The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt (PC) walkthrough

Intro and tutorial

Welcome to the complete solution of the main story of The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt. In this solution, we will only deal with the main quests (Whether a quest is a main quest you see in the quest log). A solution to the side quests you can find in our side quest guide.

After the intro video we find ourselves in the witcher fortress Kaer Morhen again. Geralt just taking a relaxing bath and gets played a (magic) String. After a brief flirtation with Yennefer your finally gets passed control of Geralt. Search using the Sorcerer sense the key to the bedroom door.

Sorcerer sense: Regular prey is shown amber, quest related items or places, which you can examine (such as footprints) in a rich red.

The key is on the table right next to the door. However, you can advance a little in Yennefers things rummage ...


Go down the stairs and wake the sleeping Vesemir. Actually Ciri should learn with him, but who prefers to exercise with your wooden sword and a dummy. After a short conversation you have the option to skip the tutorial. However, new players, we do not recommend because you important basics being taught.

Follow Ciri simple and follow the instructions in the tutorial. At the bottom you are asked whether you want to train or foundation want to train freestyle again. Again apply Geralt's words: Even champions have mastered the basics perfectly.

Follow Vesemirs instructions and learn the basics of combat and use the Sorcerer characters. Then you still have the opportunity to practice freestyle with Vesemir. Oncew you have finished put the sword away. It follows another cutscene.

Temeria road to Vizima. May 1272

Luckily it was all just a bad dream. After a brief conversation with Vesemir you grab suddenly ghouls with whom two experienced witcher, however, should have no problems. Notice especially pointing out that the color of the life bar of opponents gives an indication how you have to fight the enemy. A silver bar means that you should use the silver sword, a red steel sword.

Then on to White Garden. After a short ride and a conversation about politics are Geralt and Vesemir witnesses a monster attack - a gripper has a wandering merchant chosen as a target. Fortunately, the sorcerer can intervene.

If you reward the trader will reject you recommend as a starting point your quest for Yennefer the hostel his cousin - maybe you get there information?

The Hostel

In the hostel you will about to witness a dispute - a soldier of Nilfgaard device Temerier - and sorcerers is anyway not to talk good Unfortunately, the hostess knows nothing of Yennefer, but maybe the guests.:

First, the guests are not good to talk to you, but the use of the sign Axii (in the dialogue selection, the downward-pointing triangle) helps here. The scholar Aldert Geert wants incidentally playing cards, here you can learn the rules of Gwent. Incidentally Aldert has yet to tell a few rumors about Yennefer, but nothing of substance.

Gaunter o'Dim

He can determine beyond doubt from the description of the woman that your Yennefer of Vengerberg investigated. Geralt he knows by the way also from Dandelion's ballads. Occasionally with him and he told you that Yennefer rode to the garrison of Nilfgaardian and you should continue your search there. Prophetically he knows you out that you can indeed help him sometimes when the situation demands.

To Garrison

Outside the door, you will find three thugs who want a little boxing. They must have forgotten that Geralt was chosen in the first part of the series to the champ of Vizima.

After the brief sporting activity you have at last the full freedom of the open world. They explored the extent you wish. Are you finished you can watch go to the garrison of Nilfgaardian. Incidentally, you can at any time your horse call roach - with Him you will significantly advance faster!

Captain Peter Saar Gwynleve awaits you in the tower. He could tell you where Yennefer traveled, but obviously want something from you: The Griffin bothers him disappear very, needs. So you take on the job. Holt you before that all information on the crackdown. You will receive two new contacts: The hunter Mislav knows where the gripper has struck for the last time and the herbalist Tomira know where your buckthorn for the bait gets.

Tomira, the Herbalist

Tomira is about to patch up a young woman named Lena, who was attacked by gripping. Here you can still accept side quest "On his deathbed," if you like.

Have you clarified that asks Tomira after buckthorn. Tomira know that the stuff growing on the river bottom. This is also not difficult to get on. Just follow the quest marker to the middle of the river and appeared there after the smelly herb.

