Omega Quintet (PS4) tips

Improve Unique Action Skills

The Unique Action Skills (Removal, Blaire elimination, Breakthrough, Jump, Analyze, Sacred Zone, and Dowsing) be increased as a reward for completing the "Show me a skill" quest.

In these missions you have the appropriate chain Attacks in combat on Harmonics - Select Chain - Skill.

Mighty Skills

The strongest skills are the "S Skills" Solitary Rhapsody (Aria), Shrine of Hope (Otoha) Fantasy Friant (Kanadeko), Valkyrie Nocturne (Kyoka) and Prima Donna (Nene). The skills can be under Menu - Unlock Disk Analysis - Skills. You need these skills for the mighty "EX Skill" – “Chain Attack” and the execution of "Show me a skill" quests.

Quest: I Don’t Have Lavender Perfume

The Quest "I Don’t Have Lavender Perfume!" you can only enter between the first encounter with Aria and the subsequent mission in the theater. The missing items can then be produced in the workshop.


For the "Insect", from which one gets the "Faintly Contaminated Husk", you start in "Verdant Greenbelt" to the "Weathervane Plains" and go south, then east through the Level 1 "Sacred Zone", for the "Field Action" of Kyoka needs. One then comes to a great level. At the east end (near checkpoint) the level spawns a Vonara. If it is marked with a crown, it is accompanied by the "Rare MAD" Insect.

Use Other EP

In order to satisfy the quest in which the description "Use Other EP (xxx)" is (eg A Street Banner is a Fan's Soul, Be With the One You Adore, The Folded Heart of a fan, Lent Me a Hand) you have to have the correct amount of EP. They are then debited from the account.

Mello Location

In Quest "workout zone Encroachment" (Level9) can be found in North Middleton to Mello on the west side behind the high jump barrier. At the starting point several times back and forth, to spawn on the mini map with a crown labeled a Balrog.

Weapons level up

The weapons can level up fastest right after the "True Ending".

First, you level up in each weapon for every girl in the first space from 5Floor the Training Facility at level 3, so that two turns are possible with any weapon. After you level up each weapon in the first space from 6Floor the Training Facility at Level 8 (ie, only one or two fights). The result is a plethora of skill points, which are preferred distributed to the "Stats up When Level up" -Skills.

Level 10 - Boss End


- All equipped with the skills "Luminescent Glory" and "song".

- Arrange For "Change Order" the two girls moved to the sides, so that the opponent does not catch all at once.

- The clock been paired with girls in the middle, so that by "Group Defense" as many are covered.

- Kyoka Equip with a "fan" to meet at the beginning more of the weaker opponents with the larger area of effect damage.

- Inventories of "Revival Medicine" (at least 25) and increase of the items for HP and SP increase.

- When amp set to "Song Power Up +1250", "Stamina UP +1250", "Divinity Up +1250", "Technique Up +1250" and "Vitaly Up +1250" offers, but the clothes are ruined very early in battle.


- Whenever possible, keep the HP with "Luminescent Glory" to maximum.

- Co-Gone Girl revives immediately and maximizes HP possible. These two points have priority over attack on the opponent.

- First Satanel and then fight Vermillion.

- Do not use "Cosmic Fan" and other "zero-element-Skills", as these increase the HP of Satanel.

- Bring the girl with "Defense" in a number to apply Harmonic chains, usually does not work because the opponents go with "Order Break" in between.