Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship: Alternate / Secret ending

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship: Alternate / Secret ending

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is a 2D platform game with strong inspiration in Mexican folklore released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. The game also has two different endings, one of which is alternate / secret and must be unlocked with the help of six items hidden around the world. Learn how to find them with the help of our tutorial.

Step1. For the first item, you need to have the powers to turn into chicken and change dimensions. Fulfilling these requirements, simply return to Juan's house, where the game begins, and go with the form of chicken to the right of the house basement. Change dimension at this point to find a secret passage. Go through the small maze in this section and the portal to the first piece needed to unlock the new ending.

Step 2. The second part is located in Cave del Pollo. In the cave, there are three different challenges, divided in ten arenas enemies. Each of challenges must be overcome at once without dying to unlock the next. At the end of the third and final challenge, the player will find the portal to get the second item.

Step 3. The third part is in the Tule Tree region. On the lower floor, along with the output to the Caliente Desert, there is a blue stone that can be broken with the Derpderp Veloz (Ball + right on the PlayStation and B + right on the Xbox). Climb through the open tunnel with the help of Bode climb to reach the top of the tree. In this region, there are a number of challenges platform that will test the player's skills. After going through all, you can find the portal to the third item.

Step 4. The fourth part is located in Forest del Chivo. In the same area where you find the head of Olmec teleportation of the region, there is a skull lever. To reach it, it becomes in chicken to go through the small entrance and then jump over the small platforms. After turning the lever, run out and go up the hill above the lever. From there, use the Bode Flight to the left. If you have done everything correctly, your fighter will reach a floating platform, interrupting your flight and making you fall in an underground tunnel, where the fourth portal.

Step 5. The fifth piece is in the Sierra Morena region. By entering Santa Luchita, pay attention when you find the first table where you can buy skills and change clothes. On the next screen, there will be a door apparently leading to nothing. Use the wall opposite to use the Flight of Bode and through this area to find a floating platform with a door. To cross it, the player must overcome some challenges with platforms that disappear before finding the fifth portal.

Step 6. The sixth and final piece is held by Carlos Calaca, the final boss of the game. After collecting all previous parts, as shown in this tutorial, just defeat him to win the last item and unlock the secret ending!