Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) Crossing / Bell Cup (DLC 2) guide

Crossing Cup - Baby Park (NGC)

1. Proper abbreviations is not really here. In the two large curves, you can die with a mushroom or star on the grass surface.

Crossing Cup - Cheese Land

1. Direct the first corner you can cut it with a mushroom when you drive through the mountain cheese. Like you can do even at the second corner. There are a few more curves, where you can cut back so the route slightly.

2. After the second corner you will find right off the curve a cheese tunnel through which you can die with a mushroom or star.

3. After the curve you stand right off the track a ramp to the above you come with a mushroom, flying over the following abyss. Hold on the left off the track and used another fungus (if available) - there you will find another ramp with a turbo field that brings you to the finish line.

Crossing Cup - Wild Woods

1. After the first corner followed by a crotch - long drive left. With mushroom you can drive across the grass and cut off some distance.

2. Shortly before the finish line (approximately penultimate curve) there is left of the wooden bridge a small grass path with a ramp that can use her with a fungus.

Crossing Cup - Animal Crossing Village

1. You can cut the first two curves by their trip with a mushroom on the grass.

2. When you are at the beach, you can left in the curve on the wet sand nozzle (if you need two fungi).

3. In the penultimate corner (the one with the mole) you can go right with a fungus on the grass.

Bell Cup - Koopa City Fever / Neo Bowser City (3DS)

1. If you're flying with your glider at the end towards the finish line, you keep to the left off the track. Flies past between the screen and the target and sails to the air flow, which transports you to the top, so that you end up back on the track.

2. Otherwise, you can cut with a fungus in order to save a little more distance curves.

Bell Cup - Big Blue

1. If you are in the second section, you can in the second corner left to the shut-off with a mushroom fly over the abyss and reach hopefully the turbo rings.

2. In addition you can also here several curves with mushrooms cut in order to save a little distance.

Bell Cup - Ribbon Road (Party Street (GBA))

1. You can cut the first two curves with a fungus.

2. The same you can make "green zone" with the curves in.

3. In the "blue region" you are looking for before the second turn right to a green building block on the top you can go without fungus (leads this a trick). In the next bend there right again a Block on the drive you can (again without fungus, but with trick possible).

4. In the last corner you can go right "arches castle" off the track through.

Bell Cup - Super Bell Subway (Marios Metro)

1. After the second trip curves left the way (in the Item-boxes) and can little later on the Metro - at the end of the Metro is a ramp.

2. The last curve to the left you can cut with a fungus.

3. In addition, you can more curves with mushrooms cut in order to save a little distance. Tried it best at the corners with columns.