The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt (PC) solution to all sidequests

Welcome to the all sidequests solution. As you will certainly notice the new adventures of Geralt is one of the biggest games that exist. Accordingly, this is far from being a complete side quest guide. But we do our best to constantly update with new content and solutions!

Table of Contents:

- On his deathbed
- Crazed arsonist
- Killed in action
- Precious Cargo
- A spotless pan
- Stake held funeral
- False papers
- Wild Heart
- Defender of the Faith
- A greedy God
- Death by Fire
- The Tree Festival
- Ciri's Room
- Return to hump swamp
- The Fall of the House
- Magic Lamp
- An invitation from Keira Metz
- A tower of Rats
- A favor between friends
- Promoting education
- Flying Fists: Velen
- Dangerous Goods
- Race: Crow Rock
- Masterwork Armorer
- From swords and dumplings
- Mark Abere Harvest
- The Last Rites
- A Would-Be Sorcerer
- On the Track
- The Dilemma with the Dwarf Documents
- The Banks of Novigrad
- Honor Among Thieves
- Fencing Lessons
- A vital matter
- The Haunted House
- Now or Never
- Get Now
- Cabaret
- A Black Pearl
- In the Heart of the Woods Quest
- Abandoned Sawmill
- For Honor and Glory
- Novigrad, Closed City
- A Runaway Horse
- The Oxenfurt Drunk
- Love's Cruel Snares
- A dog's life
- A Barn full of trouble

On His Deathbed

Start: White Garden, In the hut of Tomira, the herbalist.

Task: Prepare a portion of the potion "Swallow" to and bring them to Tomira.

Precious Cargo

Start: White Garden, north of the waypoint "sawmill"

Task: A merchant told by the roadside, he was attacked by monsters and had lost his car. He needs your help to carry a box.

Use your sorcerer sense to find the car and fought any Drowned. On closer examination of the car and the environment you fall on, however, that the merchant was lying. The desired box you will find near the dead horse. At the merchant you can give him the box or appeal your suspicion.


    25 ERF
    20 Crowns

If the merchant flees on his horse - after him! Have you caught up with him, he will be thought of as underground fighters of Temerier who attacked a Nilfgaardian drugs courier. You now have the choice to let him go with the drugs, to let him go without medication or even deliver him to the Nilfgaardian. Keep your medications, there are the following for you:


    10 ERF
    50 crowns
    5x celandine

Crazed Arsonist

Start: White Garden, the blacksmith Willis in the village.

Task: Someone has set fire to the forging of Willis. You shall find the culprit.

Search using your sorcerer sense the guilty. If you follow the instructions you get to the drunken Napp. This gives the arson to also fast, but offers you a bribe to, if you do not betray him. Participate in either this or delivers it off at Willis. The Nilfgaardian occupiers we do saboteur very short process and depend Napp.


50 ERF
20 Crowns 

Killed in Action

Start: At the bulletin board in white garden.

Task: search first Dune and talk to him. If you help him goes along with it to the battlefield. There you will find ghouls and many fallen soldiers. Addiction with your sorcerer senses after Temerian shields with little flowers on it. One of them belong to Dunes brother. His dog will then begin its track and result in Dune and a Nilfgaardian soldiers. You now have a choice: Should Dune resume Nilfgaardian who saved his brother undercover or not?


25 ERF

A Spotless Pan

Start: [White Garden] northwest of the village with an old woman.

Task: The old lady looking for her beloved pan and offers you to search the house. Break the door with the Aard spell on and examined the house. Apart from the body, you discover that you're looking for pan next to the stove. Return the pan from the woman that is if the cleanliness of the pan delighted.


- 10 ERF
- Bread x5
- Apple x5
- Baked apple x5

Stake Held Funeral

Start: Velen, on the road east of the Quick Trip intersection the priests of eternal fire.

Task: The priest calls you three places where your corpses shall burn to keep corpse eater. These are marked on the map and infested with ghouls. At one of these places is still alive, a dealer who tells you an interesting story. The priest has bought from him, but betrayed him and left to die. Speak your priest after completed task to it he is trying to bribe you into silence. Take ye do not, so he and his henchmen will attack you. The money you get after a successful battle anyway from the corpse of the priest.


