Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (PS4) cheats, codes

Secret weapons and armor FF-X

There are several secret locations to be visited with the flying ship entering passwords in the browser. These codes are deciphering messages in the language Al Bhed found in places of Spira. They are as follows (all caps).

Auron - Murasame weapon

Godhand - Rikku weapon

VICTORIOUS - Armor Rikku

New eons FF X

There are three optional eons that you can have. Just collect the rest of Eons (history) and have the Celestial Mirror.

Collect all objects of the temples and into Baaj.

Magus Sisters
Defeat the Aeons of Belgimene and use the Celestial Mirror to open the temple door remium.

Complete challenges in the cave located near the Plain of the Calm.

New attack Valefor FF X

Valefor has a second devastating attack Overdirve you can get when Yuna returns to your team (following incidents in history). Return to Besaid and talk to a girl with a dog, near the temple, and give you an item that you can use to learn your Eon Energy Blast. If the girl is not near the temple, look inside the item shop.

Energy Blast offers more destructive power, though Valefor takes longer to recover.

FF X secret locations

When you get the airship, you can enter coordinate on a map manual for points of Spira. Some places will have a chest rewards, others will give you access to a new temple.

Baaj Temple
X = 11-16, Y = 57-63

X = 39-47, Y = 56-60

Besaid Falls
X = 29-32, Y = 73-76

Mi'hen Ruins
X = 33-36, Y = 55-60

Omega Ruins
X = 69-75, Y = 33.38

Sanubia Arenas / Desert
X = 12-16, Y = 41-45

Yojimbo cheap FF X

When you find Yojimbo, wait until you bid. When you say it, give half plus one Gil to force supply and reduce it up to 1 Gil, so it will go back down. From this time he will not accept any much lower, so give between 5,000 and 10,000 less than their figure Giles (will be around 190,000).

If not, repeat the process up a bit your quantities.

In case of having a lot of money, if you give triple the asking at any time in addition to their services it will offer two areas of teleportation.

Tidus your team - Blitzball (FF -2)

Get the good ending and start a New Game +, Zanarkand equipment available. Tidus "star player" wins the team on display to trade it is called.

Although difficult, worth the effort. Tidus begins with a shot of 98 points.

End (FF X-2)

Malo: take long sequence boss.
Normal: Farplane not hear whistles in Chapter 3.
Sad: Listen four whistles Farplane in Chapter 3 and complete the game less than 75%.
Merry: Listen four whistles Farplane in Chapter 3 and complete the game between 75% and 99%.
True four whistles Listen Farplane in Chapter 3 and complete the game 100%.