Fire (PC Game) walkthrough

Welcome to our guide to FIRE video game for PC

In Fire, there are ten worlds in which you will also find three collectible coins among many riddles - the locations are also described in our walkthrough.

Table of Contents:

Level 1 - Banishment from the village
Level 2 - The Sleeping Dinosaur (in the Dinosaur's belly)
Level 3 - Rain Dance
Level 4 - Musical balls of wool (Bird Feeding / Hungry Chicks)
Level 5 - Change form
Level 6 - Three monkeys, Banana and a Cell phone
Level 7 - Ungh in space (Space torture)
Level 8 - Save the girl
Level 9 - Ungh, the Time Traveler
Level 10 - The volcano

Level 1 - Banishment from the village

You find yourself in front of the "gate" of your own home, this leaves you no longer, however, occur. Click on the ramp, your opposite throws you a bone to the skull. You throw this right back before you pick your first coin.

Now click on the ramp around you still get a bone again. You go now to the right, you see a juicy red apple, which your less educated hero Ungh, wants absolutely and with bone cast afterwards. Without realizing it unfortunately is a common snake in the bushes tangle of tree and eats the apple down strike at your trial, prompt the bone and separate him back again. Here now, after all, the rear of the snake hanging out. Make your way even further right where you will find a tempting pitchfork, which brings you immediately in your possession. With this it is possible to nail you the tail of the snake on the tree. Now you can rest in the bone to throw to the apple and eat this immediately.

Ungh begins by eating the apple to hallucinate and sees how the tree gets a face and around 10 fireflies free, flying as then in all directions. Click on the coin left behind.

Next you go to the right where you saw the first firefly and three podiums. By pulling the rope on the far right to change the three podiums position. Now try this method Ungh on the third podium to get the firefly to liberate. Don’t forget to collect the third coin. Have you done that, the new area opens on your map.

Level 2 - The Sleeping Dinosaur (in the Dinosaur's belly)

You observe how another firefly into the nostril of the sleeping Dinosaur rolls. First go to the left and walk on the tail of Prehistoric Adventure up to get the right light where you then pulls on the cord. In this case, you open the inside of the head of the Dinosaur, the brain. Click on the brain to the mouth of the monster opens. Make your way back then, and then to enter into the jaws of Dinosaur in the right image.

There you can see some organs, most significantly in that probably the intestine by the firefly is located. Click first on the first coin up behind the leaves left. Above you see eight teardrop-shaped red objects. Click on the second from the right to grab the second coin, then click the first from the left to expose the claw of the Dinosaur in the middle picture. Before you again go right, you raise even the kiwi fruit of many other similar ground.

You find yourself once again in the picture with the Dino, the red string used in its claw to open the curtain on his brain. Click on the brain to his nostrils are wide open and pushes into the green fruit. Click again because brain so that it faces down, but he swings his tail (left in the picture) upwards and drops another green fruit. Go to the left by clicking on the third coin. Take the green thing and pushes these in the open nostrils of the Dinosaur.

Now if you put yourself in its interior, you can see how the two fruits that firefly pushes through the intestines. Go back and click from right to left on the three sockets on the back of the monster. The string used now for the last time, to bring the mind to the position in which the tail is open. Finally you go to the left and free the firefly to the next area to open.

Level 3 - Rain dance

You stand in front of a local man who when you click on him, you show off the rain dance. Click first on the coin, which is hidden behind the tent. Now go very far to the right, where it discovered an elephant, a bat and a handy club. To get to the club you have to carry Ungh sent over the two holes. If you fall here in the right hole, you may win the second coin. Hold the cursor while on the hole opposite to it without prejudice Ungh over it creates and then quickly swings the cursor on the left hole.

Now go where the sun is, which clicks you immediately back to the middle image. Now it is night. Go to the tent back and pressed the bell through your leg, that you awaken the locals. Click to apply it to you again demonstrates to him the rain dance, but he awakens, however, the interest of an angry cloud that transforms him with a lightning bolt to ashes. Cancels the bar and goes to the right. Here you can see some stars. Wipe to reveal only the cursor over the dirty base by 5 indentations.

Now click on the 2,3 and 4 star to the right. The rain stick owned clicks on it to start the dance on the stone with the raindrops, while the cloud moved on. Now click on the second and 3rd star of the left and the base begins to light, open yourself doing the tent behind it. Once the tent is open click on the remaining stars in order to get the third coin. Take the flower out of the tent and puts it into the sleeping creature sleeping on the hill on the left.