- 45 ERF
- 200 crowns

False Papers

Start: Velen, just before the bridge over the Pontar

Task: A man in front of the bridge selling permits to 100 Oren. However, this is quite expensive. For the answer "is not cheaper?" provide the man to - protect his brother in the southeast of monsters in his work. Then get your discount. Have you already invested a point in your Axii perhaps can also be persuaded to leave it to you cheaper (50 Oren) him.

Wild Heart

Start: Velen, on the notice board in the fast travel point.

Task: A hunter named Niellen looking for his wife. She disappeared in the nearby woods a few days ago.

Solution: Speak with Niellen. Holt all meaningful information out of him, to his brother's wife shows up. Unfortunately, the neighbor Glenna know nothing. But the children of the blacksmith are helpful: One of the guys has seen at night, as she has gone with another woman in the forest. Nanu?

So make your way into the forest. At the specified location you can find some wolves. Kill them. Suddenly, the sister of Niellen emerges. She asks you to give up the studies, they also pay twice. Suspicious, but if you do not care take the money.

If not, refuses. Examines wanted over the carcass to the wolves. At the tree directly behind it is obviously the tattered Hanna. To the right of the boulder to find Wolf claws. Centered on the right side of the search circle you find a tuft of fur and a scent trail. Follows her to a hut. There, however, is no one. Only one letter, which indicates that Niellen is the werewolf. Go behind the hut, smashed the door with Aard and enter the Wolf Cave. Middle of the night of the werewolf will show up there and be picked up from you a spanking. Do you have enough wounded him, resurfaced on the sister and asks that you let live Niellen. She was the one that Hanna has accused the Wolf to be devoured. Niellen device over so enraged that he would kill them. You can allow or prevent. The choice is yours ... in any case, the werewolf will not survive. From Can you pick a key and search his hut for a locked chest.


45 ERF

Defender of the Faith

Start: Velen, at a small crossroads west of (CITY)

Recommended Level: 10

Task: A few vandals have desecrated shrines of Verna. An old woman wants you to fix this. There are three pieces of it: a locally and two more that are marked on the maps.

On the second you will find a shrine Endrega warrior. This monster is quite difficult to defeat if you do not know how: When it proves effective to stun the warrior with Aard and two- strike three times, then dodge. Pay attention to avoid being poisoned (if it helps the Quen sign).

On the last shrine you will find a few students from Oxenfurt that are about to destroy the shrine. NCAH a very interesting conversation (similar to Friedrich Nietzsche is entirely coincidental) you can miss the young gentlemen a beating.

A Greedy God

Start: Velen, south from the farmers in the ruins of the waypoint wastrel estate.

Purpose: Speak at the altar to "God". That's not very much that he has to restrain himself in the future. All right, maybe a conversation face to face? Looks great with your sorcerer senses the left of the statue to - wine bottles whose booze stinks to high heaven. Follows the scent trail to the ruins next to the ruins - an illusion! Have you already received the eye of Nehaleni of Keira you can resolve them and get to the basement.

The "God" is nothing more than a fat ogre, who has built up a nice existence. However, he is quickly "convinced" in conversation, but something withhold if your suggesting drastic enough on your sword.

Split the farmers with this. If you're in common you can find many to point the farmers on the crypt - fantastic architecture.

Death by Fire

Start: To the west of Oxenfurt at a burning hut. See map.

Task: When you arrive at the burning hut you already see several men who make no attempt to extinguish the fire. From inside you hear a woman screaming. Since Geralt is not a big fan of highwaymen he walks a course. Kill the 4 men. The survivors will be seen very grateful.

The Tree Festival

Start: At the castle rock crows once Geralt has transformed the miscarried in a booby Bold.

Task: The Waideler is waiting at the castle to you and ask for your help, to assist him in a ritual. So make your way to the island Reuse and waits at the stone circle until midnight. If the ritual starts fights and drown water wives who attack you. You have the will you put behind a ghost appearing, who calls the Waideler "parricide". To make matters worse emerge even soldiers of eternal fire, scare the spirit. This will finish the ritual and all arrested, while your course have something. So kill the soldiers. By shedding the ritual, however, disturbed and dive phenomena. These will have to your well.

