Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Seregios: tactics in the fight

Seregios Description

The Seregios is a medium-sized bipedal Wyvern, which is covered with shiny golden scales. You will find him in the urgent quest at level 8 have to fight in the dunes. As to his eagle-like appearance to recognize is at the Seregios a sophisticated air fighter, the extremely aggressive acts towards his opponents. Although the Seregios use no specific element in the fight, but you can add the only monster ever bleed.

Destructible body parts are its head, its claws, its wings and its tail. The tail you can also disconnect unless you attack him with bladed weapons. The Seregios is a very special monster, who looks the 4 Ultimate on his 3DS game packaging Monster Hunter, is to find out why. It adorns namely the cover of the game, making it a so-called flagship Monster. The most effective weapons against Seregios are ice-and-thunder-element weapon, which is why you should definitely take this.

Areas where the Seregios occurs: dunes, steppe ancestors, Always forest, hollow sink, Frost sea, volcanic depression

Tactics in the fight

The Seregios is a very aggressive air hunter who holds many strong attacks for you ready. It is the flagship Monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and is also a whole new monster that was introduced in this part of the series. This monster is you certainly not turn away and you should not either. Take therefore with an ice or thunder-element weapon, since they cause the most damage to the Seregios. In your arms you have to pay attention to any particular element protection, as the Seregios does not use elements. Nevertheless, your defense value should be as high as possible.

In the battle of Seregios is very fast and agile. If you're at it close, it is usually hit with its tail for you or cut with his sharp claws on their feet for you. Are you but a little further away, he quickly rises a little in the air and on RASST with its claws ahead of you to. The Seregios also has the ability to shoot his golden scales in your direction. He can do this with its tail, but also with his head. He shoots several times in different directions. He seldom rises into the air and RASST quickly around the area. He catches you here, you fall to the Seregios and jumps on you and it holds you. Now you have to empty by quickly pushing her buttons the bar. But rather take a few dung bombs and throw them at him, because he so immediately makes you go. Very dangerous is also the fight against Seregios even the new status effect he brings. The more often he namely hits you, the greater the likelihood that you suffer from one of his attacks under the status effect circulation. This status effect can you as a single monster inflict ever even the Seregios. By her bleeding permanent damage when you move and perform actions such as running, rolling or attack. The bleeding can heal her by her squats you back and remain for a while in the crouched state. But you can also fried steak or Mosswine-dried meat eating to heal the bleeding.