Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster tips

Kill Seymour Flux with ONE-HIT !!

If you fight against Seymour Flux on Mt. Gagazet brings you previously secret beast Yojinbo summons him via Master-Summon and give him for the Assault to the 35000 Gil then Seymour is killed instantly.

Collect Many APs

In order to collect a lot of AP's, battles in the monster arena. Pass through there the standard tournament 3 times. After the 3 mal you get the costume palette unshakable. This has the effect of AP x3 when once completely round. And additionally turn in the monster arena standard tournament pro free.

Quickly earned 100000 Gil

To earn 100000 gil easily, you need only invest 10000 gil.

Here's how:

If you are in Chapter 2, go Guadosalam. Save there from before, as it may be, the need to start the game you often new.

Then go inside the building at the entrance of Guadosalam. Speak there with the man behind the counter. With him you can buy an info. These can then sell. The man gives you an indication of the person who has interest in this information. There are multiple possibilities. But to get the 100000 gil, the Note as follows must be called. "You'll be surprised that's for sure." This person is the man himself and buys you the info again for 100000 gil.

Monster Farm Mt. Gagazet

To comparatively easy to catch all the monsters (except the three water-monsters) at Mount Gagazet 10x, one returns after receipt of the airship back to the first examination in the mountain, with his ball a switch actuated at the Wakka.

You can retake the exam. Every time we do not succeed to make the switch, a monster appears. Here appear consecutively all monsters (except the water monsters) that exist on the mountain. If all were once tuned to repeat the monster appearances. After 10 passages one has guaranteed all the monsters along the mountain.

Directly in front is a subterranean lake, which leads you there. In this, you can still catch the 3 water-monster.

Tips fight against Seymour in Macalania

Your troops should begin with Wakka, Yuna and Tidus. Let them talk all 1x with Seymour and change Kimahri and Auron Yuna and Tidus. Let Kimahri makes Guado guards with his breath harmless and Auron can mitigate Seymors magic with magic breaker. Then you should have on the field Tidus, Rikku and Auron or Wakka. Set Rikkus an ecstasy and tinker an infusion (moon veil + Moon veil), which occupies all 3 characters with haste, Protest, Shell and Regena. Seymors magic should hardly do any damage and you will permanently thanks Regena somewhat healed. Anima fought her best with Shiva.

Tips to win Lightning Ball Games quickly

If you have problems to win Blitzball games, there is a tip here. First you have to take the lead. Now fit into a defender and swim toward its own goal and stand right next to the goalkeeper (You can do no own goals, don’t be afraid), and stop there. Your opponents will not attack you, and you just need to drain the time. The downside is that you'll get very little EP. This tip is so rather for players who don’t feel like Blitzball and want to win Wakkas Solaris weapon, the Mercury Seal and his ecstasies.