Is that all you will pass the Waideler appeal to the mind. It's actually his father and the Waideler killed him. To destroy the spirit you have to burn his body. Therefore follow by boat the quest marker into the swamps. Ambrose is approximately in the center of the mark. A Igni character and his body burns. So refund for Waideler and report.

Ciri's Room

Start: In the castle of the bloody Barons after he told you that Ciri's been with him.

Task: Follow the path in the guest room, where Ciri lived. Examine all the sorcerer’s senses: clothing, a gyroscope and a book. Then goes to the kitchen and talk to Gretka that you know from Ciris history already. Chat a little with her, then told you Gretka from "a friend" of Ciri. A new actor on the stage? Then give Gretka back the roundabout, you've found.


- 100 ERF

Masterwork Armorer

Start: When Armorer on crows rock. Ask him for a master blacksmith for a suit of armor.

Task: On the Skellige village is a blacksmith exist, can be found in the very high-quality tools. Geralt is the dwarf Fergus bring these tools, then Fergus will forge him a first-class armaments.

Return to Hump Swamp

Start: On Crow Rock, after you've Anna Stern discovered at the aunts.

Task: Once you have the Baron informed about Anna's whereabouts and promised him to help him you embark to the meeting place in Lower random. Follow the Baron and fight your way through the village. There you will find already Tamara and the witch hunters. A short time later found the group Anna. The joy of reunion is but marred, because suddenly plunge different monsters, on. Together you to fight all those monsters. Then the Baron Anna will bring to a healer.

The Fall of the House

Start: At the bulletin board in Lindental

Task: Dolores has monster in her estate. You will ask to eliminate them. Said and done. When the monsters are on the way to three phenomena. Not much resistance for an experienced sorcerer - at report problem is recommended Specter Oil. Do not forget to look for the chest, which is part of your reward. If everything is done, you will be returned to Dolores and complete the quest.

- 25 ERF

From swords and dumplings

Start: at Hattori, the master swordsmith in Novigrad

Recommended Level: 24

The truth is in the stars

Start: At the soothsayer (east of Lower random) or in Velen when you meet a man who tells him.

Task: The old man wants you to predict your future. Well then ... Give him something to eat and let him look into the future. Somehow you know that but it all. The soothsayer says he can be more creative if you are worried him. So follow the quest marker to the cave where you will find Dracunculus. By the way you can get couple of ghouls who must eliminate your first attempt. Do you have the Dracunculus which brings the fortune teller. Then sounds more interesting ...

Magic Lamp

Start: [Velen] After the main quest "hike in the dark" when it suits Keira assistance under the lamp.

Recommended Level: 6

Task: Go therefore not toward the exit to the right, but follow the path on your left. After just a few steps you come into a room with four statues and a closed passage. Your blonde companion Keira will examine the inscription of the passageway and call you a mystery. It is a rather simple puzzle whose resolution reads as follows:

- Right Statue

- Left statue

- Rightmost statue

- Leftmost statue

Once you have entered the correct order to open the passage. Not much further you will also have the coveted Lamp and you can now leave the ruins.


- 100 ERF

An invitation from Keira Metz

Start: [Velen] Once the side quest "Magic Lamp".

Recommended Level: 6

Task: Equips Keira in her hut a visit after you have together found the magic lamp. They will ask you for a favor - it's about a curse on the Reuse island. Within the conversation will get you said magic lamp with which you can make spirits visible and a Xenogloss, with Keira can communicate with you. After the conversation, the Quest ends ... and starts a new one.

A Tower of Rats

Start: [Velen] Once the side quest "An invitation from Keira Metz".

Recommended Level: 6

Task: Now you have the Xenogloss and the magic lamp and you shall make on the tower. This is located on the island Reuse. Go up to the mark on the map and gets into his boat. This will you translate the Reuse island, then where you follow the path up to the tower. Step into the tower and sets the magic lamp to become a witness of various spirits talks. Almost on every floor you will find these spirits bring the talks to you every 50 ERF. Are you reached the top, you come across the ghost girl Annabell. Here it does not matter how ye decide in the dialog to a fight occurs anyway. After a dramatic conversation that revealed to you the secret of the tower, you will involve in a fight with a Pesta. This evil spirits creature you strike until it disappears. Your next destination is the Erzdorf, located north of the island Reuse. There you look for a man named Graham and convinced him to return to his beloved Annabell. Again in the tower of the curse druch a kiss, and associated death Graham is solved. Come Back to Keira, where you already expected the next quest.