Mislav, the hunter

The hunter Mislav is not to be found in his cabin - would also be a funny hunter who sits at home. Use your sorcerer sense to follow his trail. You can find him near the hut where he is busy chasing wild dogs that threaten the villagers.

Help him to bring the dog to the track. He then brings you to the site of the last attack Griffin. Sorry, but you come too late for a villager, over which the dogs have already made.

On the scene your notes: The story runs from bloody.

Examine after all the important places with your sorcerer senses: bloodstains, bottles, campfire and footprints that lead to the camp. The challenged seemed well to come from something before they camped and were attacked. Follow them into over the destroyed bridge and left into the forest.

After a little climbing and jumping it is clearly where the tracks come from you: the destroyed nest where there is already a dead grip. A detailed examination of the body results in: The dead griffin is a female King Cross and ten to twelve years old, was well caught sleeping. Now is clear why the other gripping so close dares to the village.

The trap to: Boss battle against the Griffins

Speak now with Vesemir at the hostel and places you cope a plan. Vesemir goes before the place where you would like set up the trap. Get ready for a tough fight and stand potions or oils ago that you use for fighting.

Arrive on site Vesemir has already prepared everything. The Griffin can attract. Just before it starts giving you Vesemir still a crossbow that will yet prove the following fight in handy. You can find them on the Quick Access menu.

If the grip on the ground you can fight him with fast punches but forget dodging by role. After a maximum of two strokes you should retire, since the gripping strikes quickly.

The Cross rises up into the air and attack you in a nosedive comes the crossbow into play: Meet the Griffins, he falls to the ground and leaves you short time to take the offensive. He will have you brought the spread to 50% of its hit points try to escape. Pursue him to the windmill.

Take the griffin's head - as evidence.

Back to Garrison

Back in the garrison your caught the captain with this is that it not such a nice guy as you thought. However, he considers himself at least to his covenant: Yennefer is in Vizima, no day's journey away from you. It also offers you gold to for your service. Whether you accept it or not is up to you. But you decide quickly, you need too long is the chance to decide for you.

Meet up with conclusive Vesemir again at the inn. Here Vesemir'd rather due to the increasing alcohol level of guests quickly disappear. Unfortunately, the situation escalates and before a fight breaks out.

Outside the door, you can expect then already a Niflgaardian patrol. But they are not due to the struggle here, but because a magician has led them there: Yennefer has therefore been searching for you, when she heard that a sorcerer in Weisshaupt lingers.

After a short statement you make yourselves on the way to Kaiser Emhyr var Emreis who has an offer for Geralt. After the dramatic cutscene you find yourself in a bathhouse in Vizima again. This is the chapter "lilac and gooseberries" ended.

An offer you can not refuse?

In bathhouse you will initially interviewed: General Morvran Voorhis wants on your decisions from the game The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings know.


- Siege of Castle La Valette: Have you killed Arjan La Valette during the siege or let you escape?
- Travel from Flotsam to Vergen: Did you leave Flotsam on the side of Vernon Roche or Iorveth?
- The summit of Loc Muinne: You saved your Triss Merigold or Anais?
- Sheale de Tancarville: Did you let them kill your defective Megaskop or helped her?
- Letho of Guleta: Have you killed Letho in Loc Muinne or not?

If this is completed you can look new clothes for the audience choose the Emperor.

Now comes the eunuchs. He will lead you to Kaiser, after checking if you can also bow to you decently.

During the audience, you have the opportunity to refuse to bow too - you just decide quickly.

The Emperor is Geralt announce that his daughter Ciri was resurfaced. However, the Wild Hunt has noticed this also and they also investigated. Since Ciri you shall unconditionally trust your make you to look after her. For this you would pay handsomely the emperor. Sounds like fun.

