Hyrule Warriors (Wii U) tips

What you have to expect for a given track

In Hyrule Warriors any background music has a special meaning. Here's a quick guide of what you have to expect for a given track (it's a long time since I played the story and the Adventure Mode is also far from through, so it can be that I forgot what) (no Stage Themes / only those who play during battles):

- Dodongo Boss Battle: Argorok / King Dodongo

- Mysterious: Large change in the situation

- Boss Battle: Giant Monsters

- Eclipse Of the Sun: Volga

- A Great evil: the exile / Ganondorf

- Kumite: Stage Boss

- Face A Crisis: massive situation change for the worse

- Under Siege: anti-scale attack

- Focal Line: battle draws to a close to

- Eclipse Of the Moon: Cia / severe Stage Boss

Strengthened serious showdown / Cia: - Eclipse of the Moon GT

- Eclipse Of the World: Ganondorf

- Eclipse Of the World GT: Ganon

Short character guide

Here is a brief strategy guide to each character / each weapon

Link - Sword:

Sighting and slap opponents. The basic combo (only B) For use stronger opponents in a favorable moment. When the strongholds Sprint combo conquer make.

Link – Fire staff:

The "flamethrower combo" against opponents hordes, against Individual B + Y

Link - Gloves

I can not say enough with the things to which there really can say ... slap and retire on time

Link Great Fairy

The rear combos. Make a lot of damage to a large area

Link - Epona

Simply by storm. Epona is fast. One advantage that should be used.

Link - glider

Rear combos and simply makes everything (especially because you just strong through the link Amiibo slider with many effects gets) to the part away

Impa - Broadsword

Water ball / harpoon rain

Impa - Naginata

Combos in as many directions aimed = large-scale attacks

Sheik - Harp

Light, shadow, Lightning combo

Lana - book

"Three walls Kombo"

Lana - Staff

Play very defensively

Lana - Portal

As long alternately B + A spamming until you Argorok, then Argorokkombo

Zelda - Rapier

Light hail of arrows - Kombo

Zelda - baton

Try to keep opponents at a distance fight, on speed

Zelda - copying Staff

Get Hammer Statue and it kloppen

Ganondorf - broadswords

Shadow beast combo, strong attack and charge used against strong opponents (Caution! It is during the attack)

Darunia - Hammer

Simple plan. Meteor combo.

Ruto - scales

Waves - Kombo

Agnetha - Screen

I do not know. Since you have to ask someone else

Midna - Bondage

Shadow swirl Kombo

Zant - saber

Jump combo, then it ballern

Phai - sword

Fire combo (otherwise I do not come clear to you)

Girahim - sword

Sightings and slap (hard to describe sobakld you get a feel for it is OP)

Cia - Staff

Dark Link Kombo

Volga - Speer

Dragon combo ekommen and down stitch combo in 2 directions, feeling for him

Pyroma - Ring

Absolutely no idea. I can deal with him until a few as with Agnetha

Midna - Mirror

Rear combos, especially the cannon

Young Link - Mask

Triforcekombo until you can as long as special charge and convert into magic in the magic mode

Tingle - balloon

See Pyroma

Unlock Master Sword

To Unlock the Master Sword, it is sufficient to unlock all level 3 weapons of the main characters. For most characters, however, it is helpful to unlock only the Level 2 and then the Level 3 weapon because otherwise the fighting make more difficult.

The DLC characters do not count here.