To let run down the way this creature and thus gives away the left image, you have to be sent with the day-night cycle. Before that, however, you have the tail of a sleeping elephant, pictured right, pull to bring the stones in motion. Now click as many times on the moon or the sun, to the two stones are no longer on the road and convey her your flower to the left can. Go to the left and leads by clicking on the drop stone the rain dance. The flower is watered by the cloud and grows into a tree approach, which drops a fruit. This you take and go to the far right where it pushes the fruit in the elephant's trunk, which then throws it on the bat and it rips a hole. Now performs one last time on the rain dance and let it rain on the bat - It is important that the cloud is over, unless, again pulls on the tail of the elephant. Have you done that, the small cave is flooded and pushes you out the fireflies. Off to the next area.

Level 4 - Musical balls of wool (Bird Feeding / Hungry Chicks)

You find yourself in a forest and stands between figures with a tiki mask. Click right, you quickly realize that he finds funny music well, the left, however sad. About you see green plant, appears from time to time. If this appears, you click on it quickly - it falls a green down. Altogether can be found on the three different image sections exactly four of these. Find this and clicks on it.

Once back in the middle picture, you click on the red fruit (which depends from the top) until it is nowhere to be found in the picture. Go to the right and you see the fruit of what you click on and collect the same. Give it to one of the balls of wool to eat - he is red. Wipe the cursor over the dirty column to find even a red fruit, which you fed again at a cattle.

Law can be found behind the red flower the first coin. Go to the far left where their finds three hungry birds. Click on the second coin, which is located behind the leaves, the right of the beak. And take again the red fruit and feeding it to your fellows. Now click, so the beak of Mama bird moves on one of the little chicks to. Here you have to be fast and moves click while the beak up to the red fruit - fed this.

Well you had to have four red balls of wool, which, when you click on them, have three different musical stages. Go back to the two natives with the masks. Now should generate their sad music, while you arrange the four red balls of, from left to right, as follows:

Level 1
Level 3
Stage 2
Level 3

You weep together a round and the mask person leaves a piece of meat. Cancel the steak and turn left to feed it to the chicks. Back in the center of the screen you want to now create fun music that order:

Level 3
Level 1
Level 1
Stage 2

If you now click on the natives, he starts to laugh and melt. Even this leaves meat, which one of her two remaining chicks give.

Go to the far right to the last mask carrier pleased to set. By link to the right:

Stage 2
Stage 2
Level 3
Level 1

This reacts with a dance and melt. It makes you a steak on the floor, which you still are let since you still have to get the pick last coin. For this you bring your red balls of wool in the following sequence: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 Finally you take the steak and feeding the hungry chicks last order to liberate the fireflies and unlock the next area..

Level 5 - Change form

You find yourself in a forest where you first clicked before the cobweb right. That you make until you bring the network to a zipper, then a stone makes you run down. Take away the stone and placed it right on the circle below the fireflies.

Go all the way to the left and lift the stone from the ground, which then placed her in the middle portion of one of the circles. Make your way now to the far right and lifts the placed of you right stone and sets it down on another circle in the middle section. Now you can use the shape-shifting stone. Initially turns the stones so that they give the image of a bee, you turned into this by climbing into the circle. If you tried all 27 possibilities of combinations to form stones, you get hold of the first coin.

Go as a bee to the left and click on the open flower down with the blue pollen. Now dusted the closed red flower and powdering you your buttocks again with the blue pollen a. Now you go to the far right and tries to fertilize the red close flower, but you will thereby eaten by giants and back again. Transform you into a mouse by its so turns the stones that they produce a mouse. Then click on the hidden red head behind to transform you. Go to the far left and click on the middle part of the tree, which is movable. Move it so that the bottom the door is open in front of the hole, and then click the mouse on it, whereupon her pulling out the cork top. Now you transforms you back in Ungh and brings you the cork, which it pushes the monstrous giants.

Transform you into a bee and bring you the blue pollen before you start a new attempt to pollinate the red close flower. This time you eat the giant indeed back on but explode it. Change your shape into a bear, and catch you one of the stones lying around, which you then placed on the circle in the rightmost section. This you open the stone with the face and his hand is on the ground. Go to the far left and clawing you the great stone, which you then placed on the hand. Take again the small stone, which you close the face and the hand is with the stone above.