Then you lead the eunuch to Yennefer that enlightens you about the latest developments. You will meanwhile go to Novigrad. Your job starts in Velen, where you shall find a contact named Hendrik.

The council of war with var Attre

This will start the main quest "In Ciris footsteps" that you execute gradually.

Have you done all you can now your ambassador var Attre consult the enlightens you about the current state of the war and of the surrounding countryside. While this is optional, but it helps you to clarify a few threads of the story. We recommend this explicitly.

Then you can get a little about marching in the castle and explore. Thus, since there is not much to see here, we begin on the road to Velen.

Velen Northern Temeria. Five days later.

On Gallows Hill arrived you ride only once directly to the tavern at a crossroads. Along the way you come to two message boards over other questgivers for sidequests. Your way, it must not assume that the locations are stored on your card.

In the tavern you to speak with the host. The will not cough up right with the language until suddenly three soldiers burst in, who are armed from. After a brief struggle, the men are a bit headless and the landlord a little more talkative. Hendrik lives in Heidfelde, on the other side of the hill.

Wait outside again bat on you who are eliminated as well. Now rides to the village Heidfelde the east. Once there, you can see that the Wild Hunt was probably already there: The village is completely frozen. After all, man is still there and is beset by a few rabid dogs. Get rid of them and then talk to him. He tells you what you have already suspected: The Wild Hunt has penetrated into the village, the inhabitants killed and everything set ablaze.

The Nilfgaardian connection

In Hendriks hut offers a sad picture: Examines the sorcerer senses his body completely. In his boot you will find a key. In the next room a large coat is spread on the ground. Among them is a bottom flap, to the fit the bowl.

The candle in the doorway there is a hidden switch that opens a small compartment. Read the book contained there. This will start two quest lines of the main quest: "Bloody Baron" and "witch-hunt".

We are dedicated to first witch in Central Grove.


To find the witch in middle grove we use the help of the villagers. A woman in front of her hut the ground sweeps gives us the hint: She knows that her husband of the witch's back has to be treated. So he needs to know where to find it.

The man is not really cooperative, but 50 Oren or use of Axii makes him a little more comfortable:

So follow his directions: to the pond there looking for the big stone, then right along the path to the carts. Behind you can see already the witch's house, where some villagers have gathered.

The witch advises visitors to care. If the residents are gone you can follow him. Look around at the cottage. In the space with the bottom flap you find a skull on the shelf - your examined him he opens a portal. Where that leads out only?

Keira Metz

The portal leads to a grove where a bath is -. How nice Keira Metz, the name of the witch is actually a sorceress who is an old friend of Geralt and has been waiting for him.

She tells Geralt that an elf was with her ??before Geralt and Ciri asked for. He should hide in a ruin near. Keira's so nice to lead you.

Near Lindental: hike in the dark

Step into with Keira along the cave. Quick you discover on the other side of the cave, the Wild Hunt. Keira is persuaded to quickly open a portal to the other side rough skidding. after passing below your notes but that is probably because something went wrong.

Fight their way through the drowned and emerged on the other side of the cave. Whichever way you go does not matter, you come in any case in a large cave out. Beware of the yellow fog, which is poisonous guest. You arrive from a safe distance with the Igni characters.

Follow the path up the stairs and on the other side back down. Through the hallway until you hear screaming Keira. Apparently she is afraid of rats ... burns with Igni the "Monster" -Nester. After work you tells Keira that something distorted its teleport. So you should refrain in future. So on foot.

In the space behind Keira you will find a kind of hologram of the elves magician. "Follow the signs of the sword" - This cryptic message should really only understand Ciri, but Geralt knows fortunately that Ciri has called her sword "Zireael" - Swallow.

Under the Sign of the Swallow

In the big cave you can tap some loot (at the phenomena) at the rear. It continues, however, right: At a stone column you discover a painted swallow. Following this transition.

