Giana Sisters: Dream Runners (Xbox One) gameplay preview

It is curious to see how and what started as a clone, the first Super Mario Bros. eventually became a game with its own personality thanks to the boom of indie games. This is the case of Giana Sisters, Twisted Dreams saga that knew in 2012 offer an entertaining 2D platform adventure very frantic and even some puzzles. Eventually, it ended up getting a curious multiplayer thanks to a free upgrade, a modality that will now be extended to become an independent game Giana Sisters: Dream Runners .'

Its pitch could not be more simple: we have circuits that will touch us around like a 2D platformer were involved and our only goal will be to move everything we can to let our opponents so far back that fall outside of the camera, time where they will stay out.

So, know the circuits is very important, because we have to move forward at full speed, almost as if we were doing a speed run, dodging obstacles of all kinds and fighting up to three other players (or bots). One of the most striking and fun features we have in the fact that it has kept changing mechanical dimension of Twisted Dreams, so we can make the stage is transformed in real time.

Of course, this is not what we can do at will and the only way to bring about change will be playing a few switches, which can be used as a strategic element to annoy opponents one of our opponents is ahead? Touch the switch to transform the world and thus a wall in front of him will appear delayed.

As we say, memorizing paths in its two forms is key to winning, but so will the have good reflexes to quickly adapt to everything that will occur during the race. To say that the last games until someone gets three wins, so if we were back once not automatically mean our defeat and we try to go back in the next round.

There are currently nine circuits of varying difficulty, all with scenes inspired by Twisted Dreams. They range from some more or less simple and easy to play to others who know to test us from the beginning to the end, with many different routes, traps and jumps demanding platforms that must be calculated to the millimeter. And all this running, of course.

As for the skills of our characters, we have a turbo with that increase our speed, but to recharge have to pick up some gems in the race. We can also jump (obviously), turn ourselves to descend slowly or catch a new impetus in the air, attack becoming a kind of fireball, glide and use objects.

The latter works just like a Mario Kart, that is, there are boxes with a question mark over levels if we play we'll get a random object. They have many uses, from launching powerful attacks our opponents to set traps or benefit from a shield, so knowing when to use them will also be an important part of our strategy, as they can become annoying enough and even save life the worst times.

We would like to tell you that this is gambling online, but have been unable to find anyone to play with, both custom and scored items, so its multiplayer (not that there's anyway ...) just what we could test locally. Although the title has its point of fun, not take long to get tired with your proposal and after three games followed and we began to notice certain symptoms of boredom. As for controls, I recommend playing with a gamepad, because with keyboard and mouse, although be configurable, it becomes quite uncomfortable and vague.

Graphically it is no wonder and indeed no longer a "rehash" of what is seen in the game of 2012, so don’t expect a too complex modeling or some scenarios especially varied, but at least the latter have a good direction artistic transformation and the effect they have is very accomplished, which manages to make it a nice product in sight.

The soundtrack for its part returns to show a very sugarcane style and with catchy melodies that will feel great to frenzy every race. In addition, implementation varies considerably according to the dimension in which we are, a detail which is always appreciated. Yes, I advised that most of them were already present in Twisted Dreams, so maybe and you may have more than heard. The effects comply without much fanfare and dubbing nothing more little cries and exclamations, so there is not much to note in this regard.

So we could play Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, it does feel like a mode that has been extracted from another game to be sold separately. Mode if it is funny at times, we do not go to get stand on its own medium to long term lie beyond occasional casual game. Anyway, these peculiar sisters still have time to wonder and be the next June when we leave doubts definitively.