Space Engineers (PC) tips


There are quite a few Weapons in space engineers. But you can build them, two of which I present to you now.

The stone-MG:

This gun is particularly suitable for the Survival mode, because the ammunition is very cost effective. You need merely stone you get in tons while digging in the asteroid. You build a big ship with a small container (filled with stone) with a connector and many forward-facing gravity generators. Once you press the Eject connector, flying boulders with a breakneck speed to the intended target. Not save to gravitational field generators.

The explosive bomb:

This weapon is a little more expensive, but also directed a devastating damage. Build a large ship consisting of kl. Reactor artificial groups and at least 2 warheads what you attached to the footpad of a large ship. Important: The big ship must have at least a Gravity generator because the bomb so down to fall. With P, the bomb is dropped.

Copy items from one world to another

It is particularly useful in creative mode

Ctrl + C and then press ESC. After that change the world, and press Ctrl + V

Defy the law of inertia

So great physics in space engineers is so annoying it can be. When space shipbuilding should therefore note that ma building as soon as possible just somehow jets in all directions. Thus, the semi-finished spacecraft no longer simply a small shock of another astronaut (or of a self) are catapulted into the endless expanses of space.

Ships handling and braking distance at low

To improve handling in your spaceship installed on all sides so the top, bottom, left, right, and rear approximately the same number engines. You can if that is not enough, or you don’t bring the ship can also be adapted to you in which you in K (standard occupancy) suppressed. There you go into a menu is where your or your Gyroscope and engines as a the can you control it well in all directions

Ps: This can also be done by a co pilot while driving.

Use energy efficiently / not waste

Energy is your most important element in the whole space engineers. Is it out of you, then you have a big problem, so the energy management is incredibly important. Here I have a few tips for you:

1. gravitational field generators consume significantly less energy when a reduced the gravity field (if you have an antenna on your station / your ship, simply switch times "Show on HUD" at your Grav gene and then go to "Info" and makes "Showing gravity range" with NEM checkmark on. Also you have the acceleration does not leave at 1.00 G, you can calm down make something. I prefer 0.3G (CTRL Just click on the slider and then give "0.3" one, is important that you use a point and not a comma!). That alone will you save a lot of electricity particularly in the banana-boat that gets you to the top in an asteroid world.

2. Solar power: solar cells give you more power when you they aimed directly at the sun. The green dots on the cells help you in determining how strong the sunlight on them: 4 points is the maximum. To rotate it needs their engines (in English "rotor"), the simple is enough. Although solar cells have less power per block as reactors are for but infinitely and can be extremely helpful as an emergency supplementary.

3. Batteries: Use these gifts Developer with rhyme or reason. The button "semi-automated" is indeed conducive to laziness, you but the uranium goes out and the battery is dead, that's it with your base. Use batteries and solar cells wisely as emergency generators, so that you may gather some uranium in order to process it in the refinery.

4. Oxygen: The latest updates have made the compelling need for oxygen. In one room, which you have filled with oxygen, you should take off your helmet because you so even saves energy! Breathe Your namely oxygen from the ambient consumes your suit less energy than you would breathe from the tank of the suit.

5. You can build a second space station, which is not consistent with your own in connection to refuel there batteries for your small ships (eg drones and small hunters). In very small vessels, I prefer the use of 1 - 3 batteries, since I will not be used permanently and they are therefore very easy to refuel with solar power, without my having to spend tons of uranium. For larger boats (like mining ships) I would, however, still rely on reactors and use batteries as an emergency generator, as they can not spend enough energy to keep z. B. the drill going. This quickly leads to overload and the inertia damper or some machines do not work properly.

I hope I could help you something: