The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - main missions guide

The complete guide to all the missions of the main story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!

In this section of our guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will discover how to overcome all the MAIN TASKS of the game, to reach the wonderful ending and unlock all the trophies / objectives relating to the history!

ATTENTION !!! - Given the nature of this guide, it could contain several spoilers about the main plot of the game!

Kaer Morhen




LOCATION: Castle Kaer Morhen
REWARDS: Continue in the Main Plot.
INFORMATION: Basic Tutorial - start of the game, after discussion in the room, go down in the courtyard following the aid provided by the game. After the conversation, you can choose whether to run or not with Ciri on the castle walls (skipping this step will skip the tutorial movements). After reaching the next phase completed the tutorial fighting following the instructions on screen and sheathed his sword to end and start playing. If not sheathed sword you can continue to work out what you want.
EXTRA NOTE: The choices in the dialogues of this phase will not affect the game.

The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt (PC) walkthrough


REWARDS: Continue in the Main Plot.
INFORMATION: Once awake, follow Vesemir riding and eliminate the annoying GHOUL. Keep on following Vesemir, if you can stop in the destroyed village to collect some consumable from barrels, boxes etc. Help the poor merchant attacked by GRIFFIN gap and do not ask reward for information useful to man. Once a landlord INN say that you have helped the man to receive favorable treatment. After dialogue seek information on Yennefer using the dot HANDLING MENTAL on the two peasants near your table. They will tell you to ask SOLDIERS Nilfgaard. Reach the stronghold of the soldiers in the camp and talk to the COMMANDER that asks you to erase the GRIFFIN who haunts the area in exchange for information. Eliminate the Grifone back from the commander to know Yennefer (you can decide whether to accept the reward of slimy man). Now you'll just have to go back to the inn and Vesemir starting to end the mission. This is a good time to complete some MISSION SECONDARY BIANCO ORCHARD before.

EXTRA NOTE: The Merchant you saved will just outside the Inn. If you have not previously requested a payment for his rescue, you can now buy his goods at half price.

Arriving ...