The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (PC) witcher Gwent guide


From the Map Collection you can sort for your chosen faction create your own cards in the cards set.

- Maximum number of special cards is 10 cards
- Minimum number of unit cards is 22 cards

The choice of the Group is at the beginning is not necessarily a matter of taste, but the strength of the unit cards (which among other things is due to the group-specific number of cards // 22 unit cards are the minimum).

Card types:

Cards can fraction bound, or be universally applicable. Unit cards make up the largest amount of cards. Special cards can also occur more than once, so that the probability to find them also among the top 10 starting hands is not too low. Hero cards are a tower of strength - they are affected by this command of special cards and count with 7-10 points to the big points charms.

Special cards (max. Three-sentence)

- Feint (Based on these, you can take any card from his field)
- Horn of the commander (doubles the value of the units in a series - heroes card value excluded)
- Burning (eliminates the point strongest card on enemy field)
- Freezing cold (sets the point values of the melee maps to the value 1)
- Extreme dense fog (sets the point values of the cards ranged to 1)
- Pouring rain (is the point values of the siege maps to the value 1)

Unit cards

- Melee cards (different strengths // points)
- Ranged cards (different strengths // points)
- Siege cards (different strengths // points)

Special forms of unit cards

- Spy (points value is attributed to the opponent, but we must draw even 2 cards from the deck)
- Morale Boost (increases the points value of siege maps by a factor of 1)
- Tight Binding (same card with the addition, doubling their values)
- Healer (point value is calculated and you can still draw a card from the discard pile)
- Agility (Can be used as melee - or Ranged card are played)

Hero cards

The specificity of special cards is not to be affected. However, they are also excluded from the doubling of "Horn of command posts".

(We have known hero, is still expanding)

- Vernon Roche (10 P. / fraction Northern Kingdoms)
- Philippa Eilhart (10 P. / fraction Northern Kingdoms)
- Johan Natalis (10 P. / fraction Northern Kingdoms)
- Esterad Thyssen (10 P. / fraction Northern Kingdoms)
- Letho of Guleta (10 P. / faction: Imperial Nilfgaard)
- Menno Coehorn (10 P. / + healer / faction: Imperial Nilfgaard)
- Morvran Voorhis (10 P. / faction: Imperial Nilfgaard)
- Tibor Eggebracht (10 P. / faction: Imperial Nilfgaard)
- Imlerith (10 P. / fraction Monster)
- Yennefer of Vengerberg (7 P. / + healer / Group: No)
- Avallac'h (0 P. / + Spy / Group: No)

The first start

Game Start:

A coin decides on boot sequence

- Each player can choose a fraction ahead of the game

- Each player gets 10 cards

- Each player has the opportunity to exchange them for cards 2 cards from the deck

Players place one card per round (in each round is possible to fit). The broadcast with the most points wins the round.

- The loser must give a gem

- No more gem for the player who has lost first

Cards in the pack

The size of the card set course affects the probability to get good map on hand. To sort before "weaker cards" (points value 2) of, you probably get the better cards to start the game.

Likewise, it is the number to rethink on special cards. (Eg if you have only melee - and siege maps are 2 cards "Horn of the commander" enough (There is also leader cards ("Francesca Findabair" fraction Scoia'tael // "Eredin" faction monster) that certain of the ability to unit strengths. double feature.)

It must be filed (at the beginning 10 cards + 2 exchange card) according to the tactics and the Group property enough cards in the set. A ratio of special cards (max. 10 cards in the pack) to the rest of the cards can be selected, provided that you include special cards in his tactics with.

Example: Group Northern Kingdoms minimum number of cards ((10 + 11) + a + b + c)

a) Number of spies x 2

b) Number of round wins (x 1)

c) Number of healers (x 1)

10 Card basis (22 unit cards minimally // 10 special cards Optional)

2 Cards at a spy (unit either cards or special cards)

1 Card at a healer (Either unit cards or special cards)

1 Card with 2 following round victories (Either unit cards or special cards)

22 + (example: 4 tickets) = 26 cards (with very good unit cards)

One could very well do without the special card "good weather", as long as the leader card "Foltest - The leader of the North" has been selected. When this card is only drawn to the conclusion that one can dispense with the other Special cards weather. Especially if you have a lot of hero cards.

If one follows the tactics, aside possible special cards of the opponent - you need no large scatter in the unit cards. You could do everything on the melee, for example. This is very risky, because you certainly need that you can have the last move to pick up possible special cards weather.