Go back to the transformation of stone and lays the small stone on the circle. Rotate the central mobile part of the tree so that the long road is to the left. Now go to the left and stand in the middle of the stone. Click to get four times on the tree to the right position. Transforms you into a mouse and goes far left into the hole. Here you shall now not touch the "borders" with the cursor. Get yourself the coin button and then moving the cursor to the left. Already you behold the mouse on top of the tree, which then skillfully cool moves swings from left to far right and go get the firefly. When you come together, the bridge of the mouse correctly the first time, you get the third coin as a reward. Do not forget to turn you back into Ungh, if you want to bring you the fireflies.

Level 6 - Three monkeys, Banana and a Cell phone

Go to the far right and grab the banana, which fed her far left to the monkeys. Take the left behind the battery and placed it in the middle portion of the left circle above. Go to the far right and click as many times on the monkey butt, up above a head appears. Now you should press the red button to make a banana seem quite nimble.

Take the battery and put them on the right circle in the upper central screen. Provide Ungh now on the lower left circle. The Cell phone turns and you behold a monkey, a banana will appear simultaneously in the right circle, which the monkey clawing at once. Packt you Ungh and turn left where you should take a look at the large stone tablet in more detail. Click as follows among the various icons:

- Square in the middle
- Arrow on the far right
- The left square with X and O
- The left cake with yellow and blue pieces
- Medium dice down

Do you have the puzzle solved correctly the first time, you get the first coin as a reward. Furthermore, you will receive as a prize a pair of glasses with which you in three different screens to keep out codes should. On the far left is the upper left corner a QR code which shows the number 2. A new look at the big stone tablet bares you the second code, which states a 6. On the far right you will find the number on the top left. 8 The Last number is located in the section with the smartphone, left on the machine, a 0th moving lens a little further above said machine, you'll find the second coin.

Click on the big black phone and give a 2860. Well you are different apps. Select the camera and click on the vertical bar, the second from the top, on the horizontal fourth from the left. Open the app and build a house by clicking on the coins and squares. Here you get the third coin.

Email: You will receive an email from a woman, to which you respond with a heart. By clicking on the fire symbol you can be delighted at the sleeping Ungh. The last icon you shall close the pop-ups by clicking the X. You will receive a 404 error message, after which the giant smartphone turns into a rocket and transported Ungh to the next area.

Level 7 - Ungh in space (Space torture)

Go to the right and tries to evade the black holes by hitting into three different sections on the two planets in the background. Next, you must solve in three sections several small puzzles. Do you have this done correctly the first time, you get hold of the first coin.

On the next screen you have the small floating Space Invader eliminate by pressing the red button. Have you done that, it is your next task to avoid the moving black holes by their Ungh by clicking on him hovering let. If you managed to navigate Ungh through the air, you come to a flag on it with three monkeys heads. You should click this to get the second coin. You will receive back the firefly, which must protect now. Shoot the different enemies from the sky and break the record of 19627th not forget to click on the planet left to get the third coin. You save the firefly and you are allowed to cross a new area.

Level 8 - Save the girl

First you grab a coin on top of the mountain. After talking to the man you click here any dialogue twice and this explained to you that you'll get the firefly, if you got him a wife. Here you get various items, which apply to combine. The right combination in the correct order:

- Meat on the bone + pork bone =
- Bone + stone = ax
- Ax + stone with Ungh's face = Round Stone
- Ax + turkey = meat on the bone
- Meat on the bone + pork bone =
- Bone Round + Stein = key

Now you are able to open the lock on the mountain and to enter this. Once inside you behold a red insect that is swallowed by a jellyfish and then virtually becomes a lamp. Navigate your cursor, which now serves as a light source, to the upper left in a small tube to move to the first money. Then go back and go a little further south on the left into another tube to an icon (Pi) and to push another red insect.

Now leads the red insect out of the tube to not illuminate jellyfish to make her into a living lamp. Now click with the cursor on the left jellyfish to move in the right section. Take the cursor and click the top right of the jellyfish. Now leads the luminous cursor sure first after the top left to see the symbol of the ax, then back to the center of the image by a red insect taken. Navigate this now carefully up to the right, does not fit this case to be caught by the violet critters on. Take the third coin.

Now you have to jellyfish light up the room by passing the red insects to go in the next section. In the next room you give the symbols found of you a: ax, Pi, two lines with a point and trident (which her ??about the Lady sees).

