MH4U (3DS) Beat Rusted Kushala Daora - monster guide

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (MH4U) (3DS) learn how to beat Rusted Kushala Daora

The Rusted Kushala Daora is a subspecies of normal Kushala Daora. You have to shoot this monster in the urgent quest of stage 9. The skin of an ordinary Kushala Daora consists of metal. When that monster is very old, the metal begins to rust ever. For this reason the Rusted Kushala Daora's not really a sub-species, but is counting on these anyway. You should use this against monsters or water-dragon-item-arms, as these are most effective against the Rusted Kushala Daora. Elements which are uses the subspecies even the dragons element. Destructible body parts of Rusted Kushala Daora are his horns, his wings and his tail, which you can cut off with blade weapons.

The special ability of Rusted Kushala Daora as that of the ordinary relatives his perfect control of the wind. Since this also is an old Kushala Daora at the subspecies, it is logical that he can better control the wind and still can perform stronger attacks. However, the attacks which he uses not differ from a normal Kushala Daora. A big part of the battle is the monster in the air and shoots you from there mostly with a gust of wind from the mouth from. He is also often makes it appears on the battlefield a huge tornado, so that the area that you can use is limited. Even the Rusted Kushala Daora has a wind aura that knock down you if you stand too close to the monster. This can be quite annoying, as you are an easy target for the monster, when the wind blew you Aura. A good method is therefore to poison the monster because as the wind aura is weakened for the duration of the poisoning. You can do with a poisonous weapon or poison throwing knives. In rage mode, the monster is again dangerous, stronger and faster. In this state, his usual white wind aura turns black and becomes even stronger. In addition, all of its wind attacks are now colored black. The monster but not really is a long time in this mode.

Areas in which the Rusted Kushala Daora occurs: case reasons