A Favor Between Friends

Start: [Velen] Once the side quest "A tower full of rats".

Recommended Level: 6

Task: You will receive the task to Keiras goods to look for it you go to mark and sets there a sorcerer your senses. Near the body of water you'll find some balance tracks, which you follow along the way. Not far away you will also already invaded the scales and Keira merchandise. Go back to the blonde witch, because this will make you a proposal to you can not refuse. Increases his horse and rides up to the marked place where you get not only an optional passionate night with Keira but also 80 ERF as a reward. Here is a final quest of Keira.

Promoting Education

Start: [Velen] Once the side quest "A favor between friends."

Recommended Level: 6

Task: You realize that Keira has something on the Reuse island before so you make yourselves on the way there. You arrived at the tower, confronted her the sorceress. This has you only used to get to important documents. Your call of Keira documents to burn them, but refuse to Keira. A struggle ensues and you get after winning 200 ERF.

Flying Fists: Velen

Start: [Velen] In the bulletin board in Crows Bluff.

Recommended Level: 11

Task: You gotta prove in first fight and defeat Jonas in Black Branch. Then get the blacksmith in the tavern at the crossroads to feel your fists before her transported the fish-eaters in Lindental to the mat. Mention is made previously always with the bookmaker. The fish-eater wants to sneak victory with you. But don’t deal with this offer because you have none of it and make the fight again need when you lose.

Now did you for the fight against the sergeant in Crows Rock qualified, the much stronger with stage 12 is than your other opponents. Sets also him on the boards and bring you your wager from.

Dangerous Goods

Start: [Velen] On the main road east of Lindtal.

Task: Middle of the road you see a car, which is attacked by ghouls. Kill the ghouls and speak with Gert Borel. Tell him to burn the car and take the task directly to him by her Ignii acting on the car.


- 10 ERF

Race: Crow Rock

Start: [Velen] on the bulletin board in Crows Bluff.

Task: Set for a race and defeat all three opponents. Make sure that you do not leave the track, because then you will be disqualified. The Quest is pretty handy to improve your horse’s equipment to have, for example, more capacity for your items.


- 75 ERF
- 40 crowns
- Racing saddle
- Blinkers
- Saddle bags

Masterwork Armorer

Start: [Velen] In the blacksmith Fergus Graen in Crows Bluff. Ask him for a master blacksmith for a suit of armor.

Recommended Level: 24

Task: On the island Undvik (Skellige) is a blacksmith exist, can be found in the very high-quality tools. Geralt is the dwarf Fergus bring these tools, then Fergus will forge him a first-class armaments.

From swords and dumplings

Start: [Novigrad] When Hattori, the master swordsmith.

Recommended Level: 24

Mark Abere Harvest

Start: [Velen] In Aban Hart south of the bridge to Nowigrad (also as a result of the quest "false papers").

Recommended Level: 9

Task: Help the men to do their job by defeating the emerging monster. This quest is related to the Quest "false papers" together.


- 50 ERF

- 50 crowns (20 crowns when Aban not survive)

The Last Rites

Start: [Velen] When an old woman next to a bridge north of Black Branch.

Recommended Level: 9

Task: The old woman offers you a ring to put on the grave of her husband. Searches the grave north on black twig and makes this. Returning now to black branch and talk to Lessy, the granddaughter. It turns out that the old woman was a ghost. Luckily for the granddaughter showing gratitude.


- 25 ERF
- 20 crowns

A Would-Be Sorcerer

Start: [Velen] When the elders there in Lindtal.

Recommended Level: 10

Task: The village elder told you about a wizard who has taken up residence in Lindtal for a few days. Geralt suspects that it is dealing with an impostor at the sorcerer. In order to pursue the matter, you have to run to the cemetery near there and do the Ghoul. The "sorcerer" hiding here right next to the chapel. Confronted him and decides what to do with him.


- 75 ERF


Start: [Velen] In the bulletin board in Oxenfurt.