After a few courses you will find in fact another projection "Find Kelpie" -. Ciris mare. So look for a horse. You'll find them by your looks in the fountain in the center with your sorcerer senses - there is actually a horse painted on a pillar. So get into the water!

Since there is only one way: Follow him and pressed the horse icon at the end of the long hallway. This has obvious and open a door. Behind you find a permanently installed Portal - Come through. Behind you will find another boss - a golem.

The Golem

The Golem will not know as Ciri - smart guy. Fortunately, he is animal slowly and you can impress him with quick attacks: One, two quick strikes, then retire. Keira fires also from all magical tubes on him. So the Golem should not be a problem for you.

Continue towards the finish ...

Now climbing the stairs behind the Golem upwards and also follows the transition. At the junction you can by the way law an optional Miniboss find (a Gargoyle). The worth it! Again, fast, short attacks and withdraw immediately, the tamped attack has a wide reach and a lot of damage! The sign Quen protects you very well here.

Link in the hallway you will find a portal back. Behind is the place where you discovered the Wild Hunt. Follow in the footsteps (the icy creatures) until you have found. A magician of the Wild Hunt is then the "White cold" summon - a snowstorm. To make matters worse also open three portals from which come demons dogs.

Keira will summon a shield and close the portals - Your job will be to keep the dog away from her. This works best when Igni characters.


The Wild Hunt has meanwhile moved - follows her through the barrier that kindly opens Keira for you. Behind the barred passage to your open by Aard sign you'll find the way an opponent and a box, let you not escape.

Have you Nithral caught it finally turns out to fight. This time the boss is a little crisper chunks. Provoke his attacks, but evades time. He carries a heavy ax you will after dodging some time myself to land hits.

Has Nithral little hit points, he will hide behind a shield and summon additional demons dogs. Kill them as quickly as possible because Nithral heals under his shield. Do you often and it is done fast enough but must throw in the towel.

Back in the cave discovered your back projection, which mentions the witches of humpback swamp. Keira these are known, so puzzles the two Additional plan together: Geralt has to make the witches of humpback swamp and also happens to be a book about it here.

The Magic Lamp

Now you must first find a way out of the cave. At the back of the cave you can see a walled passageway that looks as if the heat shimmer before. If you will examine him explain to you Keira that this is an illusion. Luckily she has the eye of Nehaleni this is that it gives you the same. So that you can destroy illusions everywhere. How convenient.

Behind you can feel the breeze, which leads to the exit. However Keira asks you before that to help her to find a magic lamp. If you would like to help: Go to the right. There you will find a puzzle: you have the lights in front of the statues to light in the correct order.

Four guards, four burners, proud in a row. The first one who kindled his fire, did not dare to go in the end. The second addition to the first played a dreary suit. The third remained close to his faithful animal. The fourth was not next to the first, but as the second played it well.

The correct order: first, the third, the second, the fourth, the first.

Behind the door you will find straight the lamp. Next to the door you can climb the cliffs and find a place of power and a Golem. In Golem room is also a destructible wall behind which something is to pick up on prey.

Now follow the other way and leave the cave. This ends the quest line. You can now with "The Bloody Baron" to continue (if you have not already done), or go on with the next quest "mistresses of the forest" - or your triggers side quests.

The Bloody Baron

Arriving at the castle your notes that the gate is closed and the guards have no desire to engage you. So we are looking for times another way into the castle. An old man in the village in front of the castle for 15 Oren told you that a long time ago lost a boy in the surrounding areas, but showed up his cap in the castle well. It seems probably an underground passage to exist. Make your way to the site of the shrine, where the boy was found. At the rock wall you see a passage just below the water surface. Dive through.

In the cave you will find a water woman that your Sword quickly falls to victim. You then pave the way back to the surface. You'll land in the garden of the property. The Baron does not seem so unimpressed to be about your arrival: Of course, he has a job for you.

First, in an interview he makes it clear that he knows Ciri - and it was even with him. Here begins a flashback: You take control of Ciri.

