The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt Cheats (PC)

In this section of the guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will find tricks to have infinite lives, unlimited coins, new weapons and more!

Create a backup copy of the game file before starting this step because you are going to modify it. To change the "general.ini" file, which is typically located under "The Witcher 3 Wild Huntbinconfigbase" in the Witcher 3 directory, use a text editor. Add DBGConsoleOn=true to the [General] section of the file, save it, and then start the game. Press ~ to show the console while you're still in the game. Then, enter one of the following codes and click [Enter] to activate the relevant cheat feature:

gotoKaerMorhen - Teleport to Kaer Morhen
gotoNovigrad - Teleport to Novigrad
gotoSkellige - Teleport to Skellige Isles
gotoPrologWinter - Teleport to White Orchard
gotoProlog - Teleport to White Orchard
secretgwint - Play a round of Gwent
addgwintcards - Add one of all Gwent cards to deck
winGwint( [number] ) - Win current Gwent game with specified number of points
Cat(1) - Enable night vision
Cat(0) - Disable night vision
setbeard(1) - Grow beard
learnskill ( [skill] ) - Learn skill; re-enter code to increase skill level
additem ( [name] , [number] ) - Add item and quantity to inventory; works for Gwent cards
ShowPins(1) - Reveal all map icons
ShowAllFT(1) - Reveal all signposts
killall - Kill all enemies
spawn ( [name] , [number] ) - Spawn NPC
shave - Remove facial hair
god - Invincibility
levelup - Increase player level by 1
setlevel ( [number] ) - Set player level
addexp ( [number] ) - Add experience points
addmoney ( [number] ) - Add crowns
removemoney ( [number] ) - Remove crowns
healme - Refill HP
Ciri - Play as Ciri
Geralt - Play as Geralt
makeitrain - Start rainstorm
stoprain - Stop rainstorm