Recommended Level: 13

Task: Searches for a singing troll on the island west of Oxenfurt. The troll guarding the boats and asks you to red color. The red color can you from the merchants in Oxenfurt buy (even before the Quest possible). Give the troll the color and help him paint a bird.


- 50 ERF
- Schema: Gven'nel
- Schema: Axe fighter gloves
- Deer-skin x5

On the Track

Start: [Novigrad] on the bulletin board in Novigrad.

Recommended Level: 11

Task: Talk to the guard at the south gate and they talk to the Beast. Apparently the job has already been accepted by another sorcerer, who could that be? Take to track down the beast, you run into the shed mentioned by the guard and examined the corpse and the recent footsteps - seems to be an Ekimma. Follow in the footsteps along the shore to dock. Now swim to the other side and examined the rat carcasses and other traces. Get inside the building, where Lambert already struggling upstairs against Ekimma.

If after the battle for now here and see what he can take from Ekimma. Return to Lambert and speak with him. The guard leaves you by the overseer, where talk of a certain Jad Karadin is. Now we have some guards to defeat before you again talk to Lambert. The supervisor can not tell you the whereabouts of Jad Karadin, but tells of Vienne, the "Seven cats" should be in the tavern.

Go there and listen to the Lamberts on before Vienne interrogated. She also knows not much, but draws attention to two other people Karadins. Lambert and Geralt share the work. You should ask for Skellige and Hammond.

Finally, on Faroe you meet on the very edge of the island Hammond. No matter how you begin the dialogue, there is a fight. Then you will find the dead Hammond a letter of Karadin from which you can deduce about his whereabouts. So returning to Novigrad in the tavern nowhere where Lambert is waiting for you. This has detailed information on Karadin - he has an estate in Gildorf. Make your way with Lambert there.

Karadin will initially receive you very friendly. In intimate conversation Karadin defends himself, Aiden had first attacked him. Now you can decide his fate. Kill or spared him. Lambert is the sparing but not overly enthusiastic.


- 70 XP
- Schema: Eirlithrad
- Small Triglav Runestone

The Dilemma with the Dwarf Documents

Start: [Novigrad] The dwarf Muggs east of the signpost.

Recommended Level: 2

Task: The dwarf wants you to retrieve his documents. Run across the bridge and examine under the archway of the dwarf spirits. The path leads you to Axel front of the tavern "Seven cats", the course does not just want to come out with such documents. With money you come with him no further, but with a fair game or Axii Gwent. Have you obtained the documents, bring them back to Muggs.


- 20 crowns

The Banks of Novigrad

Start: [Novigrad] While the main quest "Find Junior".

Recommended Level: 9

Task: Make your way to hackers and tells him the aid Nfor looking for Junior to. You can now examine two places: The casino and the Arena. Since this quest is linked to the main quest "Find Junior", you can do both at once, if you done this side quest. Not you help hackers, you miss 150 crowns for Casino and Arena. This side quest will fail if you have completed "Locate Junior" without first talking to hackers.

Meet the dwarf front of the casino and Brecht in the casino a - carries out all enemies who stand in your way. Above you'll find a captured Halfling, interviewed her. After questioning you can run it in order to trigger a new quest. After Hackers’ help dwarf in the arena and done more opponents.

Speak last with hacker and bring you the reward.


- 50 ERF
- 300 crowns (150 for help with casino and arena)

Honor Among Thieves

Start: [Novigrad] During the side quest "The gangs of Novigrad 'and the main quest" Find Junior ".

Recommended Level: 9

Task: If you have the Halfling Rico during the main quest "Find Junior" freed in the casino, he tells you that the beggar king will show his gratitude these can be found in the Stinking hedge. There you have been before. If you can not find the entrance to the Stinking hedge, looking at the card on top.


- 100 ERF
- Sword: Eirlithrad
- Armor Warrior Freya

Fencing Lessons

Start: [Novigrad] While the main quest "The mistresses list" when her Pink more lessons appeals.

Recommended Level: 12

Task: When you spent as sword fighting teacher and have fought a duel with Rosa and they've convinced of your skill, they want more hours - tells.

