Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Wildfire - short tips

The Last Match

The last match is really tough. However, there are tricks, as you can easily create it.

1st Half: Take a player who may well break through the defense and can shoot good example. Victor. set the fighting spirit and run simply, no player should stop you. Before the gate switch to the fighting spirit armor and shoot with the most powerful shot.

If there is insufficient strength, your level is probably too small.

2nd Half: always run with Arion, this process places him as close as possible to the opponents on the break and repeated as often as necessary.

It can still be simplified by activating his fighting spirit and if his Kp go empty, restore with items. So it should be quite easy to win against the last team

Special Training Places

Since the question of places for special training sessions is often asked, I made a list, which I give you here.

Training Types and Locations:

- Luck: In Camelot, in the grotto
- Dribbling: Okinawa at the primary school
- Shot Power: Inazuma (past) on tower
- Defense: Owari Province (Sengoku period) the robbers hideout
- Technology: China (The Three Kingdoms), in Zhuges garden
- Tempo: Kyoto (Bakumatsu), in the city center
- Endurance: land of dinosaurs (Cretaceous), in the Great Steppe South
- Assumption: France, in Vaucoleurs in the base,, '' of Joan of Arc

A match against Old friends

Once you have played the last game against Team Ragna, you have to go to Saints Way Stadium and speak to him, then a short dialogue comes and Then you can start the match, respect for team Level: 55

Advice for the game against Raimon legends

This is a piece of advice for the game against Raimon legends. You can still play the story against them. You have to go to the Saints-Way Stadium and address the parallel stone. Although they are "only" 55 level but no special technique avail against them, unless you are lucky and land a critical hit, which still does not always brings something. So you have to work with fighting spirit armor and Miximax, preferably both in combination. While it guarantees no success but it is more likely. I recommend a team of at least Level 70 before ye rise against them, that you may have a better chance. It can, of course with a lot of luck even before that fold but it's unlikely. 

General Methods against tough opponents

My advice against strong opponents:

- High Level Players

- Level up techniques

- Get best equipment (there is on the one hand in the innovative field, or due to the chaos rock in the 'Extra Story)

- Special tactics to use (easy to forget, I know, but this can make a lot)

- To go to a duel out of the way, playing short passes backwards. OR if you are sure that a player wins a duel, makes him (for his dribbling technique) or to the opponents in front of him (to use a defense technology) .... but this method can also be risky if you lose the ball, etc.

- 1 goal probably does not go purely because the opposing keeper maybe can use a fighting spirit and MixiMax (I know, for example, against the Inazuma legends), so make the first shot as normal, with no fighting spirit and without special equipment, which saves you TP or KGP and frustration: D

- And to get to a gate quickly in possession, the offense is your opponent, one of your defenders directly forward in order to provoke a duel formally (it should be the strongest defenders of you be, but it should be clear). Again, it may be that it does not work if the opponent at kick the ball plays directly backwards when having done your defenders have to put her forward for enough time to run again to its actual position.

Tip football tours without shooting techniques!

You'll probably know some football tours the condition occur "No shooting techniques".

But you want the game with S rank, which is not possible because the opposing keeper, a fighting spirit calls, miximorph and then even upgraded! For this purpose there is a simple bug in the game you can used to:

- When the game starts with 2 players has a fantastic goal (one of the two has a chain shot can)!
- Pulls the chain shot player the lead, with the best fighting spirit Armor and Miximorph!
- Then shoot the other players "normal" and ensures that your chain shot player in the radius of the shot is to perform a chain!
- Due to a bug, the shot-menu opens and you can attach a chain shot!


You gotta worry it is blown as "offside". Chain shots behind the last man to be in Chrono Stone generally NOT blown!

And so you can bypass the special condition and get S rank with ease.