Ciri's History: The Wolf King

Follows in the form of Ciri the riverbed and rescues the girl from the wolves. After a short conversation you let yourself be guided by Gretka and fight the emerging wolves. You find a fairly mangled man in a broken boat. The examination of the body reveals that the Wolf King probably exists, but is a werewolf. Ciri decides to manufacture blade oil. Search for dead wolves, Fool's Parsley and Wolfsbane (collectable plants). Have you all will automatically produce the oil and treat your sword so that Ciri.

Gretka now leads to the cave of the Wolf King. With your martial arts and the treated blade of the fight should not be a big problem. After the fight you speak with the man whom the werewolf was about to eat: A servant of the baron, who Ciri now brings to him.

Here ends the story of Baron - for the time being, because of course he wants something of Geralt of this information.

Family Matters

He would, of course, that your wife and daughter looking to have disappeared some time ago. Once you have agreed and have asked a few questions, it's time to get yourself to seek advice: Let you lead to the rooms of the two ladies.

Uses in his parents' bedroom Eure witcher sense and have a look at the table exactly - the candlestick is broken. On the wall between the shelves hung before probably a picture - that one step further and is now hanging face down a hole. In the closet on the other side you will find the missing piece of the candle holder. Has a battle take place? On one of the wooden posts you will find more evidence of a struggle. Go back again to the candle holder. Wine stains and smells of wine. Follow the smell and found under a floorboard a talisman. Ask Baron for the Amulet.

Leave the castle and make you set off. The Waideler has unfriendly visit - but the you can send away through the use of Axii. The Waideler is of course willing to help you, but first you have to find his runaway goat "Princess". Follow the track and use the bell that the Waideler gave you. You will hear the goat already complain and the Sorcerer senses also can find out where she is calling you. you found it, with the assistance of the bell back to Waideler. Once Princess will you run away again and attacked by a bear - grew by him and bring back to the princess then Waideler.

Once your princess have returned the Waideler will perform a ritual that brings some light in the matter. A faulty born so. read in after bestiary, which is a failure born. Power to confront you on the way, the Baron with your information. When you arrive at the castle you can see, however, that a fire has broken out. You can try to free a prisoner in the fire groom what you still come later benefit.

Then it's time to devote to the Baron. Defeat him in fistfight - the easiest way, by your counters his punches. Later he will tell you the whole story.

Out of ignorance of the Baron has buried the dead child fleetingly - the origin of a miscarried. Geralt proposes to transform the miscarried in a booby Bold.

At nightfall the venture is to take place.

Family Affairs - The Booby Bold

Follow the Baron to the grave. Shortly thereafter, the incorrect born will appear - You need to decide quickly. You can also attack him and then search using the Waidelers Anna and Tamara. Here we describe the way to transform the miscarried in the booby Bold. Let the Baron pick up the monster and carry back to the castle.

On the way you are attacked by ghosts. Eliminates these and calms the miscarried with the Axii characters. Do you have the now-called Dea buried sit down in front of the grave and waits. Dea will show up as booby Bold and lead you to a tannery, where Anna and Tamara have probably stopped. Examines the yard behind the house – hoof prints, a bracelet and clothing. Have you discovered anything follows the boobies Bold again. Fits in the attack of mildew skins - these explode when they have lost about 75% of their. Stay away from it. Just beyond is a horse carcass. Examine him with the sorcerer senses.

However, Dea would continue - well, Anna and Tamara have not come here to your end. you come to a fisherman's hut. Let's see what the people have to say.

Search Anna and Tamara

The son of the family blabs. Geralt listens to the story. Tamara is so lost in Oxenfurt and Anna. You can now talk to the Baron or fast travel to Oxenfurt. We opt for the latter.

Bridge to Oxenfurt is however unfortunately blocked from soldiers, we need a permit (A-38?) For it. Den you get for the quest "false papers".