You should return the next day. Leave the building, meditate and talk to the guard in front of the building. Rosa's out on the road and waiting for you already. On a bridge Rosa asks you for another fight out, this time with the right weapons. Wins the battle or let them win, in both cases it is for you further.

After another dialog Rosa disappeared into thin air. Take a look at the footprints that lead you to the tavern "Seven cats". There Rosa is harassed by two men, intervenes and tries the situation peacefully resolve (50 crowns or Axii St.1), otherwise flowing blood.


- 25 ERF

A Vital Matter

Start: Following your Triss and "visit" in Caleb Menges item provided you are still undercover. If not, after you have Menges spy Yamurlak taken and interrogated. Triss asks you for a favor.

Task: Triss got handed a letter by a messenger. It should help in the extraction of the son of Lady Vegelbud. Precede and meet the messengers at the fish market (recognizable by the blue top and a bunch of keys, the red lights in the witcher senses). Ask him for the best trout Price and follows him. On the way you are attacked. Eliminate the attacker. Now Triss happens. After a conversation she asks that you create masks and a reasonable ball equipment. So make your way to the tailor Elihal where you can get everything. Create your ball gown and then return to Triss, which has already done fine. Triss is arrived at the ball incorrectly confused. Later, you meet another old friend of Triss. Let clarify best Triss the matter. In the next part of the garden you can incidentally play a few Gwent rounds and among others the unique card Larkspur (2 strength, motivation) to win - that's your only way to get hold of this card, let them not escape you.

Once you have your opponents removed the card it goes to Lady Vegelbud. This you explain the process of Albert's escape. Look for it Albert, who, according to Lady Vegelbud wears a panther mask and told him the matter: He stands behind the big hedge overlooking the garden and has just a few guests. Once you have an appointment with you at a later hour Albert Can you a little pleasure with Triss: Let you down on the bench, the Triss has discovered earlier and chats a bit, to Triss is drunk. A compliment at the right time by the way does not hurt.

Now, Triss has suddenly desire to look at the nude statues in the hedge maze. Now that you wanted anyway meet with Albert. Thus follows the magician. Triss is arrived at the fountain a little cocky and dancing around on the edge of the well - and of course promptly loses her balance. Well, that Geralt can catch her. Now you have to decide you quickly - kissing her Triss or not? This kiss is actually a prerequisite for later entering into a romantic relationship with Triss. If you are not interested, then don't kiss.

Shortly thereafter comes Albert. He and Triss now disappear to the stables, Geralt should wait as a distraction for 15 minutes. After this time follows Geralt Triss and Albert. He is on the way but initially intercepted by Albert’s lover and three witch hunters. Since you have had to unfortunately leave your swords you must defeat the lords just in fistfight.

If the path is clear now follow the quest marker to the stables. Albert and Triss flee, Geralt can now leave the property.

The Haunted House

Start: [Novigrad] After the main quest "dreams in Novigrad" on the notice board in Novigrad.

Recommended Level: 7

Task: You read that said haunted house was sold. Equips the haunted house a visit and you meet Corrine Tilly as well as Sarah. There follows a sequence and then the quest is over.

Now or Never

Start: [Novigrad] After the main quest "stake in Novigrad" and "A favor for Radovid".

Recommended Level: 14

Task: If you have completed the above said quests and Triss had told you her hiding place, the situation gets at your next visit out of control, because the witch hunters are lurking on the streets - it would be recommended that side quest "a vital issue" beforehand to do.

After Triss is thrown out of her hiding place, you have the choice whether you will save the wizarding Anisse and Berthold or directly run to the kingfisher. The way to the Kingfisher is noticeably shorter, you are helping the two wizards, however, you get a lot of important ERF. On your way to make you some witch-hunters in the way that need to defeat it.

When Kingfisher arrived her notes that Oliver was killed or alive, when you're gone directly to the kingfisher. After a little discussion follows the escape from Novigrad - the path leads you through a sewer. Here you meet increasingly on drowned. If no path continues, look for a cracked wall, the tear her with Aard. Cross the library and used again Aard at a wall - follows further the way. After rat corpses that point to a vampire who appears a little later follow. RMS include Vampire oil Yrden and Igni.

