Jurassic World: The Game (iPhone / iPad) review

Jurassic Park is back in fashion. A few weeks before the premiere of the new installment of the Jurassic World, saga created the genetically engineered dinosaurs back to our smartphones and tablets, with a new installment focused on management and strategy Jurassic World. The game follows the path of known Jurassic Park: Builder, which we will be at the controls of the new theme park, looking for new sources of revenue, improving facilities and providing unlimited fun-always to change the price of the doorway to all our visitors.

The reopening of Jurassic Park

Ludia, developers of Jurassic Park: Builder, seems to be on the safe Jurassic World. The game, which currently remains exclusively on systems IOSCO is rather an update of the concept of the game that surprised us a few years ago. You don’t expect a revolutionary sequel or radically different, and much less, an application that follows the events of the upcoming historical saga begun by Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton more than two decades. When we talk about Jurassic World: The game we do it in a very conservative terms, although this should not be bad by definition, can itself cause some slight disappointment in those who want to emulate the adventures of Chris Pratt from the iPhone or iPad Platforms with the game, apparently moment, exclusively.

Jurassic World: The game starts in style: in the middle of a storm over Clouded Island and during transport of a dangerous species of theropod. One of the fiercest criticism of the previous installment of the series, it was not contributed anything technically. Tried on its last legs add a way of fighting in three dimensions, which return in this sequel to the franchisees, improve some graphics and increase the number of environments and scenarios Jurassic World. The game is not, by any means, a mobile version of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, but is it a better title that enters the eye, with lighting effects and textures to match what he can require an app like this.

Jurassic World: The game will join Owen, Claire and their new genetic Dr. Wu forays Island to dim, the famous island InGen bought by the corporation to the government of Costa Rica. Unfortunately Hammond has since died, and a new multinational appears on the scene: Masrani Global. Under the tutelage of the new company, we take different risks, build new attractions and experiment with new species of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures so far unpublished.

After a brief tutorial, in which we will explain the basics of management and fighting creatures, Jurassic World: The game is revealed to us as a simpler and focused battles app and obtaining dinosaurs through envelopes and letters to the management itself. While this may sound good given the mobile features of a game of this nature, does not sit particularly well in the long run. Yes, Jurassic World: The game will continue to build buildings and scenery to the delight of our visitors, but Ludia seems to reward the bellicosity of our dinosaurs, marking us most of the missions and objectives through fighting between species.

The structure is broadly similar to that of Jurassic Park Builder but much more directly, making the false impression that move faster than other similar games is created. In a few minutes we'll have six or seven species of dinosaurs-at the beginning, with the exception of the triceratops, all animals will be under our control variants are less well known than the ordinary work, even the odd important building benefits. In a flash, Jurassic World opened our doors, and we will be receiving visitors without stopping.

Do not forget that we are talking about a free-to-play use with new features included in the new genre known as envelopes surprises. Most of the time we spend fighting-against AI and against various friends, contacts and foes worldwide via Internet, solving missions that will be coming to our mail and we gradually improving our facilities. Success in Jurassic World, will be marked by the rewards in the form of coins, banknotes, food or DNA resources This last is the most precious resource of the game-so like any other game of the genre, everything has a cost-usually louder. We'd better follow the corseted and mechanics marked app to move forward, or we will find several playable walls that prevent us to continue comfortably with our departure.

Park revenues, engine management game, like in Jurassic Park Builder, come from different sources. We have the dinosaurs, according to the level that they have and the species to which they belong-a Tyrannosaurus Rex manages to attract more visitors than a Majungasaurio- generate much income as well as the usual buildings and facilities, which produce benefits and money steadily lesser amount. Once we got up to a level which is after all, the measurement that guides us in our progress-, unlock a bunch of new dinosaurs, more facilities and new objectives to be met, that this really is true, are more varied than in the previous version. The same will ask us to improve the genetic code of a dinosaur that nourish, strengthen security through the park or distribute the decor.

In these boundaries, Jurassic World: The game gives the impression of being a nice, attractive and technically credible title. Its artistic direction is commendable in line with the new film, which focuses on architectural style cooler and with the times that run, and some details have been polished fans had called for in the previous application. We speak of a better distributed and better control the scale three-dimensional scene and space-we can move freely Nublar and even view the remains of the former theme park yields high, very realistic facilities and enclosures for prehistoric animals -and more in line with the needs of these creatures sizes-. Not the same exhibit a triceratops or an apatosaurus a handful of Velociraptors and a land animal does not have the same needs or requirements that a pterodactyl which premiered domes and indoors to prevent escape or fly freely.

We can now, thanks to a new camera, closer to interact with animals. We can feed them, pet them, even observe them in their daily lives. Each species has its own design, its movements, appearance and texture, as well as range and sound bank - extracted movies directly from Universal, something that fans appreciate . We spend much time watching them, giving them food and recreating the roar Jurassic World. The game is a great avenue application that works perfectly in the latest Apple devices. We've run the game on an iPhone 5S, iPad and third-generation iPad 2, and the differences between the first and the last two, is notorious.

But the main problem is that, unfortunately and as we mentioned, Jurassic World: The game has resulted in too much to the surprise of cards on which marked randomly and in a somewhat tricky our destiny - and fighting in the coliseum with Dinosaurs. There is no longer that sense of control we had before. Now we have genetic species of creatures that we can not access in any way, forcing us to go try their luck with the basic envelopes, or if we are very impatient with the payment. It should clarify that in theory not all dinosaurs are accessible, which some will have to be obtained through this unjust system of cards and envelopes of varying degrees of rarity.

The other big negative, is the reference to the fight. At times, Jurassic World: The game looks more like a title fights monsters like that infamous Jurassic Park: Warpath - in which by turns tail and snapping against exchange controlled by artificial intelligence and other players dinosaurs. They are very basic, we say that to predictable and boring, and force us to improve dinosaurs crudely to confer best moves and defend with greater ease-which at bottom is a ploy to prevent us huge amounts of money.

We have three options-from attack, defense and concentration-and a number of points per turn to spend, you can invest the way you want. That is, we can drop a heavy blow or distribute our points in defend, attack and focus. We decided. The main problem is that, beyond the choice of the group of dinosaurs that we look in combat - even look like a Pokémon to use-, the app does not transmit emotion, or even through its online network. And so when we say that is the mechanical side and -for most important game we access to new dinosaurs, it is a serious mistake.


Jurassic World: The game seems more an update of the concept of the previous title in the series also released for mobile platforms, a completely new game. It has improved some of the shortcomings of the original, but it seems more dump in obtaining envelopes and combat concerned to offer new features to the player. Yes, we now have new species of dinosaurs, and even the design of these seems to us much more careful and realistic. In short: Jurassic World: The game stores a graphic section spectacular in the short distances 3D some of these changes and tweaks it may be sufficient to justify a sequel, but not on the terms that have finished translating the app.. We endorse the park what then? Yes, but with reservations.