It appears an octopus with four tentacles that still are used as directional pad. Perform the monster using the tentacles to wife. For this you click in this order:

- Right, Up, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Up Down, Right, Down, Right and below

The woman is jumping on the head of the monster. Now the D-pad tricky, they will show in the directions in which the head is then moved.

- Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Left (now the tentacles are unfortunately melt, but the directions are nevertheless still be seen), up, down, left, down, left, right, down, right, left, down and left

Freed the woman and goes to the left, here Imagine a grid of coral in the way. Do your damsel on one of the circles on the ground and you. Even on the opposite Even the grille is gone and you can a desperate man in front of the cave handed the woman to get the firefly in exchange.

Level 9 - Ungh, the Time Traveler

You find yourself in an icy landscape, where you first pressed the left Snowflake twice to lower the left wall of ice. The sun melts the ice from the chair that can carry you through time. Actuates the right snowflake to the average ice wall is so far down that you can you get your first coin.

Now you are allowed to take soothes your journey and click it on the red light. The time travel chair conveyed to you where you ever reaps the second coin on the top left far behind in the timeline. Click on the plant left to let these appear in the right hole. Now sit down again on the chair and pressed the green light.

Grab the third coin at the bottom left and then take you even equal the caterpillar sitting on the plant. Travels back in time by her back pressed the red light. There you click on the left hole to allow the caterpillar to blazes from then placed in a way to the right plant. It goes back to the Ice Age by operated her in the chair, the blue light. Your task now is to grow the middle wall of ice, this is done by pulling on the right snowflake and the three times.

Go to the chair and click on the green light. You are now a witness as the ship begins to sink, leaving behind only an empty bottle in the sea. Go by clicking on the red light back to the time when you click on the plant. Travel through time with the green light on the chair and Take the empty bottle which fills with water equal to the puddle in the middle of the picture.

Back in ancient times you move the plant back to the right and keep the bottle filled with water back to the hot tube to heat the content. Travel to glacial and pours the hot water over the frozen plant, making it the butterfly gives freedom. Bring the empty bottle in your possession and then handed over the two monsters in the middle.

Click on the butterfly to take him to you and travel to the prehistoric through the red light. Immediately makes it to eat the caterpillar of the butterfly. By removing a protozoa in the pool, you come up with a two-Zeller. Go back to the Ice Age and presses the left Snowflake twice to steer the sun beam on the bottle and thus the Firefly. Free the firefly and make you on the way to the last area.

Level 10 - The Volcano

Take the left at the bottom and go far right. Here you freed behind the base of the dirt by their often simply wipes over it. You see four indentations and small in the sky flying animals. Click on the average cattle between the two jets of steam. Now a fire dance lists by clicking the flint to position the steam jets differently. Click on the top right and left of the cattle group. Lead again to the fire dance. Now click on the bottom right are in dividend animals the right group - already the cave is open, which you also Step into the same.

You behold a tree off with a fruit, which unfortunately does not get through her ??shaking down. Go to the right and you clawing the bones lying around to strike down this the fruit of the tree. Cancels the fruit and goes again through the cave in order to give the elephants. Now draw on its tail, which he throws the fruit against the bat which drops a trident. Go through the cave and take the empty bottle. This transported back through the cave on the geyser very far left. Wait now for the right moment to shoot down the bat. You do this correctly and you will receive the first coin on the first try.

Go to the far right and grab the trident, which drags her through the cave and then anchored at the far right of the chain. Now you get to the glowing circle and transforms you into a bear. Go to the left and picks up the large stone, which you then further transported through the cave and to the left. Throw the rock now on the bubbling lava and goes back to you to transform back into Ungh. Then goes back to point back at you have covered as bear the lava with the rock and grab the glasses.

As already known from other levels, you must now find some symbols. Right where Ungh is just is one thing: two combined blocks. In the left section you find links from Geysir, the symbol of an ax and between two rocks behind the symbol of a leaf on a stone. Go to the tree and moves the lens in the upper yellow area in order to make the second coin find. Now go to the right to find last symbol: a thicker dash with a thick point.

Give the code correctly the first time, in order not only to open another passage, but also to get the last coin. As soon you have entered the passage, you see a torch lying on the ground, which kindle course you take and the top of the fire. You did it Ungh sure to lead to the source of the fire. Now sit back and look at the end of this comical primitive man and his flaming torch.