Hands on with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

There are just a few games that have followed the path of Diablo over the years. Most high-quality games remain in the shadow of giant Blizzard (except for some isolated cases, such as outstanding Path of Exile). Among the highlights attempts in recent years to replicate this successful formula we have The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, an interesting adventure NeocoreGames released in 2013 and despite its flaws, its managed to convince us to have a good time.

And from the very beginning this saga was intended as a trilogy, and after the many improvements which received its second part, this month can finally enjoy its conclusion, a title we've had the opportunity to try its first hours. This has allowed us to test their new products first hand and confirm that keeps all its virtues intact.

As expected, the adventure begins just after the end of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, with our hero seeking revenge after being betrayed just at the very moment in which he managed to end the civil war Borgovia. However, the situation is more complicated than it initially appears, as also appeared a strange cult dedicated to predict the end of time and cause chaos, forcing us to have to deal with this problem at the same while giving chase its prey.

The first thing that stands out is that now we have to choose a character class among the six available have been included, probably the biggest novelty of this release. All there, we could test only two: the Protector and Elementalist. The first will enable us to equip ourselves with heavy armor and is centered in the melee. Not just kill quicker, but holds up well.

Instead, the Elementalist is just the opposite: an extremely weak but with lethal fire power class. It would be the equivalent of wizards and sorcerers of other games, so we have a number of spells available to always keep your distance and destroy quickly, though as let us get too we will go really bad.

Another important detail is that each class has their own skill trees, although there are some improvements we can invest the points we get to level up that do are common to all classes, so in the end the impression left is which it has been simplified a bit the development of our hero from previous installments, where we had more freedom to go their style of play geared to our tastes and preferences.

Of course, who keeps all its features intact is Katarina, the charismatic ghost that accompanies us at all times. She will serve to take additional inventory, we can choose between different modes of combat, sending her to sell things to the shop and so on. We also need to develop their skills and find a good team, and it becomes really useful in battle, especially on the higher difficulties when playing alone.

Playable keeps its entrenched bases, ie air chamber and control based on clicks (many, many clicks) with shortcuts to use our skills and create "combos" to empower us. The amount of enemies on screen usually get is quite high, so we are always battling hordes of mechanical monsters to fight our way and get objects that keep improving our team aberrations.

However, the fighting are still lacking some pace and control your character continues to feel a little slow and somewhat crude compared with other exponents of the genre, although this does not prevent it fun and we have to be constantly moving to avoid all offensive of our competitors if we want to end up kissing the ground. Furthermore, the design of the maps is complex and are full of side quests and hidden areas that require us to explore every inch, which succeeds in making progress simply by dungeon fun, something very important in the genre.

Something that never fails The Incredible Adventures Van Helsing III is in its narrative, much higher than usual in the genre. From what we have seen, the story is not that it is no wonder, but is well told and written, and has a really charismatic duo of actors, with a chemical very good between them that rise every conversation and dialogue to another level. Furthermore, the great black humor that the game is spent and what they are kept side quests to make them something that goes beyond become the "errand boy", is a detail that is much appreciated.

Graphically also maintains a good level, with very few scenarios modeled and worked fairly well-kept and full of detail. In addition, don’t miss the usual and enormous amount of graphical effects that come together in each contest are given, some of them really good. Perhaps the optimization could be improved somewhat, but few complaints we have in this section, at least in this first look.

The sound in turn offers a soundtrack that is limited to the mood and does not have too much presence, but fulfills its role properly. The effects have a normal quality (although the atmosphere is above average) and the voice actors (in English) know how to give life and personality to their characters, although their interpretations are not going to make you win any awards.

So we played, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is more of the same of what we already got its first two releases. Now we can only see if that phrase can sum it "and better", although this will first have to complete the adventure, exploit its possibilities and try the multiplayer, but for now, it looks like it will not disappoint fans in this series.