Ether One (PS4) memory fragments / red ribbons locations

Find out all 20 memory fragments / red ribbons locations in Ether One for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Fragment 1

Pinwheel Harbor: In the barn on the mountain, in the window overlooking the harbor

Fragment 2

Pinwheel Harbor: The boathouse far right on the beach.

Fragment 3

Pinwheel Harbor: From the post office, passing right around the corner on the grand staircase and take the small staircase. Go straight take through the hole in the fence and the fragment on the right side.

Fragment 4

Pinwheel Harbor: The fourth fragment is found in the same house as the second digit wheel.

Fragment 5

Pinwheel Harbor: Fragment 5 you will find when you leave the only three-story house in the port and in front of it goes down the stairs. There fragment 5 hangs in the corner.

Fragment 6

Pinwheel Harbor: The sixth fragment is found in the basement of the pub.

Fragment 7

Pinwheel Harbor: Fragment 7 you will find outside the pub on a table.

Fragment 8

Pinwheel Harbor: Go down by the harbor along the water until you come to two toy boats in a creek. There are also the last fragment in the Pinwheel Harbor can be found.

Fragment 9

- Brimclif Industrial Centre (Mine Project)

The ninth fragment you will find at the entrance of the House in the Arsenic broken bridges.

Fragment 10

Brmiclif Industrial Centre: The 10th fragment you will find in the house across the Arsenic House. There down the stairs and left the railing look.

Fragment 11

Brimclif Industrial Centre: fragment number 11 you will find in the "Ore tramming" area at the bottom front of the closed grille.

Fragment 12

Brimclif Industrial Centre: Fragment 12 you will find in the locker room (in the shower room) of the workers.

Fragment 13

Pinwheel Village: At the port under the load crane.

Fragment 14

Pinwheel Village: In the market place in a side alley.

Fragment 15

Pinwheel Village: Fragment 15 can be found on the stone steps near the Pinwheel Cinemas.

Fragment 16

Pinwheel Village: Right next to the church.

Fragment 17

Pinwheel Village: In the press house, right next to the apple tub.

Fragment 18

Pinwheel Village: Behind the house next to the winery.

Fragment 19

Pinwheel Village: Go Before exporting plate to the left.

Fragment 20

Pinwheel Village: On the viewing platform, reach by a path from the Market.