Farming Simulator 15 (PS4) tips

Gold Coins

If you have found 10 gold coins, the remaining 90 coins are displayed on the Map.

Once you have gathered all of 100 gold coins, then you have to toss them in the wishing well. This lies to the west of the field 40 at the coordinates [220, 1715].

As a reward you will receive:

- 200.000L wheat
- 200.000L barley
- 200.000L rape
- 200.000L potatoes
- 200.000L chips
- 200.000L beet
- 200.000L grain corn

Change Capacity of Vehicles

You can change the capacity of vehicles and trailers to change by making the following:

1. Go into the game folder

2. Data - open vehicles folder

3. Now you have to look for the vehicle / trailer you want to change (the name of the file always contains the designation of the vehicle

4. Then open the "??????. Xml" file (?????? = vehicle name)

5. Addiction in the file by "capacity". Below you will find a number, which is the capacity.

6. Now you can freely change this value!

7. Save only more and completed

Above you will also find the tank capacity ("fuel capacity")

Important: The first game completely finish !!!!!

More Fields Possess Without Spending a Penny!

You navigate as usual to documents - My Games - Farming Simulator2015 - Savagame? (The number of your savegames). Then look for the file Economy - right-click - Edit.

You open the file with Notepad then press Ctrl + F and give a field number, you can of course also looking! Then there is, for example:

Field number = "2" ownedByPlayer = "false" means something like you don’t possess the number 2 field. You change the value from "false" to "true" save and start the game and already the field is yours!