Tamara is found quickly in Oxenfurt. Enthusiastically she is not, however. From her father she wants nothing more to do. During the conversation, to make matters worse, even bursts in degrees, the Witch Hunter. After a short verbal skirmish he and Tamara disappear. Probably you are looking for Anna. We first make their way back to the Baron.

The baron sitting in the garden and indulging in old memories. Confronted him. With your previous investigations But he told you another detail from Ciris history.

Ciris History: The race

In beer-soaked lap after a hunting probably became a Baron mercenaries and called Ciri a bet riding on. The Baron can not accept this and would like to challenge myself Ciri. The stakes are a black horse and Ciris sword.

The route is relatively short, you can it in an endurance round the horse create, so your probably not fall into danger of losing the race. Have you managed to get the joy but only briefly, because shortly after the end appears a gripping and gripping the Baron and to Ciri. Here ends the moment again Ciris history. Addiction So now on to the Baron's wife.

Mistresses of the forest

So the next track we follow in the hump bottom. Examine the idol before the hump bottoms. This is followed by the sweet path with your sorcerer senses until you arrive at a few houses. A few children sitting together and sing. Ask them to Ciri. Soon, "Grandma" emerge. The will you not also help. One of the children, however, to tell again and again of a "Hansi".

Speak these boys later depends. Therefore, made a pact with the other children and playing hide and seek with them. Then they help you to lure Grandma from the cottage, so you can talk to the boys. With your senses sorcerer there should be no problem to find the children.

Alone, the boy is much more talkative. So go to the meadow that has called you the boy. Hansi leaves its footprints, so get behind.

Unfortunately, Hansi can not speak. He asks for your help and leads you to a nest. Pay attention to the Wyvern and the harpies flying around up there. Have you found the bottle she returns to Hansi.

The Spirit 

After he opened the bottle has Hansi his voice again. Ask sometimes to Ciri. He saw Ciri and tells very embellished what happened. Follow Hansi back to the village, grandma can calm down, that they speak with you.

Hansi sits with grandma, until Grandma agrees to bring you yet with the mistresses in contact. Grandma will lead you to a tapestry with the portrait of three women. The "ladies" even respond. Of course, they want something from you, clean up the problems in low-random near out of the way. So we make our way there.

The village elder thaws only after your shows him the dagger you've got.

He speaks of "sinister forces" at silent hill that kills villager. On silent hill you are asked to turn back by a mysterious Right. Search using your sorcerer meaning the origin. In a cave under the oak tree you will find him to be a spirit who claims previously been a Druid. You have the choice to kill him or to perform a service for him. We chose to kill him and to fulfill the will of the witches.

The Aunt and Anna Strenger

Make your way back to the village elders. He will hand over the reward: An ear that he cuts himself. These aunts are seemingly not so nice ...

With the ear, it goes back to Grandma. Finally the aunts emerge. They look different than in the tapestry ... Coincidentally, you get out that "Grandma" is actually Anna Strenger - the wife of the bloody Baron. They now heard the aunts and serve them.

After some discussion, they finally answer your questions about Ciri. It is here emerged, but disappeared relatively quickly. Here You take back a short part of Ciris history:

It is enough to simply run to the quest marker, you have to fight anything on the way. This hides the aunts. You are now not much smarter. So back to the Baron, tell him that you've also found his wife ...

Ciri's History: Out of the Shadows

So the Baron brings the news that you have found Anna. He is not overly enthusiastic, but eventually you continue to tell Ciris history. Your enter the fight against the basilisk. Thanks Ciris special ability of battle should be no problem. Always keeps moving and missed the basilisk pinprick-like attacks. He will have you wounded the basilisk enough to grab the Baron and flee with him to the tower. Pursuance of him and then enjoy the cutscene.

Then you ask Der Baron to accompany him in the rescue of Anna. Because he wants to be paid well, we agree with him yet again to. Which we are engaged, of course, in addition to Quest Guide "return to the hump bottoms".