Once outside waiting Dijkstra already upon you. Your conversation is interrupted by witch-hunters, which makes her a full end. The following is a passage from Triss, in her "Stay here" and "I love you" have to choose when Triss for a romance to be with you.

Get Now

Start: [Novigrad] When a courtesan before cripple Kati.

Recommended Level: 14

Task: The woman asks you distribute the Skelliger from the crippled Kati. Step into the building and talk to the head of the troops. If your deception level is insufficient, you have two further options. Do you choose the first, it asks the leader to a duel. Do you choose the second, more aggressive option, you will have to accommodate three people at the same time. Have you sold the men, speaks out with the wife and take or reject the reward.


25 ERF


Start: [Novigrad] In Larkspur in Rosemary & Thyme or "Ciris history: breakneck speed".

Recommended Level: 14

Task: Your old friend asks you to get him a sword props. So go to Madam Irina and she lends you a prop. Larkspur has agreed with you a meeting after nightfall at Sophronias house. Your house is located just south of the bridge St.Gregor. Once you appear there at night, you announced delphiniums that Geralt is to mimic a villain who threatens the lovely Meid. Larkspur will then save before you Sophronia. If this sequence ends, you meet with Larkspur for Morgenstund in rosemary and thyme, but the bard's not there to be found. Go to the target marker, which is located near Hattori forged. There you Larkspur discovered knocking on a door. Your next task is to find the second key by using your senses. You do not have to look far, because the subject is coveted right down the drain. Open Polly's door and talk to her. Eure Last task is to get his Larkspur ordered posters. These are owned by the artist Rautec, whose house is by the harbor. There you will not find on the painter, but encounter some creditors, which you now let either at rest or beat it. You lears that Rautec located on the premises of Vegelbuds. So go there and talk to Rautec. For option you have two options, either you pay its debts (200 crowns), or you win the race for him. Have you done that, you will be returned to Larkspur.

A Black Pearl

Start: [Novigrad / Skellige] Nidas front of the tavern "Golden sturgeon" in Novigrad.

Recommended Level: 13

Task: Nidas asks you to help him to find a black pearl - there are only Skellige. So travel to Skellige and meet Nidas at the collapsed bridge east of Arinbjorn. Follow him onto the shore and into the water. Swimming in the highlighted area, dive and open the shell in search of a black pearl. Most of them are white, but can be later sell well. Swimming back to the shore and rescue Nidas before drowning. Nidas says he has currently no money in Novigrad it is but you completely pay off. Travel back to Novigrad and you will pick up the reward.

In the Heart of the Woods Quest

Start: [Skellige] When bulletin board in the port of Kaer Trolde

Suggested Level: 22

Task: Go to the village Fayrlund and push you in the debate between Sven and Harald. After the sequence is looking for tracks with your sorcerer senses, you will find dadruch a dead wolf and more footprints. Not much further you will find claw marks which you informed Bestiary about looking monsters on a stone. Return to the village and talk with both Harald, and with Sven. Harald is the belief that one can the spirit of the forest (a wood sprite), by the bringing of offerings placate. Sven, however, want to see the monster dead. Here you can now decide whether you kill the Waldschrat or not. Decide ye for Harlads method, you have to go into the forest, kill white wolves there and whose hearts present as an offering at the altar.

Once you choose Sven's method, you have to make previously a villager find, because as long as it stays in the village, the wood sprite is always reborn. When selected villager is Hilde, which you now banished from his home or he should kill. Have you done that go into the forest and destroy three totems. Then set your own: Sorcerer sense a to follow the sounds of birds and thus to make the Waldschrat locate. A struggle ensues in which relic oil and Igni are extremely effective. Grab the trophy. No matter how you decide in this Quest, it ends with all the elder people in the village of Sven.


- Assassin boots (Sven)

Abandoned Sawmill

Start: [Skellige] Upon entering the sawmill southwest of destination Gedyneith.

Recommended Level: 24

Task: You can find near the oak, to which the King of your choice has been crowned, an old abandoned sawmill. Examine this using your sorcerer sense at four points. Finding this a book "Sawmill owner’s Notes", a box with "letter of a lumberjack to his wife" and another box with "letter of Druids" (hidden behind a breakable door). Last place her outside Human remains, after which you will directly confronted with a wood sprite (Igni and relic oil).