Leader Card "Emhyr var Emreis" (Empire Nilfgaard) picks up your leader cards ability! (Here, it is the tactic against Nilfgaard to change and accommodate the special card good weather in the sentence.

Group - Northern Kingdoms

Leader Card "Foltest" - Effect

King Temeria - Special Weather Map "Extremely dense fog," as in the sentence (deck) available, can be played immediately

The leader of the North - Removes the effect of special maps Weather; All units have full strength again // effect as Special Weather Map "good weather"

The besiegers - Strength of siege units doubled // effect as special card "Horn of the commander (not combinable!)

Weeds - Destroy the strongest enemy siege units (when the total thickness> 10) // effect as special card "burning" but just for enemy siege units

Special Group Property:

- After winning round (amount advantage in the deck +1) allowed to start a card is pulled

Group - Imperial Nilfgaard

Leader Card "Emhyr" - Effect

Imperial Majesty - Special card "Pouring Rain" can be played immediately (If the set of maps available)

Emperor of Nilfgaard - You can three cards in hand of the enemy Watch (select randomly)

The white flame - Ability of the opposition leader is ineffective

Group capacity - Nilfgaard wins a Rundenremies (you can unlock items online at opposing Adjust without having to outbid)

Group - Scoial'tael

Leader card - "Francesca Findabair" Effect

Pureblood Elfin - You can view the map "Biting frost"

Daisy of the Valley - One may draw an extra card before round start

The Beautiful - Double the points of ranged maps // effect as "Horn of the commander" (can not be combined)

Queen Dol Blathannas - Destroy the strongest melee unit of the opponent (provided that the total number of points is 10) // effect as special card "burning"

Group capacity: Before playing a round, the group can begin with the first train.

Special feature: unit card with the "screening"; you may play all the same cards from your hand.

Group - Monster

Leader Card "Eredin" - Effect

Leader of the Red Rider - Game a weather map from the deck from

King of the Wild Hunt - Double the points of melee cards // effect as "Horn of the commander" (can not be combined)

Bringer of Death - Choose a card from your deck (it must be issued 2 tickets) // Very good addition to healers card

Destroyer of Worlds - Choose a card from your discard pile // effect as a healer card

Group capacity: After one round, one (randomly selected) card on the field is located.

Special feature: unit card with the "screening"; you may play all the same cards from your hand.


- General should the points and card balance to keep in mind (depending fraction: Northern Kingdom - may draw a card after winning game)

- The enemy AI can be brought to "Customize" if the points gap is very large, or you have a considerable advantage cards (eg through the use of spies)

- Because you do not know in advance which group played the opponent, the initial operations should be low

Opening with two spies

-. P. x + 4 card advantage, it now puts eg a special card "trick" from, you can retrieve the spy with the lowest value to fit afterwards

(Card advantage has 11 to 7 (if the opponent played no spy or a leader card)

Opening with special cards

- You have eg 3 cards "Horn of the commander" can be the enemy AI unsettle something in which one plays out first one or two cards. So you can see / sometimes AREAS whether the KI weather maps play out, or even fits like

- Special cards to play as "good weather" (even if no weather map units blocked) helps one to conceal the final trains (The but only if you have not played the leader of the North)



- Passing is always an option if you by a card advantage (or retained points) or a points advantage in the next round takes

- Fits, for example, an opponent, so you do not necessarily exceed the specified number of points. In a living gem state of 2 to 2 - can also be a draw strive (exception: you play against the Group Nilfgaard)

In a draw / tie breakers both factions have to give a living gem. (Except Group Nilfgaard)

Already thinking about tomorrow

In the combination unit map "healer" and "close links" can provide an element of surprise. In the first round play only one of the "close relationship" s cards to then both play off (after the "healer" card ").

Sample games - Gwent

Below are a few simple exemplary opponents in Gwent game.

Gwent-game - Kaufmann in Novigard

Playing against the Monster faction without weather maps is almost hopeless, as long as the opponent can often make use of its ability "screening" use (this card come from the draw pile).

If an opponent with the screening card before, you can either fold, or wait until the end, that you can play a weather map.

Gwent - game - tavern host

The Tavern keeper at the port of Novigrad plays Faction: Scoia'tael.

The enemy starts by his faction advantage. The first round has been won quite lossy. The fraction advantage thank the card advantage is reduced in the second round to one.

In the second round of the opponent plays his advantage from the card pattern. There remains only the retreat. Why the AI still plays out one card at a 21-point lead - remains a mystery.

The third round is with a lot of luck in a 5-point victory at Gerald. Phu.