Stake in Novigrad

After the visit to the Baron has unfortunately brought only in concrete notes so we go to Novigrad. Fortunately lives an old friend of Geralt there - Triss Merigold.

Before you arrive at your house you have to over the course of the hierarchs - and what is happening there not a pretty sight. So go to Triss house. There you will find, however, only looters. If you are kind to the looters, however, you announce that allegedly submerged magician and nonhumans in the "stinking hedge" hide. Beggars and thieves could know where that is located. Suddenly the temple guard arrives and leads them off. Their commander says few warm words for Geralt. Nice Guy.

So now first out on the road. There you observed a pickpocket. Following one of his colleagues (who work anywhere in the market, just waiting for a large crowd) unobtrusively. Is he arrived at a door waiting until he's gone and knocks. The "entry" You can, incidentally, "pay" with the Axii characters.

Hello Triss

Inside the modest hut you finally meet Triss and the so-called beggar king who are discussing. Talk to the king and then follow Triss. On the way you bring you each other on the current state of affairs. He arrived at the store Spryt announce that he unfortunately had to throw Triss errands. So, an old friend you can help even once.

So off to the basement, kill the drowned and find the sorcerer senses the switch (a brick in the column in the center) for the secret door. The bag with the order is just before the bridge next to a submerged boat. Bring him back to Triss and follow her back to the warehouse.

This simplifies magically get rid of rats. So purely in the warehouse and studied with the sorcerer senses the places where you interpret the bait. Now we have to wait. After a short conversation with Triss Brandon resurfaces - with witch hunters. The boys never learning ... Brandon is after small skirmishes incidentally very generous, so he does not end up like his friends - how nice. Before moving on Triss it gives us an indication that we should still look in on Corinne Tilly - and then Triss but could also visit times.

The dreams in Novigrad

We reach the house and meet in front of the owner. After a brief conversation with Rudolf de Jonkheer, we enter the house, go up the stairs and see Corinne in the room. She talks in her sleep and told what a doll in the attic. We get there on the ladder. With Aard we clear the blockage out of the way and find the doll with the sorcerer sense. Also we find the drawing of a cot. Then put the doll into the cradle that is located in the next room of Corinne's bedroom. There you will find a drawing of an oven.

For this do we get by opening the hatch on the ground floor and climb down the ladder. In the oven, we now find the Godling named Sarah, who is responsible for the haunting. Now we can scare the Godling or tell the homeowner that we could not find the reason for the haunting. We meet Corinne then the Golden sturgeon again.

After a brief conversation she helps us, by letting us fall into a dream. There we learn that a brothel Larkspur inherited.

Rosemary and Thyme

Into Brothels "Rosemary and Thyme" we meet our old friend Zoltan Chivay again. After a great fist fight with some tramp we can scan the space with our senses sorcerer. In the lower room, we find, among others, a diary, from which we can see five female names. Zoltan we can question about the 5 people, then we need to search them out.

- Elihal: It is contrary to the assumption not a woman but a tailor who dresses up for fun more often than women. However, it has no significant information for us

- Vespula: It is located outside the city and is just threatened by bandits. For 200 coins we can resolve the matter or we quickly through the bandits. They then can not say anything important.

- Molly: The search leads us to the house of La Valette. There we meet the General Voorhis, who invites us to a horse race. Now we can choose whether we deny a fast horse racing or talk to Molly. However, information has not

- Marabella: We find them in a kind of school. After the lesson we can question them, but in turn, are not relevant information.

- Pink Var Attre: we need to talk to her to find a way into their villa. We can spend at the entrance as a new sword teachers or move from the back to the estate. Finally, keep us as one new sword instructor and we must defeat in battle with wooden swords Rosa. Then we get some information and return to Zoltan.

With Zoltan We compare our information and decide after sunset before the Kingfisher to take to meet the bard Priscilla.