- 50 ERF

For Honor and Glory

Start: [Skellige] Near Lavrik.

Suggested Level: 15

Task: you come across your way to Lavrik two Skelliger soldiers, which offers your help. These are just about to clean a cave of ghouls. Follow the two into the cave and eliminate the monsters together.

Novigrad, Closed City

Start: [Novigrad] When a woman on the St. Gregory bridge.

Recommended Level: 11

Task: The woman tells you in her house haunted. Follow her and it turns out that this was a trap and must first of all take care of few witch hunters. The woman gives you a key and told you about a treasure. Examine the bodies of the witch hunters after a letter and read this. You should now be looking for the other two partners and collect their keys.

The first can be found at the shards City (2). In a house you will find a corpse on the ground floor; upstairs there is a secret room with a closet, where her three key needs. The second key is there on the table.

The second partner can be found in the southern part of the city (3). Very possibly caught in the witch hunters, if you be too late. If you examine his body you'll find the third key.

With the three keys you move back into the house in the broken city and open the secret room the closet with the loot.

Start: [Novigrad] southwest Three bandits St. Gregory Bridge.

Recommended Level: 11

Task: The three bandits ask you whether you help to find their "friend". In order to find him, following the scent trail. Caution: If you go in the wrong direction, the quest is interrupted as a failure. Fragrances and Trail of blood take turns until you get the witch hunters found anything but a friend of the bandit. You now have the choice of whether the witch hunters than let his fate or saves him.

A Runaway Horse

Start: [Novigrad] East of Oxenfurt at a hut of a farmer.

Recommended Level: 12

Start: The farmer missed his horse and asks you to find it. Follow the hoof prints up in the woods where you will find some elves than just stealing a horse.  Talk to the Elf and tell him that you need the horse - tell her, however, that they have the horses more necessary, so cancels the Quest.

After that you can either reach for your weapon or pay 100 crowns or Axii use (St 2). The horse that you are looking for is gray. Bring it back to the owner. Bring to him instead, a younger horse (eg, brown), so he will reward you with 50 instead of 20 crowns.

The Oxenfurt Drunk

Start: [Velen] Board Oxenfurt.

Recommended Level: 24

Task: Talk to the officer at the port, report about the monster. However, he does not believe completely in the history of the monster, so you should talk to the only witness in the near tavern. This is drunk, but her experiences from where she was attacked. The doctor pay her a visit and from him get the permission to investigate. After Geralt's inspection, he comes to the conclusion that the monster is a vampire. Go to the scene and examined it with your sorcerer senses, to the left of the archway you will find a bracelet. Step into the tavern again and get drunk when you host, you must be drunk namely to attract the vampire. So go out the streets and tried to lure the monster out. After a few drunken steps followed by a battle (vampire oil and Igni). However, the vampire flees after a short time and you have his noise with your senses follow. You come to a cabin on the river, behind this is a circuit which carries you to the top. This time the fight is not interrupted and you can confidently credit the trophy and go back to the officer.


300 ERF
273 Croner (at least)

Love's Cruel Snares

Start: [Velen] On the way between the Condyle and means grove in a woman.

Recommended Level: 10

Start: The woman tells you that her fiancé has disappeared in the woods - you shall help. Looking for footprints, which follow her into the forest. At the end you reach a horde of dogs. The fiancée is already dead, you only remains the bad news to convey.

A Dog's Life

Start: [Velen] On the way between Erzdorf and drudgery.

Recommended Level: 5

Task: If you leave the east and towards drudgery, find her wolves attacking a dog. Save the dog and the Quest starts. The dog has a key on the neck and leads you to the village of drudgery. There are bandits who have to turn her. If the dog remains standing in front of a house, you go purely into this and study it with the Sorcerer senses. Examine the strange boards that reveal a treasure - the quest is completed.

A Barn full of trouble

Start: [Novigrad] In Caestuen, village south of Vegelbud property.

Recommended Level: 11

Start: Talk to the farmers. This complain of beasts, which besiege her barn. Step into the barn and thus kill all the ghouls. In one corner you discover even a corpse, which it examined. Goes outside and tells the farmers of your success.


20 EXP
20 crowns