Shovel Knight (PS VITA) cheat codes

New Game +

Beat the game to unlock New Game + with your current data.

In this mode the difficulty goes up, but will keep the armor, magic and improvements of the previous game.

Developer Logo

At first level "Pridemoor Keep", go left to enter a secret area with a music score. Hit the top with your shovel to make the wall fall and the Yacht Club Games logo display.

Propeller Blade and infinite magic

Start a new profile and enter CVPYHAON as your name. Be advised that you have unlocked a new trick and you put another name.

This code unlocks the Propeller Blade and infinite magic for that weapon.

Shovel Knight walkthrough, boss fights, unlock all upgrades

Super Jump

Create a new profile and enter as the name J&2JMP! and you get a message to activate the trick to put your name again.

This trick can jump higher than normal.


Start a new game and enter the following:

Butt Mode

Lunar leap

Super jump

Giant Mode

Still more giant

Iron Man mode

Chaos Armor

You must enter the Hall of Champions. On the second floor to the right you'll fight with enemies. At the end of the room there is a hidden room, hit the wall and go into another where there will be a score. In the lower right corner you should fall down and find Kratos, the protagonist of God of War.

Grave Digger Shovel
Kratos fighting and win

Chaos Armor
Grave Digger Shovel brings the blacksmith.