Continue looking for Dandelion's whereabouts we go in Siggi Reuvens bathhouse. Thanks to the notoriety of our name we can enter, undress and meet with Reuven and some other men.

After a short time our convivial meeting is disturbed, as son of a bitch Juniors men attack us. Using our new friends we can attack retaliate. Then we learn about sonofabitch Junior .. In return, we need to educate the slump in Reuven.

Count Reuven’s treasure

Reuven takes us aside and opens a secret passage where we descend together. Below we briefly surveys the roll guard beard in order to obtain further information. Then we have to go in the interspersed with Popssporen transition. First, however, we received manuscript pages and three vials of anti-venom.

The detective work begins:

- We examine the broken pipe
- We examine the thrown into the transition tube grid

As a detective Geralt we follow the channel towards the exit. We do the drowned and then find a corpse. We follow the path and see a bomb part. We quickly follow the money trail even outside, then turn around and tell of our knowledge.

Then we examine the pelvis of the bathhouse for traces. In fact, we find a pool with oil, a component of the bomb. We quickly find out who was on the day in the pool. The trail leads to the presumed dead Henckel.

Into the house we go by we clear away the barricades. We examine the room and find footprints. On the table in the upper part, we find a note. We read them, put a bottle of wine at the right place in the wine cellar and a door opens where Larkspur has planned the raid. We examine him thoroughly, read the letter when we hear sounds. Below we find Reuven and Triss, with whom we share the new information.


Meet me at midnight with Triss before the outpost. To get into it Triss outputs as prisoners. From this point, two approaches can lead to the same result:

- Triss is beaten by the witch hunters, we do not react. We respond carefully and try to annoy anyone. Triss reaches the torturer, we can be fooled with Axii. This Triss is not tortured. We are led to quantity, which leads nice and slow the conversation while Triss is tortured in the background. If we ask him only about Ritter Sport, he tells us about his whereabouts. Meanwhile Triss freed from her tormentor and kill him. Quantity dies and we have to flee as the building burns

- We are responding to the shock and need from here by fight our way through the outpost and kill everyone. Dead Menges, we can now unbutton a letter with information and with the new information we flee from the fire.

Should you have fought you, so we have to, thanks to the information that we find in the Letter to the amount of desk a dead drop. This we can see on a pillar of the shrine of eternal fire with the witch senses. At midnight we will meet with the spy. Thanks to the torture by Triss, we can make him so Info out Tickle about Dandelion's location. Then we can delete his memory or kill him.

Find Junior Hiding and Arena

In order, we need to find Junior his popular locations search:

- Clipboard: We arrive too late, because the hiding place was already placed on the head. We examine the building, but are unable to obtain valuable information from it.

- Arena: We arrive at the arena. We can apply the deception Level 2 or door standing press 100 coins in the hand to gain entry. We arrive at Igor and apply to us as a guard. Should you be very upset is upon you to fight against his people. We have not got him angry and were allowed to show our strength in the Arena

1. Gustav Röne: Should be an easy opponent. Then we can decide if we kill him or not. Do not kill him yourselves, storming dogs in the arena. Do you have it mastered, Gustav fights for you

2. Haired brothers from Skellige: Also, both not powerful enemies

3. Wyvern

4. Endriagen: two such opponents are thrown into the arena

5. In the last round we can meet a bear. The best strategy has proven to give the animal repeatedly from swipes, as they are very slow.

Now we attack five men, including Igor. Which we can then remove a key. We return to Igor chair and thus open a box with a note. In it we find the description of a secret hiding place. This we find on a wall near a torch holder on the lower floor. Quick pulled the torch, even a door opens. We obtain information which we then forward them to Dijkstra.

Find Junior Casino

We can enter the casino in three different ways:

- Pay 200 coins entry
- Fool the guards
- Metz or stuffs the guards and all personnel is down

Upstairs we find Rico Meier village of interssant Info abandons us. Dijkstra takes the info terrific and sends us to Vernon Roche.