Marvel Future Fight (iOS / Android) beginners' guide / tips

Marvel Future Fight is a new action game and RPG of the Avengers for iOS and Android. The game features very neat graphics and gameplay that closely resembles the old Marvel Ultimate Alliance. But there are social news, heroes to unlock and different ways to take advantage. Check out our beginners' guide and tips to send well.

Based on Histories

Marvel Future Fight takes players to control various Marvel characters without worrying too much about consistency. The game is based on pre-assembled stories front of the fans know the Marvel Universe, but with missions to follow. You have to follow the order of each mission to complete the stories and get more characters and items.

In general the missions are very short, but vary in difficulty. It takes attention to objectives that can be eliminate a target or eliminate a certain amount of enemies, among other tasks. The game varies somewhat what should be done between phases, but it is necessary to read and understand what he asks.

Action Gameplay

Although he RPG elements, Marvel Future Fight is a typical action game where you need to walk through the scenarios and fight against enemies that appear along the way. There is not much secret here, and hit at the right time his punches and be careful with them special.

The specials are on the bottom of the screen and have a charging time, so do not abuse the use of them. In addition, you can also call another ally, which is a character from another random player who will help you for a few seconds.

Social Allies

Marvel Future Fight is a game that allows you to connect with Facebook and other social networks, to WhatsApp to summon allies to their group. It is important that you use this tool multiplayer, because the more allies you have, the more chances of surviving a stage will have.

By connecting with allies, whether random or your friends, you can make characters that do not already have to help you in the stages - and most importantly, they can come in higher levels than yours, which is of great help.

Evolution Heroes

With its RPG elements, Marvel Future Fight is also a game where you need to deal with the evolution of characters, improving their skills, moves and unlocking new features for each.

You can also modify your items, improving them with tools that are recorded in phases, which can do more damage, more endurance or speed, depending on the item you choose to improve.

Touch / Control

Marvel Future Fight lets you decide between two types of control, and it will ask you this early in the game. But do not worry, because you can change later in the options screen. The two types are "touch" and "control".

In the first you need only touch the screen to move the character or enemy for him to attack. Already in the "control" a kind of virtual joystick appears on the screen, so you control the hero as if it were in a video game. Both options work and you should choose the one that fits more.

More characters, more options

Marvel Future Fight is based on your group of characters, always have a new and ready to evolve group, and for this you must unlock more characters wherever possible, in a huge list that involves many of the Marvel Universe names.

In addition, we also need to build their groups, a limit of three possible groups of up to three heroes. They can be used interchangeably, while those who are unused you can send missions to earn more points without that we need to play those stages - but it takes a while, so take your time.

Finally, like all packed game unlockables, Marvel Future Fight also features a number of alternate costumes for the characters, inspired by other versions, such as those seen in movies. The clothes have a unique look, but also provide bonus characters in their attributes, then it is also a good idea to always try to unlock more visual over time.

Marvel Future Fight is a game that looks complex but actually is quite simple to understand in its main center, but lacks a little attention from the player at the time to manage his team, with more important functions than merely face the phase front. Always be aware of your teams.