In this section of the guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will find tricks to have infinite lives, unlimited coins, new weapons and more!

These tricks allow you to have the following bonuses and are activated by the MENU 'TRICKS visible by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard:

LIFE INFINITE - Cheats infinite health
ENERGY ILLIMITATA- Cheats infinite stamina
INFINITY BREATH - Cheats infinite breath underwater
NOTHING TOXICITY '- Make-0 lead to the toxicity
ADRENALINE INFINITE - Cheats adrenaline infinite
INFINITE POWER HORSE - Cheats endless stamina horse
HORSE WITHOUT FEAR - Cheats horse without fear of enemies
INCREASE IN QUANTITY 'objectively increases the amount of the chosen
INCREASE IN QUANTITY 'MONETE- Increases the amount of coins
COINS ILLIMITATE- Cheats infinite money and unlimited
DURABILITY 'INFINITE - The weapons and armor do not lose durability
COINS MERCANTI ILLIMITATE- Cheats infinite money and unlimited for merchants
CREATION EASY - Allows you to create objects without resources
INCREASE EXPERIENCE - Increase the experience accumulated
INCREASE IN STYLE POINTS - Increase style points accumulated

The following procedure can also be used instead of PS4 and XBOX ONE


Go to Heirarch Center, Novigrad, and look for the merchant with the fish counter. The trader sells the SHELLS for 7 crowns each, all those that you can buy and then do spend a few hours meditating to replenish stocks of the seller. When you have accumulated a large amount of shells, go to the blacksmith, you can find near the fishmonger, and do remove the shells to get the PEARLS (the cost for the procedure is one of a crown).

Now you can sell PEARLS same blacksmith who has extracted from SHELLS for less than 109 CROWNS one such a fortune in no time. In the video you can see the complete process:


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