxiliary monitor.

The last gear (yellow) can be found at the end of the library. You have to walk past Carter and blow away the obstacles with John or Quipquap.