Final Fantasy VII (PS4) tips

Password Rocket Town

To overcome this mission, press Circle, Square, X, X while in the rocket.

Easy chocobo racing

In the mini racing chocobos of Gold Saucer, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase the speed of chocobo. Hold R1 and R2 to regain strength chocobo.

Lucky 7

If the health of a character is just 7777 at some point in the battle, it will enter a state of uncontrollable and fast attacks, and each blow will damage 7777.

On the other hand, if a character has 7777 Life points at the end of a battle, your health is reduced to 1 to return to the stage.

Island Cactilios

The island is so small cactilios not shown on the radar and is the only place where you can go for this kind of enemy as elusive.

To get there, you need the airship. Fly over Cosmo Canyon and go directly to the South.

Summon Knights of the Round Table

For the most powerful invocation of the game you have to raise a golden chocobo and go to the island which is off the map in the upper right corner. In the cave you will find this spirit that more than 70,000 points of damage when used.